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Name: Scandinavian Airlines
Fleet size: 145

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ES-ACG15277Bombardier CRJ 900 LR NGUnknown Location
ES-ACK15211Bombardier CRJ 900 ER NGAt ESSA (Stockholm)
ES-ACM15206Bombardier CRJ 900 ER NGAt EETN (Tallinn)
ES-ACN15237Bombardier CRJ 900 ER NGUnknown Location
ES-ATA1038Avions de Transport Regional ATR 72 600Unknown Location
ES-ATC1164Avions de Transport Regional ATR 72 600At ESMQ ()
ES-ATD1165Avions de Transport Regional ATR 72 600At EKYT (Aalborg)
ES-ATE1120Avions de Transport Regional ATR 72 600At EKCH (Copenhagen)
ES-ATF1131Avions de Transport Regional ATR 72 600Unknown Location
ES-ATH1064Avions de Transport Regional ATR 72 600Unknown Location
ES-ATI1075Avions de Transport Regional ATR 72 600At ESTA (Angelholm)
ES-ATJ1056Avions de Transport Regional ATR 72 600At EKCH (Copenhagen)
LN-RCN28318Boeing 737NG 883At ENGM (Oslo)
LN-RCX30196Boeing 737NG 883Unknown Location
LN-RGA39397Boeing 737NG 86N/WUnknown Location
LN-RGB38034Boeing 737NG 86N/WUnknown Location
LN-RGC41257Boeing 737NG 86N/WAt ESSA (Stockholm)
LN-RGD41258Boeing 737NG 86N/WAt EGSH (Norwich)
LN-RGE38037Boeing 737NG 86N/WAt ESSA (Stockholm)
LN-RGF38038Boeing 737NG 86N/WUnknown Location
LN-RGG38039Boeing 737NG 86N/WAt ENGM (Oslo)
LN-RGH41266Boeing 737NG 86N/WAt ENZV (Stavanger)
LN-RGI35646Boeing 737NG 86N/WAt ENGM (Oslo)
LN-RGL7290Airbus A320 251NSLAt EKCH (Copenhagen)
LN-RGM7277Airbus A320 251NSLAt EKCH (Copenhagen)
LN-RGN7341Airbus A320 251NSLUnknown Location
LN-RGO7352Airbus A320 251NSLAt ESSA (Stockholm)
LN-RKF413Airbus A340 313XUnknown Location
LN-RKG424Airbus A340 313XUnknown Location
LN-RKH497Airbus A330 343XAt EKCH (Copenhagen)
LN-RKI1817Airbus A321 232Unknown Location
LN-RKK1848Airbus A321 232Unknown Location
LN-RKM496Airbus A330 343XAt EKCH (Copenhagen)
LN-RKN568Airbus A330 343XAt KIAD (Washington)
LN-RKO515Airbus A330 343XUnknown Location
LN-RKR1660Airbus A330 343EAt LMML (Luqa)
LN-RKS1665Airbus A330 343EUnknown Location
LN-RKT1697Airbus A330 343EAt EKCH (Copenhagen)
LN-RKU1715Airbus A330 343EUnknown Location
LN-RNN28315Boeing 737NG 783Unknown Location
LN-RNU34548Boeing 737NG 783/WAt ENBR (Bergen)
LN-RNW34549Boeing 737NG 783/WAt ENVA (Trondheim)
LN-RPJ30192Boeing 737NG 783At ENGM (Oslo)
LN-RPL30469Boeing 737NG 883Unknown Location
LN-RPM30195Boeing 737NG 883Unknown Location
LN-RPN30470Boeing 737NG 883Unknown Location
LN-RRA30471Boeing 737NG 783/WAt ENGM (Oslo)
LN-RRB32276Boeing 737NG 783/WAt ENGM (Oslo)
LN-RRE35706Boeing 737NG 85P/WStar AllianceAt ESSA (Stockholm)
LN-RRF35707Boeing 737NG 85P/WAt ENGM (Oslo)
LN-RRG35708Boeing 737NG 85P/WAt ENHD (Karmoy)
LN-RRH34546Boeing 737NG 883/WAt ENGM (Oslo)
LN-RRJ34547Boeing 737NG 883/WUnknown Location
LN-RRK32278Boeing 737NG 883At ENVA (Trondheim)
LN-RRL28328Boeing 737NG 883/WStar AllianceAt ENBR (Bergen)
LN-RRM28314Boeing 737NG 783At ENGM (Oslo)
LN-RRN30191Boeing 737NG 783Unknown Location
LN-RRS28325Boeing 737NG 883At ENGM (Oslo)
LN-RRT28326Boeing 737NG 883At ENGM (Oslo)
LN-RRU28327Boeing 737NG 883At ENGM (Oslo)
LN-RRW32277Boeing 737NG 883Star AllianceUnknown Location
LN-TUJ29095Boeing 737NG 705/WUnknown Location
LN-TUK29096Boeing 737NG 705/WAt ENVA (Trondheim)
LN-TUL29097Boeing 737NG 705/WUnknown Location
LN-TUM29098Boeing 737NG 705/WAt ENVA (Trondheim)
N707HP30468Boeing 737NG 883Unknown Location
N738TK30467Boeing 737NG 883Unknown Location
OY-KAL2883Airbus A320 232Unknown Location
OY-KAM2911Airbus A320 232Unknown Location
OY-KAN2958Airbus A320 232Unknown Location
OY-KAO2990Airbus A320 232Unknown Location
OY-KAP3086Airbus A320 232Unknown Location
OY-KAR3159Airbus A320 232At ESSA (Stockholm)
OY-KAS3335Airbus A320 232Unknown Location
OY-KAT3192Airbus A320 232Unknown Location
OY-KAU3227Airbus A320 232Unknown Location
OY-KAW2817Airbus A320 232Unknown Location
OY-KAY2856Airbus A320 232At LEMD (Madrid)
OY-KBA435Airbus A340 313XUnknown Location
OY-KBB1642Airbus A321 232Unknown Location
OY-KBC467Airbus A340 313XUnknown Location
OY-KBD470Airbus A340 313XUnknown Location
OY-KBE1798Airbus A321 232Unknown Location
OY-KBF1807Airbus A321 232Unknown Location
OY-KBH1675Airbus A321 232Unknown Location
OY-KBI430Airbus A340 313XUnknown Location
OY-KBK1587Airbus A321 232Unknown Location
OY-KBL1619Airbus A321 232Unknown Location
OY-KBM450Airbus A340 313XUnknown Location
OY-KBO2850Airbus A319 132SAS RetroUnknown Location
OY-KBP2888Airbus A319 132Unknown Location
OY-KBR3231Airbus A319 131Unknown Location
OY-KBT3292Airbus A319 132Unknown Location
SE-DMO9541Airbus A321 253NXSLAt EKCH (Copenhagen)
SE-DOX7489Airbus A320 251NSLAt ESSA (Stockholm)
SE-DOY7499Airbus A320 251NSLAt EKCH (Copenhagen)
SE-DOZ7565Airbus A320 251NSLAt EKCH (Copenhagen)
SE-DYC7897Airbus A320 251NSLAt EKCH (Copenhagen)
SE-DYD7951Airbus A320 251NSLAt ESSA (Stockholm)
SE-DYM7979Airbus A320 251NSLAt ESSA (Stockholm)
SE-REH1928Airbus A330 343EAt KSFO (San Francisco)
SE-RER30736Boeing 737NG 7BXAt ENGM (Oslo)
SE-RES30737Boeing 737NG 7BXUnknown Location
SE-RET32734Boeing 737NG 76N/WAt ENZV (Stavanger)
SE-REU33005Boeing 737NG 76N/WUnknown Location
SE-REX33418Boeing 737NG 76N/WUnknown Location
SE-REY32737Boeing 737NG 76N/WUnknown Location
SE-RJT32741Boeing 737NG 76N/WUnknown Location
SE-RJU29885Boeing 737NG 76N/WUnknown Location
SE-RJX34754Boeing 737NG 76N/WUnknown Location
SE-ROA7602Airbus A320 251NSLAt ESMS (Malmo)
SE-ROB7676Airbus A320 251NSLAt EKCH (Copenhagen)
SE-ROC7723Airbus A320 251NSLAt ESSA (Stockholm)
SE-ROD7755Airbus A320 251NSLAt EKCH (Copenhagen)
SE-ROE7791Airbus A320 251NSLAt ESSA (Stockholm)
SE-ROF9032Airbus A320 251NSLAt ESPA (Lulea)
SE-ROG9089Airbus A320 251NSLAt EKCH (Copenhagen)
SE-ROH9173Airbus A320 251NSLAt ESSA (Stockholm)
SE-ROI9247Airbus A320 251NSLAt ESSA (Stockholm)
SE-ROJ9312Airbus A320 251NSLAt ENGM (Oslo)
SE-ROK9451Airbus A320 251NSLAt ENGM (Oslo)
SE-ROL9352Airbus A320 251NSLAt ENGM (Oslo)
SE-ROM8494Airbus A320 251NSLAt ESGG (Gothenburg)
SE-RON8404Airbus A320 251NSLUnknown Location
SE-ROO8869Airbus A320 251NSLAt ESSA (Stockholm)
SE-ROP8350Airbus A320 251NSLAt ESSA (Stockholm)
SE-ROR8949Airbus A320 251NSLAt ESSA (Stockholm)
SE-ROS9074Airbus A320 251NSLAt EKCH (Copenhagen)
SE-ROT9116Airbus A320 251NSLAt ESSA (Stockholm)
SE-ROU9262Airbus A320 251NSLAt ESNZ (Ostersund)
SE-ROX9330Airbus A320 251NSLAt EKCH (Copenhagen)
SE-ROY9316Airbus A320 251NSLAt ENGM (Oslo)
SE-ROZ9323Airbus A320 251NSLAt ENGM (Oslo)
SE-RSA358Airbus A350 941At EKCH (Copenhagen)
SE-RSB378Airbus A350 941Flying as SAS910
SE-RSC391Airbus A350 941Unknown Location
SE-RSD418Airbus A350 941At EKCH (Copenhagen)
SE-RSE484Airbus A350 941Unknown Location
SE-RSF499Airbus A350 941Unknown Location
SE-RUA9520Airbus A320 251NSLAt ESSA (Stockholm)
SE-RUB9518Airbus A320 251NSLAt ENGM (Oslo)
SE-RUC10051Airbus A320 251NSLAt ENGM (Oslo)
SE-RUD10145Airbus A320 251NSLAt ENGM (Oslo)
SE-RUE10407Airbus A320 251NSLUnknown Location
SE-RUF10265Airbus A320 251NSLUnknown Location


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