Airline Name: Regional Express
Active Fleet size: 63
Historic Fleet size: 59
Country: Australia

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RegistrationSerialAircraft TypeLiveryStatus
VH-EKD340A-155Saab-Fairchild Saab 340Flying as RXA3916
VH-EKH340B-369Saab Saab 340At YPAD (Adelaide)
VH-EKX340B-257Saab Saab YPAD (Adelaide)
VH-KDQ340B-325Saab Saab 340At YMML (Melbourne)
VH-KDV340B-322Saab Saab 340At YSSY (Sydney)
VH-KRX340B-290Saab Saab 340Flying as RXA6868
VH-NRX340B-291Saab Saab 340At YMML (Melbourne)
VH-OLL340B-175Saab Saab 340At YSWG (Wagga Wagga)
VH-OLM340B-205Saab Saab 340At YPAD (Adelaide)
VH-ORX340B-293Saab Saab 340At YSSY (Sydney)
VH-PAG37821Boeing B737-800Flying as RXA105
VH-PRX340B-303Saab Saab 340At YMML (Melbourne)
VH-REX36609Boeing B737-800At YMML (Melbourne)
VH-RQC33797Boeing B737-800At YMML (Melbourne)
VH-RQG34168Boeing B737-800Flying as RXA337
VH-RQP37822Boeing B737-800At YBCG (Gold Coast)
VH-RXE340B-275Saab Saab 340At YSWG (Wagga Wagga)
VH-RXN340B-279Saab Saab 340At YSSY (Sydney)
VH-RXQ340B-200Saab Saab 340At YSSY (Sydney)
VH-RXS340B-285Saab Saab 340Unknown Location
VH-RXX340B-209Saab Saab 340At YMML (Melbourne)
VH-RYU33794Boeing B737-800Flying as RXA244
VH-SBA340B-311Saab Saab 340At YSSY (Sydney)
VH-TRX340B-287Saab Saab 340At YPAD (Adelaide)
VH-VNA340B-301Saab Saab 340At YSWG (Wagga Wagga)
VH-YRX340B-178Saab Saab 340At YSSY (Sydney)
VH-ZJS340B-186Saab Saab 340Flying as RXA6232
VH-ZLA340B-371Saab Saab 340At YPLC (Port Lincoln)
VH-ZLC340B-373Saab Saab 340Unknown Location
VH-ZLF340B-374Saab Saab 340Unknown Location
VH-ZLG340B-375Saab Saab 340At YSWG (Wagga Wagga)
VH-ZLH340B-376Saab Saab 340Unknown Location
VH-ZLJ340B-380Saab Saab 340At YPAD (Adelaide)
VH-ZLK340B-381Saab Saab 340Unknown Location
VH-ZLO340B-382Saab Saab 340At YMAY (Albury)
VH-ZLQ340B-370Saab Saab 340Unknown Location
VH-ZLR340B-229Saab Saab 340At YPAD (Adelaide)
VH-ZLS340B-383Saab Saab 340Unknown Location
VH-ZLV340B-386Saab Saab 340Unknown Location
VH-ZLW340B-387Saab Saab 340Unknown Location
VH-ZLX340B-182Saab Saab 340At YSSY (Sydney)
VH-ZPA340B-410Saab Saab 340At YSSY (Sydney)
VH-ZPB340B-403Saab Saab 340At YPAD (Adelaide)
VH-ZPC340B-404Saab Saab 340At YSSY (Sydney)
VH-ZPN340B-384Saab Saab 340At YMAY (Albury)
VH-ZRB340B-389Saab Saab 340Unknown Location
VH-ZRC340B-390Saab Saab 340Flying as RXA6625
VH-ZRE340B-391Saab Saab 340At YSWG (Wagga Wagga)
VH-ZRH340B-392Saab Saab 340Unknown Location
VH-ZRI340B-394Saab Saab 340At YBBN (Brisbane)
VH-ZRJ340B-396Saab Saab 340Unknown Location
VH-ZRK340B-397Saab Saab 340Flying as RXA6725
VH-ZRL340B-398Saab Saab 340At YPPH (Perth)
VH-ZRM340B-400Saab Saab 340Unknown Location
VH-ZRN340B-393Saab Saab 340At YBBN (Brisbane)
VH-ZRY340B-401Saab Saab 340At YPPH (Perth)
VH-ZRZ340B-388Saab Saab 340At YPAD (Adelaide)
VH-ZXF340B-416Saab Saab 340At YSSY (Sydney)
VH-ZXG340B-402Saab Saab 340At YSSY (Sydney)
VH-ZXK340B-420Saab Saab 340At YSWG (Wagga Wagga)
VH-ZXQ340B-423Saab Saab 340Unknown Location
VH-ZXS340B-179Saab Saab 340At YSSY (Sydney)
VH-ZXU340B-422Saab Saab 340Unknown Location

VH-EKD155Saab-Fairchild Saab 340
VH-EKH369Saab Saab 340
VH-EKX257Saab Saab 340
VH-KDQ325Saab Saab 340
VH-KDV322Saab Saab 340
VH-KRX290Saab Saab 340
VH-NRX291Saab Saab 340
VH-OLL175Saab Saab 340
VH-OLM205Saab Saab 340
VH-ORX293Saab Saab 340
VH-PRX303Saab Saab 340
VH-REX384Saab Saab 340
VH-RXE275Saab Saab 340
VH-RXN279Saab Saab 340
VH-RXQ200Saab Saab 340
VH-RXS285Saab Saab 340
VH-RXX209Saab Saab 340
VH-SBA311Saab Saab 340
VH-TRX287Saab Saab 340
VH-VNA301Saab Saab 340
VH-VUF34168Boeing B737-800
VH-YRX178Saab Saab 340
VH-ZJS186Saab Saab 340
VH-ZLA371Saab Saab 340
VH-ZLC373Saab Saab 340
VH-ZLF374Saab Saab 340
VH-ZLG375Saab Saab 340
VH-ZLH376Saab Saab 340
VH-ZLJ380Saab Saab 340
VH-ZLK381Saab Saab 340
VH-ZLO382Saab Saab 340
VH-ZLQ370Saab Saab 340
VH-ZLR229Saab Saab 340
VH-ZLS383Saab Saab 340
VH-ZLV386Saab Saab 340
VH-ZLW387Saab Saab 340
VH-ZLX182Saab Saab 340
VH-ZPA410Saab Saab 340
VH-ZPB403Saab Saab 340
VH-ZPC404Saab Saab 340
VH-ZPN384Saab Saab 340
VH-ZRB389Saab Saab 340
VH-ZRC390Saab Saab 340
VH-ZRE391Saab Saab 340
VH-ZRH392Saab Saab 340
VH-ZRI394Saab Saab 340
VH-ZRJ396Saab Saab 340
VH-ZRK397Saab Saab 340
VH-ZRL398Saab Saab 340
VH-ZRM400Saab Saab 340
VH-ZRN393Saab Saab 340
VH-ZRY401Saab Saab 340
VH-ZRZ388Saab Saab 340
VH-ZXF416Saab Saab 340
VH-ZXG402Saab Saab 340
VH-ZXK420Saab Saab 340
VH-ZXQ423Saab Saab 340
VH-ZXS179Saab Saab 340
VH-ZXU422Saab Saab 340

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CallsignRegistrationTypeAltitudeSpeedTrack Live
RXA3916VH-EKDSaab 3405125ft.224.7kts.
RXA6625VH-ZRCSaab 34017000ft.236.7kts.
RXA6725VH-ZRKSaab 34020000ft.269kts.
RXA6868VH-KRXSaab 34015275ft.287kts.
RXA6232VH-ZJSSaab 34019000ft.275kts.

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