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Pionair Australia Fleet List


Pionair Australia Fleet List
Airline Name: Pionair Australia
Active Fleet size: 14
Historic Fleet size: 1
Country: Australia

Pionair Australia Active Fleet

RegistrationSerialAircraft TypeLiveryStatus
VH-HZUE2188BAe BAe-146-200Active
VH-IJZE2211BAe BAe-146-200Active
VH-IKJ19020029Embraer EMB-190 E2Active
VH-NJEE3384AVRO Avro RJ-100Active
VH-SAJE3150BAe BAe-146-300Active
VH-SAZE2148BAe BAe-146-200Active
VH-SBZE2050BAe BAe-146-200Active
VH-SFVE2086BAe BAe-146-200Active
VH-SFWE2105BAe BAe-146-200Active
VH-SIFE2119BAe BAe-146-200Active
VH-SJEE3153BAe BAe-146-300Active
VH-SOFE2056BAe BAe-146-200Active
VH-SQRE3151BAe BAe-146-300Active
VH-SYOE2108BAe BAe-146-200Active

Pionair Australia Historic Fleet

RegistrationSerialAircraft TypeStatus
VH-SEF19000435Embraer EMB-190Inactive

Photos of Pionair Australia Fleet

VH-IKJ, 15-Feb-2023
© Daniel Ouston

VH-SYO, 01-Jan-2020
© Mark Harris

VH-SYO, 01-Jan-2020
© Mark Harris

VH-SAZ, 01-Jan-2020
© Mark Harris

VH-SAZ, 01-Jan-2020
© Mark Harris

VH-SIF, 01-Jan-2020
© Mark Harris

VH-SFW, 05-Sep-2017
© Paul Leader

VH-SFW, 08-Aug-2017
© Paul Leader

Sightings of Pionair Australia Fleet

RegistrationAircraft TypeDate SeenLocation
VH-SQRBAe 146-30029-08-2023Melbourne Intl
VH-IKJEMB-190 E215-02-2023Melbourne Intl
VH-IKJEMB-190 E201-01-2021London Heathrow
VH-SIFBAe-146-20001-01-2020Sydney Intl
VH-SYOBAe-146-20001-01-2020Sydney Intl
VH-SYOBAe-146-20001-01-2020Sydney Intl
VH-SAZBAe-146-20001-01-2020Sydney Intl
VH-SAZBAe-146-20001-01-2020Sydney Intl
VH-SAJBAe 146-30018-12-2019Melbourne Intl

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Pionair Australia Fleet Information

The airline Pionair Australia is based in Australia, currently the airline uses the callsign: Pionair and has an active fleet size of 14 aircraft, the airline has a historic fleet size of 1. Pionair Australia flies with the IATA and ICAO codes of Pionair Australia / PH. We have been tracking Pionair Australia since the airline launched.