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Neos Fleet List


Neos Fleet List
Airline Name: Neos
Active Fleet size: 16
Historic Fleet size: 12
Country: Italy

Neos Active Fleet

RegistrationSerialAircraft TypeLiveryStatus
EI-GRJ37161Boeing B737-800Active
EI-HIL60180Boeing B737-800Active
EI-HIM60181Boeing B737-800Active
EI-NEO38785Boeing B787-9 DreamlinerActive
EI-NEU38794Boeing B787-9 DreamlinerActive
EI-NEW38791Boeing B787-9 DreamlinerActive
EI-NUA65314Boeing B787-9 DreamlinerActive
EI-NYE38756Boeing B787-9 DreamlinerActive
EI-RZA62869Boeing B737 MAX 8Active
EI-RZB43920Boeing B737 MAX 8Active
EI-RZC62872Boeing B737 MAX 8Active
EI-RZD43582Boeing B737 MAX 8Active
EI-RZE66351Boeing B737 MAX 8Active
EI-XIN38774Boeing B787-9 DreamlinerActive
I-NEOU29887Boeing B737-800Radio Italia (sticker)Active
I-NEOZ34257Boeing B737-800Active

Neos Historic Fleet

RegistrationSerialAircraft TypeStatus
EI-DMJ27958Boeing B767-300Inactive
EI-DOF27610Boeing B767-300Inactive
EI-FLM30571Boeing B737-800Inactive
I-NDDL27568Boeing B767-300Inactive
I-NDMJ27958Boeing B767-300Inactive
I-NDOF27610Boeing B767-300Inactive
I-NEOS32733Boeing B737-800Inactive
I-NEOT33004Boeing B737-800Inactive
I-NEOW32685Boeing B737-800Inactive
I-NEOX33677Boeing B737-800Inactive
N288GE32685Boeing B737-800Inactive
N447CC33677Boeing B737-800Inactive

Photos of Neos Fleet

EI-RZA, 10-Jun-2024
© Peter Caulkin

EI-HIM, 01-Jun-2024
© Tony Smith

I-NEOU, 26-May-2024
© Peter Hutt

EI-RZD, 12-Feb-2024
© Erik van der Eyken

EI-HIM, 12-Feb-2024
© Erik van der Eyken

EI-GRJ, 24-Jun-2023
© Tony Smith

I-NEOU, 05-Jun-2023
© Luc Verkuringen

EI-RZD, 14-May-2023
© Martyn peter moore

EI-RZA, 27-Mar-2023
© Marco Blume

EI-HIM, 09-Mar-2023
© Richard Lewis Fuller

I-NEOZ, 20-Feb-2023
© Erik van der Eyken

EI-RZA, 17-Oct-2022
© Tony Smith

Sightings of Neos Fleet

RegistrationAircraft TypeDate SeenLocation
EI-RZBB737 MAX 808-07-2024Lanzarote
EI-RZAB737 MAX 807-07-2024Bologna
EI-RZEB737 MAX 822-06-2024Tenerife South
EI-RZBB737 MAX 822-06-2024Elmas
EI-GRJB737-80020-06-2024Palma De Mallorca
EI-RZBB737 MAX 813-06-2024Palma De Mallorca
EI-RZAB737 MAX 810-06-2024Rhodes Diagoras
EI-NEWB787-9 Dreamliner09-06-2024Rhodes Diagoras
EI-NYEB787-9 Dreamliner09-06-2024Rhodes Diagoras
EI-XINB787-9 Dreamliner07-06-2024Rhodes Diagoras

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Neos Fleet Information

The airline Neos is based in Italy, currently the airline uses the callsign: MOONFLOWER and has an active fleet size of 16 aircraft, the airline has a historic fleet size of 12. Neos flies with the IATA and ICAO codes of Neos / NO. We have been tracking Neos since the airline launched.