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Royal Netherlands Air Force Fleet List


Royal Netherlands Air Force Fleet List
Airline Name: Royal Netherlands Air Force
Active Fleet size: 121
Historic Fleet size: 111
Country: Netherlands

Royal Netherlands Air Force Active Fleet

RegistrationSerialAircraft TypeLiveryStatus
D-472M.7472Boeing-Vertol CH-47 ChinookActive
D-473M.7473Boeing-Vertol CH-47 ChinookActive
D-475M.7475Boeing-Vertol CH-47 ChinookActive
D-476M.7476Boeing-Vertol CH-47 ChinookActive
D-477M.7477Boeing-Vertol CH-47 ChinookActive
D-478M.7478Boeing-Vertol CH-47 ChinookActive
D-479M.7479Boeing-Vertol CH-47 ChinookActive
D-480M.7480Boeing-Vertol CH-47 ChinookActive
D-481M.7481Boeing-Vertol CH-47 ChinookActive
D-482M.7482Boeing-Vertol CH-47 ChinookActive
D-483M.7483Boeing-Vertol CH-47 ChinookActive
D-484M.7484Boeing-Vertol CH-47 ChinookActive
D-485M.7485Boeing-Vertol CH-47 ChinookActive
D-601M.7601Boeing-Vertol CH-47 ChinookActive
D-602M.7602Boeing-Vertol CH-47 ChinookActive
D-603M.7603Boeing-Vertol CH-47 ChinookActive
D-604M.7604Boeing-Vertol CH-47 ChinookActive
D-605M.7605Boeing CH-47 ChinookActive
D-606M.7606Boeing-Vertol CH-47 ChinookActive
D-891M.8891Boeing-Vertol CH-47 ChinookActive
D-892M.8892Boeing-Vertol CH-47 ChinookActive
D-893M.8893Boeing-Vertol CH-47 ChinookActive
D-894M.8894Boeing-Vertol CH-47 ChinookActive
D-895M.8895Boeing-Vertol CH-47 ChinookActive
F-009AN-09Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning IIActive
F-010AN-10Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning IIActive
F-011AN-11Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning IIActive
F-012AN-12Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning IIActive
F-013AN-13Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning IIActive
F-014AN-14Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning IIActive
F-015AN-15Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning IIActive
F-016AN-16Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning IIActive
F-018AN-18Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning IIActive
F-019AN-19Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning IIActive
F-020AN-20Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning IIActive
F-021AN-21Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning IIActive
G-2735273Lockheed C-130 HerculesActive
G-2755275Lockheed C-130 HerculesActive
G-7814781Lockheed C-130 HerculesActive
G-9884988Lockheed C-130 HerculesActive
J-0036D-159General Dynamics F-16 Fighting FalconActive
J-0046D-160General Dynamics F-16 Fighting FalconActive
J-0056D-161General Dynamics F-16 Fighting FalconActive
J-0066D-162General Dynamics F-16 Fighting FalconActive
J-0086D-164General Dynamics F-16 Fighting FalconActive
J-0106D-166General Dynamics F-16 Fighting FalconActive
J-0116D-167General Dynamics F-16 Fighting FalconActive
J-0136D-169General Dynamics F-16 Fighting FalconActive
J-0146D-170General Dynamics F-16 Fighting FalconActive
J-0156D-171General Dynamics F-16 Fighting FalconActive
J-0166D-172General Dynamics F-16 Fighting FalconActive
J-0176D-173General Dynamics F-16 Fighting FalconActive
J-0186D-174General Dynamics F-16 Fighting FalconActive
J-0196D-175General Dynamics F-16 Fighting FalconActive
J-0206D-176General Dynamics F-16 Fighting FalconActive
J-0216D-177General Dynamics F-16 Fighting FalconActive
J-0556D-138General Dynamics F-16 Fighting FalconActive
J-0606D-143General Dynamics F-16 Fighting FalconActive
J-0626D-145General Dynamics F-16 Fighting FalconActive
J-0646E-33General Dynamics F-16 Fighting FalconActive
J-0676E-36General Dynamics F-16 Fighting FalconActive
J-1366D-126General Dynamics F-16 Fighting FalconActive
J-1466D-136General Dynamics F-16 Fighting FalconActive
J-1976D-104General Dynamics F-16 Fighting FalconActive
J-2106E-29General Dynamics F-16 Fighting FalconActive
J-3666D-123General Dynamics F-16 Fighting FalconActive
J-3676D-124General Dynamics F-16 Fighting FalconActive
J-5086D-147General Dynamics F-16 Fighting FalconActive
J-5126D-151General Dynamics F-16 Fighting FalconActive
J-5146D-153General Dynamics F-16 Fighting FalconActive
J-5156D-154General Dynamics F-16 Fighting FalconActive
J-5166D-155General Dynamics F-16 Fighting FalconActive
J-6416D-73General Dynamics F-16 Fighting FalconActive
J-8826E-23General Dynamics F-16 Fighting FalconActive
L-01538Pilatus PC-7 AstraActive
L-02539Pilatus PC-7 AstraActive
L-03540Pilatus PC-7 AstraActive
L-04541Pilatus PC-7 AstraActive
L-05542Pilatus PC-7 AstraActive
L-06543Pilatus PC-7 AstraActive
L-07544Pilatus PC-7 AstraActive
L-08545Pilatus PC-7 AstraActive
L-09546Pilatus PC-7 AstraActive
L-10547Pilatus PC-7 AstraActive
L-11610Pilatus PC-7 AstraActive
L-12611Pilatus PC-7 AstraActive
L-13612Pilatus PC-7 AstraActive
Q-01DN1Boeing-McDonnell Douglas 77 ApacheActive
Q-02DN2Boeing-McDonnell Douglas 77 ApacheActive
Q-03DN3Boeing-McDonnell Douglas 77 ApacheActive
Q-06DN6Boeing-McDonnell Douglas 77 ApacheActive
Q-07DN7Boeing-McDonnell Douglas 77 ApacheActive
Q-11DN11Boeing-McDonnell Douglas 77 ApacheActive
Q-13DN13Boeing-McDonnell Douglas 77 ApacheActive
Q-17DN17Boeing-McDonnell Douglas 77 ApacheActive
Q-22DN22Boeing-McDonnell Douglas 77 ApacheActive
Q-23DN23Boeing-McDonnell Douglas 77 ApacheActive
Q-24DN24Boeing-McDonnell Douglas 77 ApacheActive
Q-26DN26Boeing-McDonnell Douglas 77 ApacheActive
Q-27DN27Boeing-McDonnell Douglas 77 ApacheActive
Q-29DN29Boeing-McDonnell Douglas 77 ApacheActive
Q-30DN30Boeing-McDonnell Douglas 77 ApacheActive
Q-31Boeing-McDonnell Douglas 77 ApacheActive
Q-32Boeing-McDonnell Douglas 77 ApacheActive
Q-33Boeing-McDonnell Douglas 77 ApacheActive
Q-34Boeing-McDonnell Douglas 77 ApacheActive
Q-35Boeing-McDonnell Douglas 77 ApacheActive
Q-36Boeing-McDonnell Douglas 77 ApacheActive
S-4192419Eurocopter AS-332 Mk2 Super PumaActive
S-4402440Eurocopter AS-332 Mk2 Super PumaActive
S-4412441Eurocopter AS-332 Mk2 Super PumaActive
S-4422442Eurocopter AS-332 Mk2 Super PumaActive
S-4442444Eurocopter AS-332 Mk2 Super PumaActive
S-4452445Eurocopter AS-332 Mk2 Super PumaActive
S-4472447Eurocopter AS-332 Mk2 Super PumaActive
S-4532453Eurocopter AS-332 Mk2 Super PumaActive
S-4542454Eurocopter AS-332 Mk2 Super PumaActive
S-4562456Eurocopter AS-332 Mk2 Super PumaActive
S-4582458Eurocopter AS-332 Mk2 Super PumaActive
S-4592459Eurocopter AS-332 Mk2 Super PumaActive
V-1176117Gulfstream Aerospace G650 ERActive

Royal Netherlands Air Force Historic Fleet

RegistrationSerialAircraft TypeStatus
D-101M.4101Boeing-Vertol CH-47 ChinookInactive
D-102M.4102Boeing-Vertol CH-47 ChinookInactive
D-103M.4103Boeing-Vertol CH-47 ChinookInactive
D-106M.4106Boeing-Vertol CH-47 ChinookInactive
D-661CG003/M.3661Boeing-Vertol CH-47 ChinookInactive
D-662CG004/M.3662Boeing-Vertol CH-47 ChinookInactive
D-663CG005/M.3663Boeing-Vertol CH-47 ChinookInactive
D-664CG006/M.3664Boeing-Vertol CH-47 ChinookInactive
D-665CG007/M.3665Boeing-Vertol CH-47 ChinookInactive
D-666CG008/M.3666Boeing-Vertol CH-47 ChinookInactive
D-667CG009/M.3667Boeing-Vertol CH-47 ChinookInactive
D-890M.8890Boeing-Vertol CH-47 ChinookInactive
F-009AN-9Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning IIInactive
J-0016D-157General Dynamics F-16 Fighting FalconInactive
J-0026D-158General Dynamics F-16 Fighting FalconInactive
J-0096D-165General Dynamics F-16 Fighting FalconInactive
J-0616D-144General Dynamics F-16 Fighting FalconInactive
J-0636D-146General Dynamics F-16 Fighting FalconInactive
J-0646.00E-33General Dynamics F-16 Fighting FalconInactive
J-0656E-34General Dynamics F-16 Fighting FalconInactive
J-0666E-35General Dynamics F-16 Fighting FalconInactive
J-0676.00E-36General Dynamics F-16 Fighting FalconInactive
J-1356D-125General Dynamics F-16 Fighting FalconInactive
J-1426D-132General Dynamics F-16 Fighting FalconInactive
J-1446D-134General Dynamics F-16 Fighting FalconInactive
J-1966D-103General Dynamics F-16 Fighting FalconInactive
J-2016D-108General Dynamics F-16 Fighting FalconInactive
J-2026D-109General Dynamics F-16 Fighting FalconInactive
J-2096E-28General Dynamics F-16 Fighting FalconInactive
J-2106.00E-29General Dynamics F-16 Fighting FalconInactive
J-3626D-119General Dynamics F-16 Fighting FalconInactive
J-3686E-31General Dynamics F-16 Fighting FalconInactive
J-3696E-32General Dynamics F-16 Fighting FalconInactive
J-5096D-148General Dynamics F-16 Fighting FalconInactive
J-5116D-150General Dynamics F-16 Fighting FalconInactive
J-5136D-152General Dynamics F-16 Fighting FalconInactive
J-6166D-48General Dynamics F-16 Fighting FalconInactive
J-6246D-56General Dynamics F-16 Fighting FalconInactive
J-6286D-60General Dynamics F-16 Fighting FalconInactive
J-6306D-62General Dynamics F-16 Fighting FalconInactive
J-6316D-63General Dynamics F-16 Fighting FalconInactive
J-6326D-64General Dynamics F-16 Fighting FalconInactive
J-6356D-67General Dynamics F-16 Fighting FalconInactive
J-6426D-74General Dynamics F-16 Fighting FalconInactive
J-6436D-75General Dynamics F-16 Fighting FalconInactive
J-6446D-76General Dynamics F-16 Fighting FalconInactive
J-6466D-78General Dynamics F-16 Fighting FalconInactive
J-6476D-79General Dynamics F-16 Fighting FalconInactive
J-8666D-83General Dynamics F-16 Fighting FalconInactive
J-8716D-88General Dynamics F-16 Fighting FalconInactive
J-8796D-96General Dynamics F-16 Fighting FalconInactive
J-8816D-98General Dynamics F-16 Fighting FalconInactive
J-8826.00E-23General Dynamics F-16 Fighting FalconInactive
K-30023002Canadair NF 5A Freedom FighterInactive
K-30033003Canadair NF 5A Freedom FighterInactive
K-30063006Canadair NF 5A Freedom FighterInactive
K-30073007Canadair NF 5A Freedom FighterInactive
K-30083008Canadair NF 5A Freedom FighterInactive
K-30093009Canadair NF 5A Freedom FighterInactive
K-30103010Canadair NF 5A Freedom FighterInactive
K-30113011Canadair NF 5A Freedom FighterInactive
K-30203020Canadair NF 5A Freedom FighterInactive
K-30263026Canadair NF 5A Freedom FighterInactive
K-30283028Canadair NF 5A Freedom FighterInactive
K-30293029Canadair NF 5A Freedom FighterInactive
K-30303030Canadair NF 5A Freedom FighterInactive
K-30343034Canadair NF 5A Freedom FighterInactive
K-30373037Canadair NF 5A Freedom FighterInactive
K-30383038Canadair NF 5A Freedom FighterInactive
K-30403040Canadair NF 5A Freedom FighterInactive
K-30433043Canadair NF 5A Freedom FighterInactive
K-30443044Canadair NF 5A Freedom FighterInactive
K-30453045Canadair NF 5A Freedom FighterInactive
K-30503050Canadair NF 5A Freedom FighterInactive
K-30533053Canadair NF 5A Freedom FighterInactive
K-30563056Canadair NF 5A Freedom FighterInactive
K-30593059Canadair NF 5A Freedom FighterInactive
K-30603060Canadair NF 5A Freedom FighterInactive
K-30633063Canadair NF 5A Freedom FighterInactive
K-30643064Canadair NF 5A Freedom FighterInactive
K-30653065Canadair NF 5A Freedom FighterInactive
K-30683068Canadair NF 5A Freedom FighterInactive
K-30713071Canadair NF 5A Freedom FighterInactive
K-40044004Canadair NF 5B Freedom FighterInactive
K-40114011Canadair NF 5B Freedom FighterInactive
K-40124012Canadair NF 5B Freedom FighterInactive
K-40224022Canadair NF 5B Freedom FighterInactive
K-40234023Canadair NF 5B Freedom FighterInactive
K-40284028Canadair NF 5B Freedom FighterInactive
PH-OTA6740de Havilland DominieInactive
Q-04DN4Boeing-McDonnell Douglas 77 ApacheInactive
Q-05DN5Boeing-McDonnell Douglas 77 ApacheInactive
Q-08DN8Boeing-McDonnell Douglas 77 ApacheInactive
Q-09DN9Boeing-McDonnell Douglas 77 ApacheInactive
Q-10DN10Boeing-McDonnell Douglas 77 ApacheInactive
Q-12DN12Boeing-McDonnell Douglas 77 ApacheInactive
Q-14DN14Boeing-McDonnell Douglas 77 ApacheInactive
Q-16DN16Boeing-McDonnell Douglas 77 ApacheInactive
Q-18DN18Boeing-McDonnell Douglas 77 ApacheInactive
Q-19DN19Boeing-McDonnell Douglas 77 ApacheInactive
Q-21DN21Boeing-McDonnell Douglas 77 ApacheInactive
Q-25DN25Boeing-McDonnell Douglas 77 ApacheInactive
Q-28DN28Boeing-McDonnell Douglas 77 ApacheInactive
S-2952de Havilland Canada DHC-2 Mk1 BeaverInactive
S-6959de Havilland Canada DHC-2 Mk1 BeaverInactive
T-23546956Douglas DC-10Inactive
T-25346986Douglas DC-10Inactive
T-25546987Douglas DC-10Inactive
T-26446985Douglas DC-10Inactive
V-111009Gulfstream Aerospace G-4 Gulfstream 4Inactive
V-46819de Havilland DominieInactive

Photos of Royal Netherlands Air Force Fleet

F-019, 12-Oct-2023
© Ruben

F-023, 12-Oct-2023
© Ruben

F-014, 12-Oct-2023
© Ruben

J-008, 15-Sep-2023
© Ruben

PH-OUQ, 15-Sep-2023
© Ruben

F-027, 08-Sep-2023
© Erik van der Eyken

F-030, 08-Sep-2023
© Erik van der Eyken

PH-KHV, 08-Sep-2023
© Erik van der Eyken

J-060, 08-Sep-2023
© Erik van der Eyken

J-020, 08-Sep-2023
© Erik van der Eyken

T-056, 20-Aug-2023
© Erik van der Eyken

D-483, 15-Jul-2023
© Graham Rowe

Sightings of Royal Netherlands Air Force Fleet

RegistrationAircraft TypeDate SeenLocation
G-781C-130 Hercules23-04-2024Eindhoven
J-014F-16 Fighting Falcon12-10-2023Luqa
J-638F-16 Fighting Falcon12-10-2023Luqa
J-647F-16 Fighting Falcon12-10-2023Luqa
D-106CH-47 Chinook12-10-2023Luqa
G-781C-130 Hercules12-10-2023Luqa
J-642F-16 Fighting Falcon12-10-2023Luqa
S-453AS-332 Mk2 Super Puma12-10-2023Luqa
J-516F-16 Fighting Falcon12-10-2023Luqa
J-509F-16 Fighting Falcon12-10-2023Luqa
J-512F-16 Fighting Falcon12-10-2023Luqa

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Royal Netherlands Air Force Fleet Information

The airline Royal Netherlands Air Force is based in Netherlands, currently the airline uses the callsign: NETHERLANDS AIR FORCE and has an active fleet size of 121 aircraft, the airline has a historic fleet size of 111. Royal Netherlands Air Force flies with the IATA and ICAO codes of Royal Netherlands Air Force / . We have been tracking Royal Netherlands Air Force since the airline launched.