Airline Name:
Active Fleet size: 9
Historic Fleet size: 21
Country: South Africa

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RegistrationSerialAircraft TypeLiveryStatus
N374AV28374Boeing B737-800At KMIA (Miami)
ZS-OAP24167Boeing B737-400Flying 102Unknown Location
ZS-ZWA40851Boeing B737-800At FACT (Cape Town)
ZS-ZWB40852Boeing B737-800Unknown Location
ZS-ZWC40853Boeing B737-800At FACT (Cape Town)
ZS-ZWD40855Boeing B737-800At FAGM (Johannesburg)
ZS-ZWE40854Boeing B737-800At FAGM (Johannesburg)
ZS-ZWF40856Boeing B737-800At FACT (Cape Town)
ZS-ZWO28373Boeing B737-800At FAGM (Johannesburg)

PH-HZM30392Boeing B737-800
ZS-NNH21797Boeing B737-200
ZS-OAF25116Boeing B737-400
ZS-OAG27168Boeing B737-400
ZS-OAM24164Boeing B737-400
ZS-OAO24163Boeing B737-400
ZS-OBF48019McDonnell Douglas MD-82
ZS-OBG48020McDonnell Douglas MD-82
ZS-OBH48059McDonnell Douglas MD-82
ZS-OBK49115McDonnell Douglas MD-82
ZS-OBL49164McDonnell Douglas MD-82
ZS-OPU48021McDonnell Douglas MD-82
ZS-OTF25305Boeing B737-400
ZS-OTG25840Boeing B737-400
ZS-OTH25841Boeing B737-400
ZS-SIP22116Boeing B737-200
ZS-ZWP28612Boeing B737-800
ZS-ZWQ28374Boeing B737-800
ZS-ZWR28382Boeing B737-800
ZS-ZWS32732Boeing B737-800
ZS-ZWT27990Boeing B737-800

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