Airline Name: Russia State Transport Company
Active Fleet size: 57
Historic Fleet size: 21

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RegistrationSerialAircraft TypeLiveryStatus
RA-0900720Dassault Falcon 7XAt UUWW (Moscow)
RA-0901071Dassault Falcon 7XAt UUEE (Moscow)
RA-09090247Dassault Falcon 7XUnknown Location
RA-2230597158Mil Mi-17Unknown Location
RA-2231097159Mil Mi-17Unknown Location
RA-2232397256Mil Mi-17Unknown Location
RA-2232497276Mil Mi-17Unknown Location
RA-2232597327Mil Mi-17Unknown Location
RA-242998652Mil Mi-17Unknown Location
RA-2552996634Mil Mi-17Unknown Location
RA-2553396635Mil Mi-17Unknown Location
RA-2553896693Mil Mi-17Unknown Location
RA-2554096694Mil Mi-17Unknown Location
RA-2563396798Mil Mi-17Unknown Location
RA-2563496816Mil Mi-17Unknown Location
RA-2563596883Mil Mi-17Unknown Location
RA-2563696884Mil Mi-17Unknown Location
RA-2582796597Mil Mi-17Unknown Location
RA-2583396598Mil Mi-17Unknown Location
RA-2701596481Mil Mi-17Unknown Location
RA-2701696482Mil Mi-17Unknown Location
RA-2701796377Mil Mi-17Unknown Location
RA-6171627015042016Antonov Antonov An-148Unknown Location
RA-6172027015042020Antonov Antonov An-148At UUWW (Moscow)
RA-640571450744164057Tupolev Tu-204At UUWW (Moscow)
RA-640581450744164058Tupolev Tu-204At UUWW (Moscow)
RA-640591450744564059Tupolev Tu-204At UUWW (Moscow)
RA-6450441204004Tupolev Tu-214Unknown Location
RA-6450644204006Tupolev Tu-214At UUWW (Moscow)
RA-6451642709016Tupolev Tu-214 SRUnknown Location
RA-6451741709017Tupolev Tu-214 PUUnknown Location
RA-6452044709020Tupolev Tu-214 PUUnknown Location
RA-6452143911021Tupolev Tu-214At UUWW (Moscow)
RA-6452243911022Tupolev Tu-214 SUSUnknown Location
RA-6452443003024Tupolev Tu-214 SUSUnknown Location
RA-6452643003026Tupolev Tu-214 SRUnknown Location
RA-6452744205027Tupolev Tu-214 SRUnknown Location
RA-6452842306028Tupolev Tu-214 SRUnknown Location
RA-6453144811031Tupolev Tu-214 PUAt UUWW (Moscow)
RA-6453244912032Tupolev Tu-214 PUAt UUWW (Moscow)
RA-6453344912033Tupolev Tu-214 PUUnknown Location
RA-730254024Airbus A319-100At UUWW (Moscow)
RA-730264679Airbus A319-100At UUWW (Moscow)
RA-879689831258Yakovlev Yak-40Unknown Location
RA-8903995030Sukhoi Superjet 100 95 BUnknown Location
RA-8904095037Sukhoi Superjet 100 95 BAt UNNT (Novosibirsk)
RA-9601474393202014Ilyushin Il-96Unknown Location
RA-9601674393202010Ilyushin Il-96At UUWW (Moscow)
RA-9601774393202011Ilyushin Il-96At UUWW (Moscow)
RA-9601874393202018Ilyushin Il-96Unknown Location
RA-9601974393202019Ilyushin Il-96At UUWW (Moscow)
RA-9602074393202020Ilyushin Il-96At UUWW (Moscow)
RA-9602174393203021Ilyushin Il-96Unknown Location
RA-9602274393202022Ilyushin Il-96At UUWW (Moscow)
RA-9602374393202023Ilyushin Il-96At UUOO (Voronezh)
RA-9602474393202024Ilyushin Il-96Unknown Location
RA-9602574393203025Ilyushin Il-96Unknown Location

9601474393202014Ilyushin Il-96
RA-2518395522Mil Mi-17
RA-2701896378Mil Mi-17
RA-270808701Mil Mi-17
RA-64053145074**64053Tupolev Tu-204
RA-6450542204005Tupolev Tu-214
RA-6451544507015Tupolev Tu-214 SR
RA-6453444912034Tupolev Tu-214 PU-SBUS
RA-6590463953Tupolev Tu-134
RA-6590563965Tupolev Tu-134
RA-6591163972Tupolev Tu-134
RA-6592163997Tupolev Tu-134
RA-8500189A820Tupolev Tu-154
RA-8568690A854Tupolev Tu-154
RA-8584301A991Tupolev Tu-154
RA-865403546548Ilyushin Il-62
RA-865592153258Ilyushin Il-62
RA-879719831558Yakovlev Yak-40
RA-879729921658Yakovlev Yak-40
RA-882009630249Yakovlev Yak-40
RA-9601274393201009Ilyushin Il-96

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