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Name: Republic Airways
Fleet size: 218

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N101HQ17000156Embraer EMB-175 LRAt KBUF (Buffalo)
N102HQ17000157Embraer EMB-175 LRAt KIND (Indianapolis)
N103HQ17000159Embraer EMB-175 LRAt KIND (Indianapolis)
N104HQ17000160Embraer EMB-175 LRAt KBNA (Nashville)
N105HQ17000163Embraer EMB-175 LRAt KCMH (Columbus)
N106HQ17000164Embraer EMB-175 LRUnknown Location
N107HQ17000165Embraer EMB-175 LRUnknown Location
N108HQ17000166Embraer EMB-175 LRAt KIND (Indianapolis)
N109HQ17000168Embraer EMB-175 LRAt KOMA (Omaha)
N110HQ17000172Embraer EMB-175 LRAt KBNA (Nashville)
N111HQ17000173Embraer EMB-175 LRAt KOQU (North Kingstown)
N112HQ17000174Embraer EMB-175 LRAt KATL (Atlanta)
N113HQ17000177Embraer EMB-175 LRAt KPIT (Pittsburgh)
N114HQ17000179Embraer EMB-175 LRAt KRSW (Fort Myers)
N115HQ17000182Embraer EMB-175 LRAt KPHL (Philadelphia)
N116HQ17000183Embraer EMB-175 LRUnknown Location
N117HQ17000184Embraer EMB-175 LRUnknown Location
N118HQ17000189Embraer EMB-175 LRAt KPHL (Philadelphia)
N119HQ17000190Embraer EMB-175 LRAt KMCF (Tampa)
N120HQ17000193Embraer EMB-175 LRAt KIND (Indianapolis)
N121HQ17000194Embraer EMB-175 LRAt KATW (Appleton)
N122HQ17000196Embraer EMB-175 LRAt KPHL (Philadelphia)
N123HQ17000199Embraer EMB-175 LRAt KOSU (Columbus)
N124HQ17000200Embraer EMB-175 LRAt KORL (Orlando)
N125HQ17000202Embraer EMB-175 LRAt KSTL (St Louis)
N126HQ17000204Embraer EMB-175 LRUnknown Location
N127HQ17000206Embraer EMB-175 LRAt KLGA (New York)
N128HQ17000208Embraer EMB-175 LRUnknown Location
N129HQ17000211Embraer EMB-175 LRAt KPHL (Philadelphia)
N130HQ17000212Embraer EMB-175 LRAt KSDF (Louisville)
N131HQ17000215Embraer EMB-175 LRAt KBDL (Hartford)
N132HQ17000216Embraer EMB-175 LRAt KOSU (Columbus)
N133HQ17000217Embraer EMB-175 LRFlying as RPA4966
N134HQ17000220Embraer EMB-175 LRAt KMCI (Kansas City)
N135HQ17000224Embraer EMB-175 LRAt KBUF (Buffalo)
N136HQ17000228Embraer EMB-175 LRFlying as RPA4953
N137HQ17000231Embraer EMB-175 LRAt KSDF (Louisville)
N138HQ17000234Embraer EMB-175 LRUnknown Location
N201JQ17000235Embraer EMB-175 LRFlying as RPA5685
N202JQ17000240Embraer EMB-175 LRUnknown Location
N203JQ17000242Embraer EMB-175 LRAt KORD (Chicago)
N204JQ17000243Embraer EMB-175 LRAt KRDU (Raleigh/Durham)
N205JQ17000248Embraer EMB-175 LRUnknown Location
N206JQ17000249Embraer EMB-175 LRUnknown Location
N207JQ17000254Embraer EMB-175 LRAt KLGA (New York)
N208JQ17000257Embraer EMB-175 LRAt KATL (Atlanta)
N209JQ17000258Embraer EMB-175 LRUnknown Location
N210JQ17000260Embraer EMB-175 LRUnknown Location
N211JQ17000261Embraer EMB-175 LRAt KSDF (Louisville)
N212JQ17000264Embraer EMB-175 LRUnknown Location
N213JQ17000265Embraer EMB-175 LRAt KBOS (Boston)
N214JQ17000267Embraer EMB-175 LRAt KMDW (Chicago)
N215JQ17000270Embraer EMB-175 LRAt KEWR (Newark)
N216JQ17000273Embraer EMB-175 LRFlying as RPA5759
N217JQ17000171Embraer EMB-175 LRAt KCLT (Charlotte)
N218JQ17000186Embraer EMB-175 LRUnknown Location
N219YX17000188Embraer EMB-175 LRAt KADW (Camp Springs)
N220JQ17000195Embraer EMB-175 LRAt KDTW (Detroit)
N221JQ17000197Embraer EMB-175 LRUnknown Location
N222JQ17000201Embraer EMB-175 LRAt KCMH (Columbus)
N223JQ17000207Embraer EMB-175 LRAt KIND (Indianapolis)
N224JQ17000209Embraer EMB-175 LRAt KIND (Indianapolis)
N225JQ17000210Embraer EMB-175 LRUnknown Location
N226JQ17000213Embraer EMB-175 LRUnknown Location
N227JQ17000214Embraer EMB-175 LRUnknown Location
N228JQ17000218Embraer EMB-175 LRUnknown Location
N229JQ17000219Embraer EMB-175 LRUnknown Location
N230JQ17000221Embraer EMB-175 LRUnknown Location
N231JQ17000222Embraer EMB-175 LRAt KPHL (Philadelphia)
N232JQ17000225Embraer EMB-175 LRAt KDTW (Detroit)
N233JQ17000226Embraer EMB-175 LRFlying as RPA5836
N234JQ17000229Embraer EMB-175 LRAt KBUF (Buffalo)
N235JQ17000233Embraer EMB-175 LRAt KORD (Chicago)
N236JQ17000236Embraer EMB-175 LRUnknown Location
N237JQ17000238Embraer EMB-175 LRUnknown Location
N238JQ17000239Embraer EMB-175 LRUnknown Location
N239JQ17000244Embraer EMB-175 LRAt KMCI (Kansas City)
N240JQ17000245Embraer EMB-175 LRAt KIND (Indianapolis)
N241JQ17000246Embraer EMB-175 LRAt KATL (Atlanta)
N242JQ17000252Embraer EMB-175 LRUnknown Location
N243JQ17000253Embraer EMB-175 LRUnknown Location
N244JQ17000256Embraer EMB-175 LRUnknown Location
N245JQ17000259Embraer EMB-175 LRUnknown Location
N246JQ17000262Embraer EMB-175 LRUnknown Location
N294NN17000851Embraer EMB-175 LRAt KIND (Indianapolis)
N357FC17000018Embraer EMB-170 SUAt KBNA (Nashville)
N401YX17000363Embraer EMB-175 LRUnknown Location
N402YX17000364Embraer EMB-175 LRAt KATL (Atlanta)
N403YX17000365Embraer EMB-175 LRAt KIND (Indianapolis)
N404YX17000367Embraer EMB-175 LRUnknown Location
N405YX17000368Embraer EMB-175 LRUnknown Location
N406YX17000369Embraer EMB-175 LRUnknown Location
N407YX17000370Embraer EMB-175 LRAt KSDF (Louisville)
N408YX17000371Embraer EMB-175 LRFlying as RPA4717
N409YX17000372Embraer EMB-175 LRFlying as RPA4867
N410YX17000373Embraer EMB-175 LRAt KDCA (Washington)
N411YX17000374Embraer EMB-175 LRAt KBNA (Nashville)
N412YX17000375Embraer EMB-175 LRAt KALB (Albany)
N413YX17000376Embraer EMB-175 LRAt KBUF (Buffalo)
N414YX17000377Embraer EMB-175 LRAt KOSU (Columbus)
N415YX17000378Embraer EMB-175 LRAt KLGA (New York)
N416YX17000381Embraer EMB-175 LRAt KRDU (Raleigh/Durham)
N417YX17000382Embraer EMB-175 LRFlying as RPA4813
N418YX17000383Embraer EMB-175 LRAt KCMH (Columbus)
N419YX17000384Embraer EMB-175 LRUnknown Location
N420YX17000385Embraer EMB-175 LRAt KIND (Indianapolis)
N421YX17000386Embraer EMB-175 LRFlying as RPA4965
N422YX17000387Embraer EMB-175 LRFlying as RPA4978
N423YX17000392Embraer EMB-175 LRUnknown Location
N424YX17000393Embraer EMB-175 LRUnknown Location
N425YX17000396Embraer EMB-175 LRAt KBNA (Nashville)
N426YX17000397Embraer EMB-175 LRFlying as RPA4907
N427YX17000402Embraer EMB-175 LRAt KPNS (Pensacola)
N428YX17000403Embraer EMB-175 LRAt KPHL (Philadelphia)
N429YX17000408Embraer EMB-175 LRFlying as RPA4834
N430YX17000409Embraer EMB-175 LRUnknown Location
N431YX17000413Embraer EMB-175 LRAt KPIT (Pittsburgh)
N432YX17000415Embraer EMB-175 LRAt KOKC (Oklahoma City)
N433YX17000417Embraer EMB-175 LRAt KMIA (Miami)
N434YX17000418Embraer EMB-175 LRAt KBDL (Hartford)
N435YX17000423Embraer EMB-175 LRUnknown Location
N436YX17000424Embraer EMB-175 LRAt KSDF (Louisville)
N437YX17000366Embraer EMB-175 LRAt KGRR (Grand Rapids)
N438YX17000428Embraer EMB-175 LRAt KPHL (Philadelphia)
N439YX17000434Embraer EMB-175 LRAt KATL (Atlanta)
N440YX17000435Embraer EMB-175 LRUnknown Location
N441YX17000444Embraer EMB-175 LRAt KMCF (Tampa)
N442YX17000446Embraer EMB-175 LRFlying as RPA4972
N443YX17000447Embraer EMB-175 LRFlying as RPA4792
N444YX17000453Embraer EMB-175 LRUnknown Location
N445YX17000455Embraer EMB-175 LRAt KRDU (Raleigh/Durham)
N446YX17000457Embraer EMB-175 LRAt KIND (Indianapolis)
N447YX17000463Embraer EMB-175 LRFlying as RPA5019
N631RW17000007Embraer EMB-170 SEUnknown Location
N632RW17000050Embraer EMB-170 SEUnknown Location
N633RW17000054Embraer EMB-170 SEUnknown Location
N634RW17000055Embraer EMB-170 SEAt KIND (Indianapolis)
N635RW17000056Embraer EMB-170 SEUnknown Location
N636RW17000052Embraer EMB-170 SEAt KOQU (North Kingstown)
N637RW17000051Embraer EMB-170 SEAt KLGA (New York)
N638RW17000053Embraer EMB-170 SEAt KIND (Indianapolis)
N639RW17000057Embraer EMB-170 SEAt KLDJ (Linden)
N640RW17000058Embraer EMB-170 SEAt KDFW (Dallas-Fort Worth)
N641RW17000062Embraer EMB-170 SEUnknown Location
N642RW17000063Embraer EMB-170 SEAt KATL (Atlanta)
N643RW17000060Embraer EMB-170 SEAt KMCI (Kansas City)
N644RW17000061Embraer EMB-170 SEUnknown Location
N645RW17000064Embraer EMB-170 SEAt KOSU (Columbus)
N646RW17000066Embraer EMB-170 SEAt KMDT (Harrisburg)
N647RW17000067Embraer EMB-170 SEUnknown Location
N648RW17000068Embraer EMB-170 SEUnknown Location
N649RW17000070Embraer EMB-170 SEAt KLDJ (Linden)
N650RW17000071Embraer EMB-170 SEAt KCMH (Columbus)
N651RW17000072Embraer EMB-170 SEAt KMCF (Tampa)
N652RW17000075Embraer EMB-170 SEAt KLNK (Lincoln)
N653RW17000076Embraer EMB-170 SEAt KATL (Atlanta)
N654RW17000104Embraer EMB-170 SEAt KOSU (Columbus)
N655RW17000105Embraer EMB-170 SEAt KORD (Chicago)
N656RW17000113Embraer EMB-170 SEAt KPHL (Philadelphia)
N657RW17000115Embraer EMB-170 SEAt KBNA (Nashville)
N721YX17000493Embraer EMB-175 LRUnknown Location
N722YX17000496Embraer EMB-175 LRAt KAUS (Austin)
N723YX17000498Embraer EMB-175 LRUnknown Location
N724YX17000502Embraer EMB-175 LRUnknown Location
N725YX17000506Embraer EMB-175 LRAt KOSU (Columbus)
N726YX17000507Embraer EMB-175 LRAt KOMA (Omaha)
N727YX17000509Embraer EMB-175 LRAt KGRB (Green Bay)
N728YX17000510Embraer EMB-175 LRUnknown Location
N729YX17000512Embraer EMB-175 LRUnknown Location
N730YX17000518Embraer EMB-175 LRAt KLDJ (Linden)
N731YX17000520Embraer EMB-175 LRAt KIND (Indianapolis)
N732YX17000521Embraer EMB-175 LRUnknown Location
N733YX17000539Embraer EMB-175 LRAt KSDF (Louisville)
N736YX17000541Embraer EMB-175 LRAt KDFW (Dallas-Fort Worth)
N739YX17000542Embraer EMB-175 LRAt KBOS (Boston)
N740YX17000544Embraer EMB-175 LRUnknown Location
N741YX17000653Embraer EMB-175 LRAt KBNA (Nashville)
N742YX17000654Embraer EMB-175 LRAt KLGA (New York)
N743YX17000660Embraer EMB-175 LRAt KIND (Indianapolis)
N744YX17000661Embraer EMB-175 LRAt KLDJ (Linden)
N745YX17000670Embraer EMB-175 LRAt KLDJ (Linden)
N746YX17000671Embraer EMB-175 LRUnknown Location
N747YX17000676Embraer EMB-175 LRAt KPWM (Portland)
N748YX17000677Embraer EMB-175 LRUnknown Location
N749YX17000685Embraer EMB-175 LRAt KLDJ (Linden)
N750YX17000686Embraer EMB-175 LRAt KEWR (Newark)
N751YX17000688Embraer EMB-175 LRAt KPHL (Philadelphia)
N752YX17000689Embraer EMB-175 LRUnknown Location
N809MD17000022Embraer EMB-170 SUAt KLGA (New York)
N810MD17000026Embraer EMB-170 SUAt KSDF (Louisville)
N815MD17000034Embraer EMB-170 SUAt KBUF (Buffalo)
N818MD17000039Embraer EMB-170 SUAt KLGA (New York)
N821MD17000042Embraer EMB-170 LRAt KIND (Indianapolis)
N823MD17000044Embraer EMB-170 SUAt KROC (Rochester)
N824MD17000045Embraer EMB-170 SUAt KOSU (Columbus)
N826MD17000046Embraer EMB-170 SUFlying as RPA9984
N855RW17000077Embraer EMB-170 SEAt KOSU (Columbus)
N856RW17000078Embraer EMB-170 SEAt KIND (Indianapolis)
N857RW17000079Embraer EMB-170 SEAt KSAT (San Antonio)
N858RW17000080Embraer EMB-170 SEUnknown Location
N859RW17000082Embraer EMB-170 SEAt KCLT (Charlotte)
N860RW17000084Embraer EMB-170 SEUnknown Location
N861RW17000094Embraer EMB-170 SEAt KLEX (Lexington)
N862RW17000098Embraer EMB-170 SEAt KDCA (Washington)
N863RW17000100Embraer EMB-170 SEUnknown Location
N864RW17000117Embraer EMB-170 SEAt KLDJ (Linden)
N865RW17000122Embraer EMB-170 SEAt KORD (Chicago)
N867RW17000130Embraer EMB-170 SEAt KROC (Rochester)
N868RW17000131Embraer EMB-170 SUAt KDCA (Washington)
N869RW17000133Embraer EMB-170 SEAt KIND (Indianapolis)
N870RW17000138Embraer EMB-170 SUAt KBOS (Boston)
N871RW17000140Embraer EMB-170 SEAt KRDU (Raleigh/Durham)
N872RW17000143Embraer EMB-170 SUAt KOMA (Omaha)
N873RW17000144Embraer EMB-170 SUAt KBOS (Boston)
N874RW17000148Embraer EMB-170 SUUnknown Location
N878RW17000191Embraer EMB-170 LRAt KPIT (Pittsburgh)
N882RW17000255Embraer EMB-170 LRUnknown Location
N979RP17000088Embraer EMB-170 SEAt KEWR (Newark)


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RPA4817N125HQEMB-175 LR575ft.129kts.
RPA4717N408YXEMB-175 LR36000ft.357kts.
RPA4966N133HQEMB-175 LR18100ft.390kts.
RPA4953N136HQEMB-175 LR38000ft.334kts.
RPA5759N216JQEMB-175 LR5125ft.294kts.
RPA5773N220JQEMB-175 LR4425ft.234kts.
RPA5836N233JQEMB-175 LR6225ft.308kts.
RPA4867N409YXEMB-175 LR2925ft.207kts.
RPA5685N201JQEMB-175 LR6475ft.309kts.

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