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Name: Spirit Airlines
Fleet size: 157

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N502NK2433Airbus A319 132At KMZJ (Marana)
N503NK2470Airbus A319 132At KMZJ (Marana)
N504NK2473Airbus A319 132At KMZJ (Marana)
N505NK2485Airbus A319 132At KMZJ (Marana)
N506NK2490Airbus A319 132At KMZJ (Marana)
N507NK2560Airbus A319 132At KMZJ (Marana)
N508NK2567Airbus A319 132At KMZJ (Marana)
N509NK2603Airbus A319 132At KMZJ (Marana)
N510NK2622Airbus A319 132At KMZJ (Marana)
N512NK2673Airbus A319 132At KMZJ (Marana)
N514NK2679Airbus A319 132At KMZJ (Marana)
N515NK2698Airbus A319 132Unknown Location
N516NK2704Airbus A319 132At KMZJ (Marana)
N517NK2711Airbus A319 132At KMZJ (Marana)
N519NK2723Airbus A319 132At KMZJ (Marana)
N521NK2797Airbus A319 132At KMZJ (Marana)
N522NK2893Airbus A319 132At KFLL (Fort Lauderdale)
N523NK2898Airbus A319 132At KDTW (Detroit)
N524NK2929Airbus A319 132At KMZJ (Marana)
N525NK2942Airbus A319 132At KMZJ (Marana)
N526NK2963Airbus A319 132Unknown Location
N527NK2978Airbus A319 132At KMZJ (Marana)
N528NK2983Airbus A319 132At KMZJ (Marana)
N529NK3007Airbus A319 132Unknown Location
N530NK3017Airbus A319 132At KMZJ (Marana)
N531NK3026Airbus A319 132At KMZJ (Marana)
N532NK3165Airbus A319 132At KMZJ (Marana)
N533NK3393Airbus A319 132At KACY (Atlantic City)
N534NK3395Airbus A319 132At KMCO (Orlando)
N535NK4403Airbus A319 133At KDFW (Dallas-Fort Worth)
N536NK4422Airbus A319 133At KDFW (Dallas-Fort Worth)
N601NK4206Airbus A320 232At KFLL (Fort Lauderdale)
N602NK4264Airbus A320 232At KDTW (Detroit)
N603NK4321Airbus A320 232At KBDL (Hartford)
N604NK4431Airbus A320 232At KIAH (Houston)
N605NK4548Airbus A320 232At KLAX (Los Angeles)
N606NK4592Airbus A320 232At KDTW (Detroit)
N607NK4595Airbus A320 232At KPIT (Pittsburgh)
N608NK4902Airbus A320 232At KBWI (Baltimore)
N609NK4951Airbus A320 232At KBWI (Baltimore)
N611NK4996Airbus A320 232At KORL (Orlando)
N612NK5029Airbus A320 232At KLAS (Las Vegas)
N613NK5042Airbus A320 232At KMCO (Orlando)
N614NK5132Airbus A320 232At KBWI (Baltimore)
N615NK5159Airbus A320 232At KSAN (San Diego)
N616NK5370Airbus A320 232At KACY (Atlantic City)
N617NK5387Airbus A320 232At KATL (Atlanta)
N618NK5458Airbus A320 232SLAt KAUS (Austin)
N619NK5517Airbus A320 232SLAt TJIG (San Juan)
N620NK5624Airbus A320 232SLAt KFLL (Fort Lauderdale)
N621NK5672Airbus A320 232SLAt KORD (Chicago)
N622NK5804Airbus A320 232SLAt KORD (Chicago)
N623NK5861Airbus A320 232SLAt KDTW (Detroit)
N624NK5880Airbus A320 232SLAt KEWR (Newark)
N625NK5954Airbus A320 232SLAt KLAS (Las Vegas)
N626NK5999Airbus A320 232SLAt KATL (Atlanta)
N627NK6082Airbus A320 232SLAt KLAX (Los Angeles)
N628NK6193Airbus A320 232SLAt KORD (Chicago)
N629NK6300Airbus A320 232SLAt KPHX (Phoenix)
N630NK6304Airbus A320 232SLAt KLAS (Las Vegas)
N631NK6327Airbus A320 232SLAt KDEN (Denver)
N632NK6331Airbus A320 232SLAt KLAX (Los Angeles)
N633NK6345Airbus A320 232SLAt KTPA (Tampa)
N634NK6370Airbus A320 232SLAt KDTW (Detroit)
N635NK6383Airbus A320 232SLAt KDFW (Dallas-Fort Worth)
N636NK6424Airbus A320 232SLAt KFLL (Fort Lauderdale)
N637NK6436Airbus A320 232SLAt KMCO (Orlando)
N638NK6463Airbus A320 232SLAt KCLE (Cleveland)
N639NK6487Airbus A320 232SLAt KMCO (Orlando)
N640NK6507Airbus A320 232SLAt KPHL (Philadelphia)
N641NK6566Airbus A320 232SLAt KCLE (Cleveland)
N642NK6586Airbus A320 232SLAt KATL (Atlanta)
N643NK6616Airbus A320 232SLAt KBOS (Boston)
N644NK7156Airbus A320 232SLAt KDFW (Dallas-Fort Worth)
N645NK7008Airbus A320 232SLAt KTPA (Tampa)
N646NK7062Airbus A320 232SLAt KCLE (Cleveland)
N647NK7635Airbus A320 232SLUnknown Location
N648NK7656Airbus A320 232SLAt KPHL (Philadelphia)
N649NK7679Airbus A320 232SLAt KORD (Chicago)
N650NK7724Airbus A320 232SLAt KLAS (Las Vegas)
N651NK8018Airbus A320 232SLAt KMYR (Myrtle Beach)
N652NK8021Airbus A320 232SLAt KBWI (Baltimore)
N653NK8012Airbus A320 232SLAt KORD (Chicago)
N654NK8176Airbus A320 232SLAt KMSY (New Orleans)
N655NK8376Airbus A320 232SLAt KORL (Orlando)
N656NK8400Airbus A320 232SLAt KTPA (Tampa)
N657NK6672Airbus A321 231SLAt KFLL (Fort Lauderdale)
N658NK6736Airbus A321 231SLAt KDTW (Detroit)
N659NK6770Airbus A321 231SLAt KORL (Orlando)
N660NK6804Airbus A321 231SLAt KDTW (Detroit)
N661NK6867Airbus A321 231SLAt KATL (Atlanta)
N662NK6897Airbus A321 231SLAt KMCO (Orlando)
N663NK6994Airbus A321 231SLAt KPHL (Philadelphia)
N664NK7021Airbus A321 231SLAt KFLL (Fort Lauderdale)
N665NK7045Airbus A321 231SLAt KORD (Chicago)
N667NK7058Airbus A321 231SLAt KFLL (Fort Lauderdale)
N668NK7135Airbus A321 231SLAt KFLL (Fort Lauderdale)
N669NK7296Airbus A321 231SLAt KATL (Atlanta)
N670NK7106Airbus A321 231SLAt KMCO (Orlando)
N671NK7246Airbus A321 231SLAt TJIG (San Juan)
N672NK7522Airbus A321 231SLAt KORD (Chicago)
N673NK7395Airbus A321 231SLAt KDTW (Detroit)
N674NK7462Airbus A321 231SLAt KDTW (Detroit)
N675NK7668Airbus A321 231SLAt KMCO (Orlando)
N676NK7734Airbus A321 231SLAt KLAX (Los Angeles)
N677NK7690Airbus A321 231SLFlying as NKS633
N678NK7857Airbus A321 231SLAt KEWR (Newark)
N679NK7825Airbus A321 231SLAt KDFW (Dallas-Fort Worth)
N680NK7870Airbus A321 231SLAt KDFW (Dallas-Fort Worth)
N681NK7908Airbus A321 231SLAt KEWR (Newark)
N682NK7957Airbus A321 231SLUnknown Location
N683NK8114Airbus A321 231SLUnknown Location
N684NK8047Airbus A321 231SLAt KFLL (Fort Lauderdale)
N685NK8115Airbus A321 231SLAt KLGA (New York)
N686NK8141Airbus A321 231SLAt KMCO (Orlando)
N687NK8160Airbus A321 231SLAt KDTW (Detroit)
N690NK8434Airbus A320 232SLAt KCMH (Columbus)
N691NK8614Airbus A320 232SLAt KIAH (Houston)
N692NK8611Airbus A320 232SLAt KORL (Orlando)
N693NK8659Airbus A320 232SLAt KBNA (Nashville)
N694NK8632Airbus A320 232SLAt KLAS (Las Vegas)
N695NK8696Airbus A320 232SLAt KORL (Orlando)
N696NK8824Airbus A320 232SLAt KIAH (Houston)
N697NK4305Airbus A320 232At KDAL (Dallas)
N698NK4270Airbus A320 232At KATL (Atlanta)
N901NK6833Airbus A320 271NSLAt KDTW (Detroit)
N902NK6907Airbus A320 271NSLAt KBWI (Baltimore)
N903NK7011Airbus A320 271NSLAt KFLL (Fort Lauderdale)
N904NK7094Airbus A320 271NSLAt KLAS (Las Vegas)
N905NK7334Airbus A320 271NSLAt KFLL (Fort Lauderdale)
N906NK7788Airbus A320 271NSLAt KTPA (Tampa)
N907NK8275Airbus A320 271NSLAt KPHL (Philadelphia)
N908NK8658Airbus A320 271NSLAt KFLL (Fort Lauderdale)
N910NK8668Airbus A320 271NSLAt KPIT (Pittsburgh)
N912NK8038Airbus A320 271NSLAt KFLL (Fort Lauderdale)
N913NK7757Airbus A320 271NSLAt KDFW (Dallas-Fort Worth)
N915NK7851Airbus A320 271NSLAt KLAS (Las Vegas)
N916NK9175Airbus A320 271NSLAt KDFW (Dallas-Fort Worth)
N917NK9179Airbus A320 271NSLAt KBWI (Baltimore)
N918NK9259Airbus A320 271NSLAt KDTW (Detroit)
N919NK9272Airbus A320 271NSLAt KACY (Atlantic City)
N920NK9273Airbus A320 271NSLAt KACY (Atlantic City)
N921NK9339Airbus A320 271NSLAt KMSY (New Orleans)
N922NK9341Airbus A320 271NSLAt KIAH (Houston)
N923NK9342Airbus A320 271NSLAt KORL (Orlando)
N924NK9405Airbus A320 271NSLFlying as NKS1127
N925NK9407Airbus A320 271NSLAt KLAS (Las Vegas)
N926NK9482Airbus A320 271NSLUnknown Location
N927NK9075Airbus A320 271NSLAt KACY (Atlantic City)
N928NK9152Airbus A320 271NSLAt KORL (Orlando)
N929NK9395Airbus A320 271NSLAt KATL (Atlanta)
N930NK9483Airbus A320 271NSLAt KFLL (Fort Lauderdale)
N931NK9548Airbus A320 271NSLAt KDTW (Detroit)
N932NK10008Airbus A320 271NSLAt KFLL (Fort Lauderdale)
N933NK10014Airbus A320 271NSLAt KHWD (Hayward)
N934NK10107Airbus A320 271NSLAt KIAH (Houston)
N935NK10108Airbus A320 271NSLAt KSNA (Santa Ana)

CallsignRegistrationTypeDeparture AirportArrival AirportDeparture TimeArrival TimeFlight Duration
(Las Vegas)
(Dallas-Fort Worth)
03:17 05-Dec-202005:31 05-Dec-202002:13View Playback
(Las Vegas)
02:55 05-Dec-202005:29 05-Dec-202002:33View Playback
03:35 05-Dec-202005:22 05-Dec-202001:46View Playback
(Los Angeles)
02:39 05-Dec-202005:21 05-Dec-202002:41View Playback
(Las Vegas)
01:45 05-Dec-202005:10 05-Dec-202003:24View Playback
(Las Vegas)
02:30 05-Dec-202005:05 05-Dec-202002:34View Playback
(Los Angeles)
01:17 05-Dec-202005:03 05-Dec-202003:45View Playback
04:54 05-Dec-2020--:--
(Fort Lauderdale)
(Dallas-Fort Worth)
02:07 05-Dec-202004:47 05-Dec-202002:39View Playback
(San Juan)
00:47 05-Dec-202004:41 05-Dec-202003:53View Playback

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