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Kam Air Fleet List


Kam Air Fleet List
Airline Name: Kam Air
Active Fleet size: 17
Historic Fleet size: 39
Country: Afghanistan

Kam Air Active Fleet

RegistrationSerialAircraft TypeLiveryStatus
UR-UWW25182Boeing B737-500Active
YA-KAA668Airbus A340-30020 Years In The Sky (sticker)Active
YA-KMC28399Boeing B737-300Active
YA-KMD49785McDonnell Douglas MD-83Active
YA-KME318Airbus A340-300Active
YA-KMF49704McDonnell Douglas MD-82Active
YA-KMG49567McDonnell Douglas MD-83Active
YA-KMH387Airbus A340-300Active
YA-KMJ27712Boeing B737-30020 Years In The Sky (sticker)Active
YA-KMK27711Boeing B737-300Active
YA-KML27709Boeing B737-30020 Years In The Sky (sticker)Active
YA-KMM27717Boeing B737-300Active
YA-KMN28915Boeing B737-50020 Years In The SkyActive
YA-KMT278Airbus A340-300Active
YA-KMU302Airbus A340-30020 Years In The Sky (sticker)Active
YA-KMV27930Boeing B737-300Active
YA-WTA207Airbus A340-300Active

Kam Air Historic Fleet

RegistrationSerialAircraft TypeStatus
2-GJSA574Avions de Transport Regional ATR-42-500Inactive
4L-MRK25171Boeing B747-200Inactive
4L-TZS24576Boeing B747-200Inactive
A6-AVA22650Boeing B737-200Inactive
A9C-BAU4055Airbus A320-200Inactive
ES-MBD29267Boeing B737-300Inactive
EX-03722075Boeing B737-200Inactive
EX-04722074Boeing B737-200Inactive
EX-04822395Boeing B737-200Inactive
EX-06723280Boeing B767-200Inactive
EX-73623517Boeing B737-200Inactive
EY-53523937Boeing B737-300Inactive
J2-KCF21090Boeing B727-200Inactive
N408KA408-0009Textron Aviation Cessna 408 SkyCourierInactive
N738LC17270053Cessna 172NInactive
TC-AAB28620Boeing B737-800Inactive
TC-APU29344Boeing B737-800Inactive
UP-A4002280Airbus A340-300Inactive
UR-BAA28052Boeing B737-500Inactive
UR-COB53187McDonnell Douglas MD-83Inactive
UR-COC49808McDonnell Douglas MD-83Inactive
UR-COO53623McDonnell Douglas MD-83Inactive
UR-CSX25534Boeing B767-300Inactive
UR-ELV242Saab Saab 340Inactive
UR-ELV340B-242Saab Saab 340Inactive
YA-GAA18798Boeing B727-500Inactive
YA-GAB22650Boeing B737-200Inactive
YA-GAC22074Boeing B737-200Inactive
YA-GAD22702Boeing B727-200Inactive
YA-GAE23519Boeing B737-200Inactive
YA-KAM21879Boeing B767-200Inactive
YA-KMA480Airbus A320-200Inactive
YA-KMJ27711Boeing B737-300Inactive
YA-KML29267Boeing B737-300Inactive
YA-KMN27126Boeing B737-300Inactive
YA-KMO53010McDonnell Douglas MD-87Inactive
YA-KMS28052Boeing B737-500Inactive
YA-KMZ53337McDonnell Douglas MD-87Inactive
YA-VIC46126Douglas DC-8-60Inactive

Photos of Kam Air Fleet

YA-KMQ, 12-Mar-2021
© Marco Blume

YA-KMP, 12-Mar-2021
© Marco Blume

Sightings of Kam Air Fleet

RegistrationAircraft TypeDate SeenLocation
YA-KMUAirbus A340-31316-08-2023Queen Alia Intl
YA-KMUA340-30011-06-2022Dubai Intl
YA-KMPATR 42-50013-03-2021Monchengladbach
YA-KMQATR 42-50013-03-2021Monchengladbach
YA-KMQATR 42-50012-03-2021Monchengladbach
YA-KMPATR 42-50012-03-2021Dusseldorf
YA-KMHA340-31329-02-2020Indira Gandhi Intl
YA-KMFMcDonnell Douglas MD-8205-10-2013Dubai Intl
YA-VIBDC-8-63(F)14-11-2011Ras Al Khaimah Intl

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Kam Air Fleet Information

The airline Kam Air is based in Afghanistan, currently the airline uses the callsign: KAMGAR and has an active fleet size of 17 aircraft, the airline has a historic fleet size of 39. Kam Air flies with the IATA and ICAO codes of Kam Air / RQ. We have been tracking Kam Air since the airline launched.