Airline Name: Novair
Active Fleet size: 2
Historic Fleet size: 24
Country: Sweden

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RegistrationSerialAircraft TypeLiveryStatus
SE-RKA7746Airbus A321neoAt EKBI (Billund)
SE-RKB7807Airbus A321neoFlying as NVR246

CS-TNE395Airbus A320-200
CS-TRA461Airbus A330-200
EC-KOM931Airbus A330-200
EC-KTG950Airbus A330-200
EI-TLE429Airbus A320-200
EI-TLG428Airbus A320-200
EI-TLO758Airbus A320-200
G-POWI2791Airbus A320-200
HB-IQL305Airbus A330-200
PH-DVR190Airbus A320-200
SE-DTC1050Lockheed L 1011
SE-DVF1241Lockheed L 1011
SE-DVH190Airbus A320-200
SE-DVI1248Lockheed L 1011
SE-DVO28822Boeing B737-800
SE-DVR28826Boeing B737-800
SE-DVU28825Boeing B737-800
SE-DVX1183Lockheed L 1011
SE-RBF353Airbus A330-200
SE-RBG362Airbus A330-200
SE-RDN2211Airbus A321-200
SE-RDO2216Airbus A321-200
SE-RDP2410Airbus A321-200
ZK-NGE28733Boeing B737-300

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