Airline Name: Norwegian Air International
Active Fleet size: 19
Historic Fleet size: 69
Country: Norway

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RegistrationSerialAircraft TypeLiveryStatus
D-AAGB42277Boeing B737-800At EDDH (Hamburg)
EI-FHA39012Boeing B737-800At ESSA (Stockholm)
EI-FHD39011Boeing B737-800At ESSA (Stockholm)
EI-FHJ42069Boeing B737-800At ENGM (Oslo)
EI-FHV40870Boeing B737-800Unknown Location
EI-FHW39007Boeing B737-800At LKMT (Ostrava)
EI-FHX40866Boeing B737-800At EHWO (Bergen Op Zoom)
EI-FHZ39005Boeing B737-800Unknown Location
EI-FJJ41148Boeing B737-800At ENGM (Oslo)
EI-FVR42279Boeing B737-800At EHWO (Bergen Op Zoom)
EI-FVT42280Boeing B737-800At EHWO (Bergen Op Zoom)
EI-FVU42088Boeing B737-800At ENZV (Stavanger)
EI-FYD42828Boeing B737 MAX 8Unknown Location
EI-FYE42827Boeing B737 MAX 8Unknown Location
EI-GBB36809Boeing B737-800Unknown Location
N470TN42276Boeing B737-800Unknown Location
N903AU42272Boeing B737-800Unknown Location
N903BU42275Boeing B737-800Unknown Location
SE-RYI42834Boeing B737 MAX 8Unknown Location

EI-FHB35283Boeing B737-800
EI-FHC37159Boeing B737-800
EI-FHE35280Boeing B737-800
EI-FHF34954Boeing B737-800
EI-FHG37884Boeing B737-800
EI-FHH31713Boeing B737-800
EI-FHI39024Boeing B737-800
EI-FHK41140Boeing B737-800
EI-FHL42078Boeing B737-800
EI-FHM42070Boeing B737-800
EI-FHN39046Boeing B737-800
EI-FHO35647Boeing B737-800
EI-FHP40865Boeing B737-800
EI-FHR39045Boeing B737-800
EI-FHS39021Boeing B737-800
EI-FHT40867Boeing B737-800
EI-FHU39019Boeing B737-800
EI-FHY39020Boeing B737-800
EI-FJA39419Boeing B737-800
EI-FJB42081Boeing B737-800
EI-FJC39412Boeing B737-800
EI-FJD41143Boeing B737-800
EI-FJE39420Boeing B737-800
EI-FJF36814Boeing B737-800
EI-FJG37818Boeing B737-800
EI-FJH42071Boeing B737-800
EI-FJI37817Boeing B737-800
EI-FJK42072Boeing B737-800
EI-FJL42073Boeing B737-800
EI-FJM42074Boeing B737-800
EI-FJN41152Boeing B737-800
EI-FJO42076Boeing B737-800
EI-FJP42077Boeing B737-800
EI-FJR36820Boeing B737-800
EI-FJS41153Boeing B737-800
EI-FJT42079Boeing B737-800
EI-FJU42273Boeing B737-800
EI-FJV42080Boeing B737-800
EI-FJW42286Boeing B737-800
EI-FJX42271Boeing B737-800
EI-FJY42272Boeing B737-800
EI-FJZ42082Boeing B737-800
EI-FVH42083Boeing B737-800
EI-FVI42274Boeing B737-800
EI-FVJ42275Boeing B737-800
EI-FVK42276Boeing B737-800
EI-FVL42084Boeing B737-800
EI-FVM42277Boeing B737-800
EI-FVN42085Boeing B737-800
EI-FVO42278Boeing B737-800
EI-FVP42086Boeing B737-800
EI-FVS42087Boeing B737-800
EI-FVV42281Boeing B737-800
EI-FVW42282Boeing B737-800
EI-FVX42090Boeing B737-800
EI-FVY42092Boeing B737-800
EI-FVZ42093Boeing B737-800
EI-FYA42830Boeing 737MAX 8
EI-FYB42826Boeing 737MAX 8
EI-FYC42825Boeing 737MAX 8
EI-FYF42829Boeing 737MAX 8
EI-GBF39022Boeing B737-800
EI-GBG39023Boeing B737-800
EI-GBI39434Boeing B737-800
G-NRWY39024Boeing B737-800
LY-MGC24904Boeing B737-400
N285SL42085Boeing B737-800
OY-RUP406Airbus A320-200
SX-SOF2479Airbus A320-200

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