Airline Name: Los Angeles County Sheriffs Department
Active Fleet size: 19
Historic Fleet size: 2

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RegistrationSerialAircraft TypeLiveryStatus
N950LA4930Eurocopter AS-350/550At KVNY (Van Nuys)
N950MBBB-1372Beech Beech 1300 CommuterAt KPOC (La Verne)
N950SG9007Eurocopter AS-332 Super PumaAt KLGB (Long Beach)
N951LA4933Eurocopter AS-350/550At KCRQ (Carlsbad)
N951LB9003Eurocopter AS-332 Super PumaAt KBLI (Bellingham)
N952JH9004Eurocopter AS-332 Super PumaUnknown Location
N953LA4990Eurocopter AS-350/550At KLGB (Long Beach)
N954LA4999Eurocopter AS-350/550At KLGB (Long Beach)
N955LA7018Eurocopter AS-350/550At KLGB (Long Beach)
N956LA7047Eurocopter AS-350/550At KLAX (Los Angeles)
N957LA7072Eurocopter AS-350/550At KLGB (Long Beach)
N958LA7085Eurocopter AS-350/550At KCRQ (Carlsbad)
N959LA7092Eurocopter AS-350/550At KBUR (Burbank)
N960LA7120Eurocopter AS-350/550At KLGB (Long Beach)
N961LA7129Eurocopter AS-350/550At KBUR (Burbank)
N961SD3516Eurocopter AS-350/550At KRIV (Riverside)
N962LA7009Eurocopter AS-350/550At KLGB (Long Beach)
N963SD3579Eurocopter AS-350/550Unknown Location
N966SD3637Eurocopter AS-350/550At KSLI (Los Alamitos)

N6330C21063866Cessna 210N
N732WQ21061836Cessna T210M

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