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Ryanair UK Fleet List


Airline Name: Ryanair UK
Active Fleet size: 13
Historic Fleet size: 0
Country: United Kingdom

Active Fleet

RegistrationSerialAircraft TypeLiveryStatus
G-RUKA44687Boeing B737-800Active
G-RUKB44690Boeing B737-800Active
G-RUKC40289Boeing B737-800Active
G-RUKD33618Boeing B737-800Active
G-RUKE40285Boeing B737-800Active
G-RUKF34177Boeing B737-800Active
G-RUKG36575Boeing B737-800Active
G-RUKH33640Boeing B737-800Active
G-RUKI33587Boeing B737-800Active
G-RUKJ36576Boeing B737-800Active
G-RUKK37526Boeing B737-800Active
G-RUKL33572Boeing B737-800Active
G-RUKM37527Boeing B737-800Active

Historic Fleet


Photos of Ryanair UK Aircraft

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G-RUKL, 23-Oct-2023
© Matthew Burrell

G-RUKH, 23-Oct-2023
© Matthew Burrell

G-RUKE, 23-Oct-2023
© Matthew Burrell

G-RUKD, 09-Oct-2023
© Matthew Burrell

G-RUKH, 09-Oct-2023
© Matthew Burrell

G-RUKI, 09-Oct-2023
© Matthew Burrell

G-RUKI, 08-Oct-2023
© Matthew Burrell

G-RUKH, 08-Oct-2023
© Matthew Burrell

G-RUKD, 08-Oct-2023
© Matthew Burrell

G-RUKA, 08-Oct-2023
© Matthew Burrell

G-RUKC, 07-Oct-2023
© Matthew Burrell

G-RUKA, 07-Oct-2023
© Matthew Burrell