Airline Name: Jetstar Airways
Active Fleet size: 71
Historic Fleet size: 53

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RegistrationSerialAircraft TypeLiveryStatus
VH-OFE9540Airbus A321neoUnknown Location
VH-OFL10353Airbus A321neoUnknown Location
VH-SBW599Bombardier DHC-8-300 Dash 8Unknown Location
VH-VFD4922Airbus A320-200At NZAA (Auckland)
VH-VFF5039Airbus A320-200At YSSY (Sydney)
VH-VFH5211Airbus A320-200Unknown Location
VH-VFI5270Airbus A320-200Flying as JST673
VH-VFJ5311Airbus A320-200At YBBN (Brisbane)
VH-VFK5334Airbus A320-200At YMML (Melbourne)
VH-VFL5489Airbus A320-200At YMML (Melbourne)
VH-VFN5566Airbus A320-200At YSSY (Sydney)
VH-VFO5631Airbus A320-200At YMML (Melbourne)
VH-VFP5775Airbus A320-200At YMML (Melbourne)
VH-VFQ5780Airbus A320-200At YBCG (Gold Coast)
VH-VFT5532Airbus A320-200At NZAA (Auckland)
VH-VFU5814Airbus A320-200At NZCH (Christchurch)
VH-VFV5858Airbus A320-200Unknown Location
VH-VFX5871Airbus A320-200At YSSY (Sydney)
VH-VFY6362Airbus A320-200At YSSY (Sydney)
VH-VGA4899Airbus A320-200At YSSY (Sydney)
VH-VGD4527Airbus A320-200At YBCG (Gold Coast)
VH-VGF4497Airbus A320-20010th Anniversary/#jetstargenerationAt YMML (Melbourne)
VH-VGH4495Airbus A320-200At WSSS (Singapore)
VH-VGI4466Airbus A320-200At YMML (Melbourne)
VH-VGJ4460Airbus A320-200At YBCG (Gold Coast)
VH-VGN4434Airbus A320-200At YSSY (Sydney)
VH-VGO4356Airbus A320-200At YSSY (Sydney)
VH-VGP4343Airbus A320-200At YSSY (Sydney)
VH-VGQ4303Airbus A320-200At YPAD (Adelaide)
VH-VGR4257Airbus A320-200Unknown Location
VH-VGT4178Airbus A320-200Unknown Location
VH-VGU4245Airbus A320-200At YMAV (Melbourne)
VH-VGV4229Airbus A320-200At YSSY (Sydney)
VH-VGY4177Airbus A320-200Unknown Location
VH-VGZ3917Airbus A320-200At YMML (Melbourne)
VH-VKA36227Boeing B787-8 DreamlinerUnknown Location
VH-VKB36228Boeing B787-8 DreamlinerUnknown Location
VH-VKD36229Boeing B787-8 DreamlinerUnknown Location
VH-VKE36230Boeing B787-8 DreamlinerUnknown Location
VH-VKF36231Boeing B787-8 DreamlinerUnknown Location
VH-VKG36232Boeing B787-8 DreamlinerUnknown Location
VH-VKH36233Boeing B787-8 DreamlinerAt YSSY (Sydney)
VH-VKI36235Boeing B787-8 DreamlinerAt YMML (Melbourne)
VH-VKJ36236Boeing B787-8 DreamlinerUnknown Location
VH-VKK36237Boeing B787-8 DreamlinerUnknown Location
VH-VKL36238Boeing B787-8 DreamlinerAt YSSY (Sydney)
VH-VQA3783Airbus A320-200At YBBN (Brisbane)
VH-VQC3668Airbus A320-200At YSSY (Sydney)
VH-VQE3495Airbus A320-200Flying as JST970
VH-VQF3474Airbus A320-200At YMML (Melbourne)
VH-VQG2787Airbus A320-200Unknown Location
VH-VQH2766Airbus A320-200At YMML (Melbourne)
VH-VQJ2703Airbus A320-200Unknown Location
VH-VQK2651Airbus A320-200At YMML (Melbourne)
VH-VQL2642Airbus A320-200At YMML (Melbourne)
VH-VQM2608Airbus A320-200At YPAD (Adelaide)
VH-VQP2573Airbus A320-200At YMML (Melbourne)
VH-VQQ2537Airbus A320-200At YBBN (Brisbane)
VH-VQR2526Airbus A320-200At YPAD (Adelaide)
VH-VQW2329Airbus A320-200At YMML (Melbourne)
VH-VQZ2292Airbus A320-200At YPAD (Adelaide)
VH-VWN7438Airbus A321-200At YMML (Melbourne)
VH-VWQ7384Airbus A321-200At YMML (Melbourne)
VH-VWT3717Airbus A321-200At YSSY (Sydney)
VH-VWU3948Airbus A321-200At YSSY (Sydney)
VH-VWW3916Airbus A321-200At YMML (Melbourne)
VH-VWX3899Airbus A321-200At WSSS (Singapore)
VH-VWY1408Airbus A321-200At YSSY (Sydney)
VH-VWZ1195Airbus A321-200At WSSL (Seletar)
VH-XJE2423Airbus A320-200At WSSL (Seletar)
VH-XSJ5482Airbus A320-200At YMML (Melbourne)

VH-EBA508Airbus A330-200
VH-EBB522Airbus A330-200
VH-EBC506Airbus A330-200
VH-EBD513Airbus A330-200
VH-EBE842Airbus A330-200
VH-EBF853Airbus A330-200
VH-EBJ940Airbus A330-200
VH-EBK945Airbus A330-200
VH-EBQ1198Airbus A330-200
VH-EBR1251Airbus A330-200
VH-EBS1258Airbus A330-200
VH-IMD55055Boeing B717-200
VH-IMP55054Boeing B717-200
VH-JQE2457Airbus A320-200
VH-JQG2169Airbus A320-200
VH-JQH2453Airbus A320-200
VH-JQL2185Airbus A320-200
VH-JQW2423Airbus A320-200
VH-JQX2197Airbus A320-200
VH-LAX55057Boeing B717-200
VH-SBI605De Havilland Canada DHC-8-300 Dash 8
VH-TQD598De Havilland Canada DHC-8-300 Dash 8
VH-TQK600De Havilland Canada DHC-8-300 Dash 8
VH-TQL603De Havilland Canada DHC-8-300 Dash 8
VH-TQM604De Havilland Canada DHC-8-300 Dash 8
VH-VQA55001Boeing B717-200
VH-VQA2604Airbus A320-200
VH-VQB55002Boeing B717-200
VH-VQB3743Airbus A320-200
VH-VQC55151Boeing B717-200
VH-VQD55062Boeing B717-200
VH-VQD3547Airbus A320-200
VH-VQE55063Boeing B717-200
VH-VQF55092Boeing B717-200
VH-VQG55093Boeing B717-200
VH-VQH55094Boeing B717-200
VH-VQI55095Boeing B717-200
VH-VQI2717Airbus A320-200
VH-VQJ55096Boeing B717-200
VH-VQK55097Boeing B717-200
VH-VQN2600Airbus A320-200
VH-VQO2587Airbus A320-200
VH-VQS2515Airbus A320-200
VH-VQT2475Airbus A320-200
VH-VQU2455Airbus A320-200
VH-VQV2338Airbus A320-200
VH-VQX2322Airbus A320-200
VH-VQY2299Airbus A320-200
VH-YQF55092Boeing B717-200
VH-YQG55093Boeing B717-200
VH-YQH55094Boeing B717-200
VH-YQI55095Boeing B717-200
VH-YQJ55096Boeing B717-200

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