Airline Name: Omni Air International
Active Fleet size: 16
Historic Fleet size: 37
Country: United States

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RegistrationSerialAircraft TypeLiveryStatus
N207AX30438Boeing B767-200Flying as OAE8082
N225AX30434Boeing B767-200At LBSF (Sofia)
N234AX30436Boeing B767-200At KLAS (Las Vegas)
N342AX27136Boeing B767-300Unknown Location
N351AX27908Boeing B767-300At KSEA (Seattle)
N378AX28147Boeing B767-300At KBWI (Baltimore)
N423AX27569Boeing B767-300At CYHM (Hamilton)
N432AX27449Boeing B767-300Flying as AJT2022
N441AX29898Boeing B767-300Unknown Location
N468AX30115Boeing B767-300At RODN ()
N477AX29390Boeing B767-300Unknown Location
N486AX30843Boeing B767-300Unknown Location
N495AX27613Boeing B767-300Unknown Location
N819AX33681Boeing B777-200At KBWI (Baltimore)
N828AX33682Boeing B777-200At KAFW (Fort Worth)
N846AX36124Boeing B777-200Unknown Location

N108AX47927Douglas DC-10
N1208047981Douglas DC-10
N1708547957Douglas DC-10
N189AX48277Douglas DC-10
N240NW48319Douglas DC-10
N244NW48316Douglas DC-10
N270AX48318Douglas DC-10
N279AX47816Douglas DC-10
N360AX46706Douglas DC-10
N368CG24368Boeing B757-200
N369AX28161Boeing B757-200
N387AX24875Boeing B767-300
N396AX26264Boeing B767-300
N411LF26264Boeing B767-300
N450AX46942Douglas DC-10
N459AX25621Boeing B757-200
N4908247927Douglas DC-10
N522AX48315Douglas DC-10
N531AX48316Douglas DC-10
N540AX46595Douglas DC-10
N549AX24528Boeing B757-200
N558AX27971Boeing B757-200
N5908347926Douglas DC-10
N603AX48267Douglas DC-10
N612AX48290Douglas DC-10
N621AX48319Douglas DC-10
N630AX46596Douglas DC-10
N639AX24368Boeing B757-200
N6715730436Boeing B767-200
N6815530434Boeing B767-200
N6815930438Boeing B767-200
N720AX48252Douglas DC-10
N767NA27569Boeing B767-300
N768NA29898Boeing B767-300
N810AX48265Douglas DC-10
N918AX26935Boeing B777-200
N927AX26943Boeing B777-200

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