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Lufthansa Cargo Airlines Fleet List


Airline Name: Lufthansa Cargo Airlines
Active Fleet size: 18
Historic Fleet size: 31
Country: Germany

Active Fleet

RegistrationSerialAircraft TypeLiveryStatus
D-AEUA1988Airbus A321-200Active
D-AEUC3504Airbus A321-200Active
D-AEUI5126Airbus A321-200Active
D-AEUJ5133Airbus A321-200Active
D-ALFA41674Boeing B777-200LRActive
D-ALFB41675Boeing B777-200LRActive
D-ALFC41676Boeing B777-200LRActive
D-ALFD41677Boeing B777-200LRActive
D-ALFE41678Boeing B777-200LRActive
D-ALFF66089Boeing B777-200LRActive
D-ALFG66090Boeing B777-200LRFlying More Sustainably/Sharkskin Technology (sticker)Active
D-ALFH66911Boeing B777-200LRActive
D-ALFI66912Boeing B777-200LRCargo Human CareActive
D-ALFJ35612Boeing B777-200LRActive
D-ALFK67146Boeing B777-200LRActive
N646FE48785McDonnell Douglas MD-11Active
N647FE48798McDonnell Douglas MD-11Active
N648FE48802McDonnell Douglas MD-11Active

Historic Fleet

RegistrationSerialAircraft TypeStatus
D-ABGE20257Boeing B737-200Inactive
D-ABHE20258Boeing B737-200Inactive
D-ABWS23811Boeing B737-300Inactive
D-ABYT22363Boeing B747-200Inactive
D-ABYU22668Boeing B747-200Inactive
D-ABYW22669Boeing B747-200Inactive
D-ABYY22671Boeing B747-200Inactive
D-ABYZ23286Boeing B747-200Inactive
D-ABZA23287Boeing B747-200Inactive
D-ABZB23348Boeing B747-200Inactive
D-ABZC23393Boeing B747-200Inactive
D-ABZF23621Boeing B747-200Inactive
D-ABZI24138Boeing B747-200Inactive
D-ALCA48781McDonnell Douglas MD-11Inactive
D-ALCB48782McDonnell Douglas MD-11Inactive
D-ALCC48783McDonnell Douglas MD-11Inactive
D-ALCD48784McDonnell Douglas MD-11Inactive
D-ALCG48799McDonnell Douglas MD-11Inactive
D-ALCI48800McDonnell Douglas MD-11Inactive
D-ALCK48803McDonnell Douglas MD-11Inactive
D-ALCL48804McDonnell Douglas MD-11Inactive
D-ALCO48413McDonnell Douglas MD-11Inactive
D-ALCP48414McDonnell Douglas MD-11Inactive
D-ALCQ48431McDonnell Douglas MD-11Inactive
D-ALCR48581McDonnell Douglas MD-11Inactive
D-ALCS48630McDonnell Douglas MD-11Inactive
D-ALFLBoeing B777-200LRInactive
N112WA47820Douglas DC-10Inactive
N738BC48805McDonnell Douglas MD-11Inactive
N742BC48806McDonnell Douglas MD-11Inactive
TF-ABE23122Boeing B737-200Inactive

Photos of Lufthansa Cargo Airlines Aircraft

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D-ALFE, 08-Jan-2024
© Luc Verkuringen

D-AEUC, 16-Jun-2023
© Graham johnson

D-ALFB, 15-Jun-2023
© Christopher Huth

D-ALFF, 15-Jun-2023
© Christopher Huth

D-AEUC, 24-May-2023
© Sharanpal Gill

D-ALFD, 18-May-2023
© Erik van der Eyken

D-ALFG, 18-May-2023
© Erik van der Eyken

D-ALFF, 17-May-2023
© Erik van der Eyken

D-ALFK, 17-May-2023
© Erik van der Eyken

D-ALFI, 16-May-2023
© Erik van der Eyken

D-ALFF, 15-Apr-2023
© Richard Lewis Fuller

D-ALFJ, 08-Apr-2023
© Franz Köppl