Airline Name: Malta Air
Active Fleet size: 142
Historic Fleet size: 2
Country: Malta

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RegistrationSerialAircraft TypeLiveryStatus
9H-QAA44782Boeing B737-800At LMML (Luqa)
9H-QAB44792Boeing B737-800At LEZL (Sevilla)
9H-QAC44789Boeing B737-800At LIME (Bergamo)
9H-QAD44813Boeing B737-800At EDDB (Berlin)
9H-QAE44812Boeing B737-800At LMML (Luqa)
9H-QAF44811Boeing B737-800At LFML (Marseille)
9H-QAG44815Boeing B737-800At LIMC (Milan)
9H-QAH44816Boeing B737-800At LIRA (Roma)
9H-QAI44814Boeing B737-800At LIMF (Torino)
9H-QAJ44817Boeing B737-800At ESSA (Stockholm)
9H-QAK44793Boeing B737-800At LIPE (Bologna)
9H-QAL44790Boeing B737-800At LFML (Marseille)
9H-QAM44794Boeing B737-800At LIMF (Torino)
9H-QAN44795Boeing B737-800At LIRA (Roma)
9H-QAO44691Boeing B737-800At LIRP (Pisa)
9H-QAP44689Boeing B737-800At LIPH (Treviso)
9H-QAQ44822Boeing B737-800At EDDB (Berlin)
9H-QAR44692Boeing B737-800At LIBP (Pescara)
9H-QAS44693Boeing B737-800At EDDK (Cologne)
9H-QAT44694Boeing B737-800Unknown Location
9H-QAU44800Boeing B737-800At LIME (Bergamo)
9H-QAV44696Boeing B737-800At EDDF (Frankfurt-am-Main)
9H-QAW44698Boeing B737-800At LIPE (Bologna)
9H-QAX44697Boeing B737-800At LIRF (Rome)
9H-QAY44699Boeing B737-800At LIPE (Bologna)
9H-QAZ44700Boeing B737-800At LIPE (Bologna)
9H-QBA44802Boeing B737-800At EGSS (London)
9H-QBB61576Boeing B737-800At EDDB (Berlin)
9H-QBC44803Boeing B737-800At EDDK (Cologne)
9H-QBD61579Boeing B737-800At LIPE (Bologna)
9H-QBE61577Boeing B737-800At LIME (Bergamo)
9H-QBF44801Boeing B737-800Unknown Location
9H-QBG44804Boeing B737-800At EDLV (Weeze)
9H-QBH44703Boeing B737-800At LIME (Bergamo)
9H-QBI44705Boeing B737-800At EDSB (Baden-Baden)
9H-QBJ44706Boeing B737-800At LIRF (Rome)
9H-QBK44707Boeing B737-800At EDDB (Berlin)
9H-QBL44709Boeing B737-800Vitoria: The Basque Connection (sticker)At LMML (Luqa)
9H-QBM44708Boeing B737-800At EDFH (Hahn)
9H-QBN44710Boeing B737-800At LIRP (Pisa)
9H-QBO44714Boeing B737-800At LIRF (Rome)
9H-QBP44715Boeing B737-800At EDDB (Berlin)
9H-QBQ44713Boeing B737-800At LICJ (Palermo)
9H-QBR44716Boeing B737-800At EDDK (Cologne)
9H-QBS44711Boeing B737-800At LFBD (Bordeaux/Merignac)
9H-QBT44717Boeing B737-800Unknown Location
9H-QBU44712Boeing B737-800At EDDK (Cologne)
9H-QBV44722Boeing B737-800Unknown Location
9H-QBW44719Boeing B737-800At LIRP (Pisa)
9H-QBX61580Boeing B737-800At LIMC (Milan)
9H-QBY44720Boeing B737-800At LIME (Bergamo)
9H-QBZ44721Boeing B737-800At LIRA (Roma)
9H-QCA44724Boeing B737-800At LIRF (Rome)
9H-QCB44723Boeing B737-800At EYKA (Kaunas)
9H-QCC44718Boeing B737-800Unknown Location
9H-QCD44727Boeing B737-800At EDDB (Berlin)
9H-QCE44730Boeing B737-800At LIRP (Pisa)
9H-QCF44725Boeing B737-800Pomorskie Seaside Story - GdaƄsk Airport (sticker)At LEZL (Sevilla)
9H-QCG44728Boeing B737-800Unknown Location
9H-QCH44731Boeing B737-800At EDDF (Frankfurt-am-Main)
9H-QCI44726Boeing B737-800Unknown Location
9H-QCJ62690Boeing B737-800At LIRA (Roma)
9H-QCK62691Boeing B737-800At LIRF (Rome)
9H-QCL44732Boeing B737-800Unknown Location
9H-QCM44737Boeing B737-800At EDDB (Berlin)
9H-QCN44833Boeing B737-800Cantabria (sticker)At EKBI (Billund)
9H-QCO44733Boeing B737-800At EDDB (Berlin)
9H-QCP44734Boeing B737-800Bydgoszcz torun/Kujawy Pomorze (sticker)Unknown Location
9H-QCQ44735Boeing B737-800Unknown Location
9H-QCR44741Boeing B737-800At LIME (Bergamo)
9H-QCS44744Boeing B737-800At LICJ (Palermo)
9H-QCT44742Boeing B737-800Gdansk City of Freedom (sticker)At LIME (Bergamo)
9H-QCU62692Boeing B737-800At LMML (Luqa)
9H-QCV44739Boeing B737-800At LIMC (Milan)
9H-QCW44745Boeing B737-800At EDLV (Weeze)
9H-QCX44740Boeing B737-800At ESSA (Stockholm)
9H-QCY44747Boeing B737-800At LFBD (Bordeaux/Merignac)
9H-QCZ44748Boeing B737-800At EDJA (Memmingen)
9H-QDA44750Boeing B737-800At LIRF (Rome)
9H-QDB44751Boeing B737-800At LFML (Marseille)
9H-QDC44752Boeing B737-800Unknown Location
9H-QDD44753Boeing B737-800At LIRP (Pisa)
9H-QDE44754Boeing B737-800At LIPE (Bologna)
9H-QDF44755Boeing B737-800At LFBO (Toulouse/Blagnac)
9H-QDG44756Boeing B737-800Unknown Location
9H-QDH44757Boeing B737-800At LIPE (Bologna)
9H-QDI44758Boeing B737-800At EDDF (Frankfurt-am-Main)
9H-QDJ44759Boeing B737-800At LIME (Bergamo)
9H-QDK44760Boeing B737-800At LIPE (Bologna)
9H-QDL44761Boeing B737-800At LIME (Bergamo)
9H-QDM44762Boeing B737-800At LMML (Luqa)
9H-QDN44763Boeing B737-800Bydgoszcz torun/Kujawy Pomorze (sticker)At EDLV (Weeze)
9H-QDO44764Boeing B737-800At LICJ (Palermo)
9H-QDP44765Boeing B737-800Vitoria: The Basque Connection (sticker)At LIRP (Pisa)
9H-QDQ44766Boeing B737-800Unknown Location
9H-QDR44767Boeing B737-800At LIRA (Roma)
9H-QDS44768Boeing B737-800At LIRF (Rome)
9H-QDT44769Boeing B737-800At LIRF (Rome)
9H-QDU44770Boeing B737-800At EDFH (Hahn)
9H-QDV44771Boeing B737-800At LIMF (Torino)
9H-QDW44772Boeing B737-800At EDFH (Hahn)
9H-QDX44773Boeing B737-800At LIMC (Milan)
9H-QDY44781Boeing B737-800At EKBI (Billund)
9H-QDZ44788Boeing B737-800Unknown Location
9H-QEA44784Boeing B737-800Unknown Location
9H-QEB44808Boeing B737-800At EDSB (Baden-Baden)
9H-QEC44818Boeing B737-800At EDJA (Memmingen)
9H-QED44820Boeing B737-800At LIME (Bergamo)
9H-QEE44819Boeing B737-800At LIPH (Treviso)
9H-QEF44824Boeing B737-800At LMML (Luqa)
9H-QEG44821Boeing B737-800At LROP (Bucharest)
9H-QEH44823Boeing B737-800Unknown Location
9H-QEI44828Boeing B737-800At EDDB (Berlin)
9H-QEJ44829Boeing B737-800At LIME (Bergamo)
9H-QEK44830Boeing B737-800At LIME (Bergamo)
9H-QEL44831Boeing B737-800At LIRA (Roma)
9H-QEM44825Boeing B737-800At EDDF (Frankfurt-am-Main)
9H-QEN44827Boeing B737-800At LFML (Marseille)
9H-QEO44838Boeing B737-800At EDDF (Frankfurt-am-Main)
9H-QEP44834Boeing B737-800At LROP (Bucharest)
9H-VUA65874Boeing B737 MAX 8At LIME (Bergamo)
9H-VUB65877Boeing B737 MAX 8At LIME (Bergamo)
9H-VUC62328Boeing B737 MAX 8At LICJ (Palermo)
9H-VUD65878Boeing B737 MAX 8At LIME (Bergamo)
9H-VUE65876Boeing B737 MAX 8At LIME (Bergamo)
9H-VUF65082Boeing B737 MAX 8At LFOB (Beauvais/Tille)
9H-VUG65077Boeing B737 MAX 8At LIME (Bergamo)
9H-VUH62303Boeing B737 MAX 8At LIPE (Bologna)
9H-VUI62302Boeing B737 MAX 8At LIMC (Milan)
9H-VUJ62300Boeing B737 MAX 8At LIME (Bergamo)
9H-VUK62321Boeing B737 MAX 8Unknown Location
9H-VUL62332Boeing B737 MAX 8At LIME (Bergamo)
9H-VUM65084Boeing B737 MAX 8At LIPE (Bologna)
9H-VUN65886Boeing B737 MAX 8Unknown Location
9H-VUO65884Boeing B737 MAX 8At LIME (Bergamo)
9H-VUP62334Boeing B737 MAX 8At LIME (Bergamo)
9H-VUQ65885Boeing B737 MAX 8At LIPE (Bologna)
9H-VUR62325Boeing B737 MAX 8At LIME (Bergamo)
9H-VUS62326Boeing B737 MAX 8At LFOB (Beauvais/Tille)
9H-VUT65882Boeing B737 MAX 8At LIMC (Milan)
9H-VUU65883Boeing B737 MAX 8At LIMC (Milan)
9H-VUV62331Boeing B737 MAX 8At LIME (Bergamo)

9H-65882Boeing B737 MAX 8
9H-VUDBoeing B737 MAX 8

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