Airline Name: Securite Civile
Active Fleet size: 65
Historic Fleet size: 20

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RegistrationSerialAircraft TypeLiveryStatus
C-GPOX4623de Havilland Canada DHC-8-400 Dash 8At CYXX (Abbotsford)
C-GUJK4631de Havilland Canada DHC-8-400 Dash 8At KSTL (St Louis)
C-GUKH4633de Havilland Canada DHC-8-400 Dash 8At KSUS (St Louis)
F-ZBAPG567Grumman S-2 TrackerUnknown Location
F-ZBAZDH-57de Havilland Canada S-2 TrackerUnknown Location
F-ZBCZDH-94de Havilland Canada S-2 TrackerUnknown Location
F-ZBEG2015Bombardier CL-415 TUnknown Location
F-ZBEHG410Grumman S-2 TrackerUnknown Location
F-ZBETG703Grumman S-2 TrackerUnknown Location
F-ZBEU2024Bombardier CL-415 TUnknown Location
F-ZBEWG621Grumman S-2 TrackerUnknown Location
F-ZBEYG400Grumman S-2 TrackerUnknown Location
F-ZBFJBB-1102Beech Beech 1300 CommuterAt LFTW (Nimes/Garons)
F-ZBFKBB-876Beech Beech 1300 CommuterAt LFTW (Nimes/Garons)
F-ZBFN2006Bombardier CL-415 TUnknown Location
F-ZBFP2002Bombardier CL-415 TUnknown Location
F-ZBFS2001Bombardier CL-415 TUnknown Location
F-ZBFV2013Bombardier CL-415 TUnknown Location
F-ZBFW2014Bombardier CL-415 TUnknown Location
F-ZBFX2007Bombardier CL-415 TUnknown Location
F-ZBFY2010Bombardier CL-415 TUnknown Location
F-ZBMAG461Grumman S-2 TrackerUnknown Location
F-ZBMBBB-1379Beech Beech 1300 CommuterUnknown Location
F-ZBMC4040Bombardier DHC-8-400 Dash 8Unknown Location
F-ZBMD4043Bombardier DHC-8-400 Dash 8Unknown Location
F-ZBME2057Bombardier CL-415 TUnknown Location
F-ZBMF2063Bombardier CL-415 TUnknown Location
F-ZBMG2065Bombardier CL-415 TUnknown Location
F-ZBMH4577Bombardier DHC-8-400 Dash 8At LFTW (Nimes/Garons)
F-ZBMI4597de Havilland Canada DHC-8-400 Dash 8At LFTW (Nimes/Garons)
F-ZBMJ4609de Havilland Canada DHC-8-400 Dash 8At LFML (Marseille)
F-ZBPA9006Eurocopter BK-117C-2Unknown Location
F-ZBPD9010Eurocopter BK-117C-2At LFPN (Toussus-le-Noble)
F-ZBPE9011Eurocopter BK-117C-2At LFLU (Valence/Chabeuil)
F-ZBPF9012Eurocopter BK-117C-2Unknown Location
F-ZBPG9013Eurocopter BK-117C-2At LFKJ (Ajaccio/Napoleon Bonaparte)
F-ZBPH9015Eurocopter BK-117C-2Unknown Location
F-ZBPI9016Eurocopter BK-117C-2Unknown Location
F-ZBPJ9017Eurocopter BK-117C-2Unknown Location
F-ZBPK9020Eurocopter BK-117C-2Unknown Location
F-ZBPL9021Eurocopter BK-117C-2Unknown Location
F-ZBPM9022Eurocopter BK-117C-2At LFTW (Nimes/Garons)
F-ZBPN9023Eurocopter BK-117C-2Unknown Location
F-ZBPO9024Eurocopter BK-117C-2At LFMN (Nice)
F-ZBPP9030Eurocopter BK-117C-2Unknown Location
F-ZBPQ9031Eurocopter BK-117C-2At LFGA (Colmar/Houssen)
F-ZBPS9042Eurocopter BK-117C-2Unknown Location
F-ZBPT9043Eurocopter BK-117C-2At LFML (Marseille)
F-ZBPU9045Eurocopter BK-117C-2At LFMP (Perpignan/Rivesaltes)
F-ZBPV9046Eurocopter BK-117C-2At LFPV (Villacoublay/Velizy)
F-ZBPW9048Eurocopter BK-117C-2Unknown Location
F-ZBPX9049Eurocopter BK-117C-2Unknown Location
F-ZBPY9050Eurocopter BK-117C-2Unknown Location
F-ZBQA9057Eurocopter BK-117C-2Unknown Location
F-ZBQB9058Eurocopter BK-117C-2Unknown Location
F-ZBQC9059Eurocopter BK-117C-2At LFMT (Montpellier/Mediterranee)
F-ZBQD9060Eurocopter BK-117C-2Unknown Location
F-ZBQE9062Eurocopter BK-117C-2Unknown Location
F-ZBQF9064Eurocopter BK-117C-2Unknown Location
F-ZBQG9217Eurocopter BK-117C-2Unknown Location
F-ZBQH9232Eurocopter BK-117C-2Unknown Location
F-ZBQI9240Eurocopter BK-117C-2Unknown Location
F-ZBQJ9323Eurocopter BK-117C-2Unknown Location
F-ZBQK9372Eurocopter BK-117C-2Unknown Location
F-ZBQL9452Eurocopter BK-117C-2Unknown Location

C-GJQE4609De Havilland Canada DHC-8-400 Dash 8
D-HCMA9022Eurocopter BK-117C-2
F-ZBAAG456Grumman S-2 Tracker
F-ZBAR1021Canadair CL 215 1
F-ZBATDH-29de Havilland Canada Tracker Firecat
F-ZBAUDH-32de Havilland Canada Tracker Firecat
F-ZBAX1022Canadair CL 215 1
F-ZBAY1023Canadair CL 215 1
F-ZBBD1029Canadair CL 215 1
F-ZBBE1005Canadair CL 215 1
F-ZBBG1025Canadair CL 215 1
F-ZBBH1026Canadair CL 215 1
F-ZBBJ1028Canadair CL 215 1
F-ZBBM1019Canadair CL 215 1
F-ZBBR1001Canadair CL 215 1
F-ZBBT1040Canadair CL 215 II
F-ZBBV1046Canadair CL 215 II
F-ZBBW1047Canadair CL 215 II
F-ZBDD1024Canadair CL 215 1
F-ZBPZ9056Eurocopter BK-117C-2

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