Airline Name: Leading Edge Aviation
Active Fleet size: 20
Historic Fleet size: 5

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RegistrationSerialAircraft TypeLiveryStatus
G-CTCG42.046Diamond Aircraft DA-42At EGTK (Kidlington)
G-LDGA42.N053Diamond Aircraft DA-42Unknown Location
G-LDGB40.N296Diamond Aircraft DA-40At EGTC (Cranfield)
G-LDGCD4.252Diamond Aircraft DA-40Unknown Location
G-LDGD40.DS002Diamond Aircraft DA-40At EGTC (Cranfield)
G-LDGF42.N257Diamond Aircraft DA-42At EGTK (Kidlington)
G-LDGG42.N436Diamond Aircraft DA-42At EGTK (Kidlington)
G-LDGH40.N559Diamond Aircraft DA-40At EGUD (Abingdon)
G-LDGU2042Slingsby FireflyUnknown Location
G-PLIP40.DS004Diamond Aircraft DA-40Unknown Location
N117LE11714Robinson R44 Raven IIUnknown Location
N1850XBB-946Beech Beech 1300 CommuterUnknown Location
N219LE11219Robinson R44 Raven IIUnknown Location
N223TPBB-1348Beech Beech 1300 CommuterAt KTZR (Columbus)
N407WF54337Bell 407At KBDN (Bend)
N410TD54336Bell 407At KBDN (Bend)
N516LE45162Bell AB-206 JetRangerAt KRDM (Redmond)
N5739V3025Bell AB-206 JetRangerUnknown Location
N601GM45638Bell AB-206 JetRangerUnknown Location
N7468111211Robinson R44 Raven IIUnknown Location

N203LE11203Robinson R44 Raven II
N316CF2264Bell AB-206 JetRanger
N460LE4060Robinson R22 Beta II
N7425T11192Robinson R44 Raven II
N807LE10807Robinson R44 Raven II

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