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Miami Air International Fleet List


Miami Air International Fleet List
Airline Name: Miami Air International
Active Fleet size: 2
Historic Fleet size: 25
Country: United States

Miami Air International Active Fleet

RegistrationSerialAircraft TypeLiveryStatus
N733MA30619Boeing B737-800Active
N749MA36434Boeing B737-800Active

Miami Air International Historic Fleet

RegistrationSerialAircraft TypeStatus
G-LFJB29051Boeing B737-800Inactive
G-OJSW28218Boeing B737-800Inactive
G-XLAC29051Boeing B737-800Inactive
G-XLAD29052Boeing B737-800Inactive
M-ABNG37247Boeing B737-800Inactive
N410BN21387Boeing B727-200Inactive
N732MA30618Boeing B737-800Inactive
N734MA30039Boeing B737-800Inactive
N735MA37260Boeing B737-800Inactive
N737AS30670Boeing B737-800Inactive
N738MA32799Boeing B737-800Inactive
N739MA30670Boeing B737-800Inactive
N740EH34596Boeing B737-800Inactive
N742MA30675Boeing B737-800Inactive
N748MA39094Boeing B737-800Inactive
N752MA28198Boeing B737-400Inactive
N753MA28053Boeing B737-400Inactive
N758MA37247Boeing B737-800Inactive
N770MA28647Boeing B737-800Inactive
N778MA34704Boeing B737-800Inactive
N799AS32799Boeing B737-800Inactive
N904MA29051Boeing B737-800Inactive
N906MA29052Boeing B737-800Inactive
N945MA49725McDonnell Douglas MD-87Inactive
N948MA49778McDonnell Douglas MD-87Inactive

Photos of Miami Air International Fleet

N758MA, 10-Jan-2020
© Jim Donten

N749MA, 22-Sep-2019
© Jim Donten

N738MA, 12-Sep-2019
© Jim Donten

N739MA, 30-Jan-2019
© John Haughian

N739MA, 15-Sep-2018
© Luis Vaz

N753MA, 03-Sep-2018
© Jim Donten

N739MA, 23-Jun-2018
© Luis Vaz

N732MA, 07-Aug-2017
© B.J. Maat

N733MA, 04-Feb-2017
© Jim Donten

N752MA, 07-Nov-2016
© Jim Donten

N752MA, 02-Nov-2016
© Kristof Souffriau

N733MA, 26-Aug-2016
© Christopher Huth

Sightings of Miami Air International Fleet

RegistrationAircraft TypeDate SeenLocation
N735MAB737-80015-02-2023Miami International
N733MAB737-80027-10-2022Marana Regional
N778MAB737-80010-02-2022Miami International
N770MAB737-80010-02-2022Opa Locka
N778MAB737-80010-02-2022Miami International
N735MAB737-80010-02-2022Miami International
N770MAB737-80010-02-2022Opa Locka
N735MAB737-80010-02-2022Miami International
N758MAB737-80028-02-2020New Chitose
N758MABoeing 737-8K510-01-2020Southwest Florida Intl
N758MABoeing 737 NG 8K5/W03-10-2019Manchester

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Miami Air International Fleet Information

The airline Miami Air International is based in United States, currently the airline uses the callsign: BISCAYNE and has an active fleet size of 2 aircraft, the airline has a historic fleet size of 25. Miami Air International flies with the IATA and ICAO codes of Miami Air International / LL. We have been tracking Miami Air International since the airline launched.