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Nolinor Aviation Fleet List


Nolinor Aviation Fleet List
Airline Name: Nolinor Aviation
Active Fleet size: 15
Historic Fleet size: 6
Country: Canada

Nolinor Aviation Active Fleet

RegistrationSerialAircraft TypeLiveryStatus
C-FHCW45-213Bombardier Learjet 45Active
C-FHNM30631Boeing B737-800Active
C-FTAP334Convair CosmopolitanActive
C-GFCN21173Boeing B737-200Active
C-GGWF24129Boeing B737-400Active
C-GGWV24688Boeing B737-400Active
C-GGWX24804Boeing B737-400Active
C-GNLA22072Boeing B737-200Active
C-GNLE21011Boeing B737-200Active
C-GNLK20836Boeing B737-200Active
C-GNLN23050Boeing B737-200Active
C-GNLQ25401Boeing B737-300Active
C-GNLW23130Boeing B737-200Active
C-GNRD21738Boeing B737-200Active
C-GTUK23049Boeing B737-200Active

Nolinor Aviation Historic Fleet

RegistrationSerialAircraft TypeStatus
C-FAWV154Convair CosmopolitanInactive
C-FHNM454Convair CosmopolitanInactive
C-FVNC31A-187Bombardier Learjet 31Inactive
C-GQHB376Convair CosmopolitanInactive
C-GRLQ347Convair CosmopolitanInactive
N688XA24688Boeing B737-400Inactive

Photos of Nolinor Aviation Fleet

C-GNLN, 02-Dec-2023
© Mackenzie Cole

C-GNLN, 05-Oct-2022
© Jeremy Francois

C-GNLQ, 20-Sep-2022
© Mackenzie Cole

C-GGWX, 23-Apr-2022
© Mackenzie Cole

C-GNLW, 01-Oct-2019
© Mackenzie Cole

C-GNLA, 26-Aug-2019
© Mackenzie Cole

C-GNLA, 19-Aug-2019
© Mackenzie Cole

C-GNLQ, 12-Aug-2019
© Mackenzie Cole

C-GNLQ, 30-Jul-2019
© Mackenzie Cole

Sightings of Nolinor Aviation Fleet

RegistrationAircraft TypeDate SeenLocation
C-GNLQB737-30002-12-2023Montreal Intl Mirabel
C-GNLNB737-20002-12-2023Montreal Intl Mirabel
C-GGWVB737-40022-08-2023Quebec Jean Lesage Intl
C-GNLNB737-20005-10-2022Montreal Intl Mirabel
C-GNLQB737-30020-09-2022Halifax Intl
C-GGWXB737-40023-04-2022Halifax Intl
C-GNLWB737-20001-10-2019St Johns Intl
C-GNLWB737-20004-09-2019St Johns Intl
C-GNLEB737-20004-09-2019St Johns Intl
C-GNLQB737-30003-09-2019St Johns Intl
C-GNLQB737-30002-09-2019St Johns Intl
C-GNLAB737-20026-08-2019St Johns Intl

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Nolinor Aviation Fleet Information

The airline Nolinor Aviation is based in Canada, currently the airline uses the callsign: NOLINOR and has an active fleet size of 15 aircraft, the airline has a historic fleet size of 6. Nolinor Aviation flies with the IATA and ICAO codes of Nolinor Aviation / . We have been tracking Nolinor Aviation since the airline launched.