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Kalitta Charters II Fleet List


Kalitta Charters II Fleet List
Airline Name: Kalitta Charters II
Active Fleet size: 19
Historic Fleet size: 14
Country: United States

Kalitta Charters II Active Fleet

RegistrationSerialAircraft TypeLiveryStatus
N295CL26295Boeing B737-300Active
N311GT26316Boeing B737-400Active
N331CK23747Boeing B737-300Active
N332CK23707Boeing B737-300Active
N335CK26072Boeing B737-300Active
N336CK26070Boeing B737-300Active
N337CK25173Boeing B737-300Active
N375CK28084Boeing B737-500Active
N403CK26280Boeing B737-400Active
N405CK25407Boeing B737-400Active
N406CK28752Boeing B737-400Active
N724CK20383Boeing B727-200Active
N725CK22252Boeing B727-200Active
N726CK21951Boeing B727-200Active
N729CK22982Boeing B727-200Active
N730CK26437Boeing B737-400Active
N732CK24271Boeing B737-400Active
N733CK25849Boeing B737-400Active
N734CK25858Boeing B737-400Active

Kalitta Charters II Historic Fleet

RegistrationSerialAircraft TypeStatus
N129AC26280Boeing B737-400Inactive
N166DE47152Douglas DC-9-10Inactive
N300SV25173Boeing B737-300Inactive
N325FL28325Boeing B737-800Inactive
N326FL28326Boeing B737-800Inactive
N706JP19835Boeing B727-300Inactive
N720CK21298Boeing B727-200Inactive
N722CK20948Boeing B727-200Inactive
N723CK20545Boeing B727-200Inactive
N752DH22466Boeing B727-200Inactive
N915CK47086Douglas DC-9-10Inactive
N915R47086Douglas DC-9-10Inactive
N916CK47291Douglas DC-9-30Inactive
N917CK47152Douglas DC-9-10Inactive

Photos of Kalitta Charters II Fleet

N332CK, 02-Mar-2021
© Jim Donten

N332CK, 01-Mar-2021
© Jim Donten

Sightings of Kalitta Charters II Fleet

RegistrationAircraft TypeDate SeenLocation
N733CKB737-40023-03-2024Cincinnati Northern Kentucky Intl
N734CKB737-40023-03-2024Cincinnati Northern Kentucky Intl
N403CKB737-40023-03-2024Cincinnati Northern Kentucky Intl
N405CKB737-40021-03-2024Miami International
N729CKB727-20025-10-2023Cincinnati Northern Kentucky Intl
N732CKB737-40024-10-2023Cincinnati Northern Kentucky Intl
N732CKB737-40008-09-2023Bradley Intl
N332CKB737-30009-05-2023Miami International
N332CKB737-30008-05-2023Miami International
N332CKBoeing 737-37502-03-2021Southwest Florida Intl
N332CKBoeing 737-37501-03-2021Southwest Florida Intl
N733CKB737-40031-03-2019Los Angeles Intl

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Kalitta Charters II Fleet Information

The airline Kalitta Charters II is based in United States, currently the airline uses the callsign: DRAGSTER and has an active fleet size of 19 aircraft, the airline has a historic fleet size of 14. Kalitta Charters II flies with the IATA and ICAO codes of Kalitta Charters II / CB. We have been tracking Kalitta Charters II since the airline launched.