Airline Name: Sideral Air Cargo
Active Fleet size: 16
Historic Fleet size: 2
Country: Brazil

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RegistrationSerialAircraft TypeLiveryStatus
PP-WSA25375Boeing B737-400Mercardo LivreAt SBGR (Sao Paulo)
PR-IOC22984Boeing B727-200Unknown Location
PR-SDF27347Boeing B737-300Unknown Location
PR-SDG25426Boeing B737-300At SBGR (Sao Paulo)
PR-SDH27418Boeing B737-500Unknown Location
PR-SDJ24906Boeing B737-400Unknown Location
PR-SDL24060Boeing B737-300Unknown Location
PR-SDM24690Boeing B737-400Mercado LivreFlying as SID2702
PR-SDO26851Boeing B737-300At SBGR (Sao Paulo)
PR-SDQ24022Boeing B737-300At SBGR (Sao Paulo)
PR-SDT26530Boeing B737-400At SBGR (Sao Paulo)
PR-SDU24808Boeing B737-400Unknown Location
PR-SDV25377Boeing B737-400At SBGR (Sao Paulo)
PR-SDW27273Boeing B737-300Unknown Location
PR-SHE26445Boeing B737-500At SBCT (Curitiba)
PR-SLU25190Boeing B737-400At SBSP (Sao Paulo)

PR-IOB22983Boeing B727-200
PT-MFE295Avions de Transport Regional ATR-42-300

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