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Norwegian Long Haul Fleet List


Norwegian Long Haul Fleet List
Airline Name: Norwegian Long Haul
Active Fleet size: 5
Historic Fleet size: 29
Country: Norway

Norwegian Long Haul Active Fleet

RegistrationSerialAircraft TypeLiveryStatus
9H-LNS63311Boeing B787-9 DreamlinerActive
9H-LNV63312Boeing B787-9 DreamlinerActive
LN-LNC34795Boeing B787-8 DreamlinerActive
LN-LNE34796Boeing B787-8 DreamlinerActive
M-ABSD36526Boeing B787-8 DreamlinerActive

Norwegian Long Haul Historic Fleet

RegistrationSerialAircraft TypeStatus
EI-LNA35304Boeing B787-8 DreamlinerInactive
EI-LNB35305Boeing B787-8 DreamlinerInactive
EI-LNC34795Boeing B787-8 DreamlinerInactive
EI-LND35310Boeing B787-8 DreamlinerInactive
EI-LNE34796Boeing B787-8 DreamlinerInactive
EI-LNF35313Boeing B787-8 DreamlinerInactive
EI-LNG35314Boeing B787-8 DreamlinerInactive
EI-LNH36526Boeing B787-8 DreamlinerInactive
EI-LNI37307Boeing B787-9 DreamlinerInactive
LN-LNA35304Boeing B787-8 DreamlinerInactive
LN-LNB35305Boeing B787-8 DreamlinerInactive
LN-LND35310Boeing B787-8 DreamlinerInactive
LN-LNF35313Boeing B787-8 DreamlinerInactive
LN-LNG35314Boeing B787-8 DreamlinerInactive
LN-LNH36526Boeing B787-8 DreamlinerInactive
LN-LNI37307Boeing B787-9 DreamlinerInactive
LN-LNJ37308Boeing B787-9 DreamlinerInactive
LN-LNK62082Boeing B787-9 DreamlinerInactive
LN-LNL37931Boeing B787-9 DreamlinerInactive
LN-LNN38891Boeing B787-9 DreamlinerInactive
LN-LNO38779Boeing B787-9 DreamlinerInactive
LN-LNP63310Boeing B787-9 DreamlinerInactive
LN-LNR38784Boeing B787-9 DreamlinerInactive
LN-LNS63311Boeing B787-9 DreamlinerInactive
LN-LNT38774Boeing B787-9 DreamlinerInactive
LN-LNU63313Boeing B787-9 DreamlinerInactive
LN-LNV63312Boeing B787-9 DreamlinerInactive
LN-LNX38756Boeing B787-9 DreamlinerInactive
OE-ITQ38891Boeing B787-9 DreamlinerInactive

Photos of Norwegian Long Haul Fleet

LN-LNK, 08-Sep-2019
© Tomo-Papa

LN-LNP, 01-Sep-2019
© Kristof Souffriau

LN-LNU, 20-Apr-2019
© Luc Verkuringen

LN-LNR, 06-Apr-2019
© Kristof Souffriau

LN-LNG, 24-Oct-2018
© Tony Smith

LN-LNC, 13-Oct-2018
© Kristof Souffriau

LN-LNB, 13-Oct-2018
© Kristof Souffriau

LN-LNB, 12-Oct-2018
© Kristof Souffriau

LN-LNB, 24-Aug-2017
© Stijn Henderieckx

LN-LNC, 24-Aug-2017
© Stijn Henderieckx

EI-LNI, 14-Apr-2016
© Luc Verkuringen

EI-LNB, 15-Jun-2015
© Luis Vaz

Sightings of Norwegian Long Haul Fleet

RegistrationAircraft TypeDate SeenLocation
LN-LNXB787-9 Dreamliner19-09-2023Batna Airport
LN-LNSB787-9 Dreamliner19-09-2023Batna Airport
LN-LNRB787-9 Dreamliner19-09-2023Batna Airport
LN-LNLB787-9 Dreamliner19-09-2023Batna Airport
LN-LNIB787-9 Dreamliner13-04-2021Manchester
LN-LNBB787-8 Dreamliner23-09-2020Prestwick
LN-LNAB787-8 Dreamliner23-09-2020Prestwick
LN-LNGB787-8 Dreamliner23-09-2020Prestwick
LN-LNHB787-8 Dreamliner23-09-2020Prestwick
LN-LNDB787-8 Dreamliner23-09-2020Prestwick
LN-LNBB787-8 Dreamliner21-09-2020Prestwick
LN-LNAB787-8 Dreamliner21-09-2020Prestwick

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Norwegian Long Haul Fleet Information

The airline Norwegian Long Haul is based in Norway, currently the airline uses the callsign: NORSTAR and has an active fleet size of 5 aircraft, the airline has a historic fleet size of 29. Norwegian Long Haul flies with the IATA and ICAO codes of Norwegian Long Haul / DU. We have been tracking Norwegian Long Haul since the airline launched.