Airline Name: Jet Edge
Active Fleet size: 60
Historic Fleet size: 52

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RegistrationSerialAircraft TypeLiveryStatus
N102JE1385Gulfstream Aerospace G-4 Gulfstream 4At KILG (Wilmington)
N105ST5170Gulfstream Aerospace G550At KMKE (Milwaukee)
N113PG152Gulfstream Aerospace G200Unknown Location
N126HR5436Gulfstream Aerospace G550Unknown Location
N130JE1398Gulfstream Aerospace G-4 Gulfstream 4At KVNY (Van Nuys)
N131JE1408Gulfstream Aerospace G-4 Gulfstream 4At KTEB (Teterboro)
N131YF4138Gulfstream Aerospace G450At KSJC (San Jose)
N132JE1403Gulfstream Aerospace G-4 Gulfstream 4Flying as EDG403
N144PK1210Gulfstream Aerospace G-4 Gulfstream 4At KDVT (Phoenix)
N15Y1318Gulfstream Aerospace G-4 Gulfstream 4At KEWR (Newark)
N188ES629Gulfstream Aerospace G-5 Gulfstream 5At KSLC (Salt Lake City)
N193BKHA-0193Hawker Beechcraft Corp Hawker 900XPAt KPVU (Provo)
N206FS2198Gulfstream Aerospace G280Unknown Location
N218JE1436Gulfstream Aerospace G-4 Gulfstream 4At KIAD (Washington)
N226RS1479Gulfstream Aerospace G-4 Gulfstream 4At KSNA (Santa Ana)
N228SS9124Bombardier BD-700 Global ExpressUnknown Location
N22GU60-022Bombardier Learjet 60Unknown Location
N245BK2038Gulfstream Aerospace G280Unknown Location
N25GV591Gulfstream Aerospace G-5 Gulfstream 5Unknown Location
N307HR2098Gulfstream Aerospace G280Flying as N307HR
N319FS5621Gulfstream Aerospace G550Unknown Location
N396U1350Gulfstream Aerospace G-4 Gulfstream 4At KIND (Indianapolis)
N400FJ1494Gulfstream Aerospace G-4 Gulfstream 4At KTEB (Teterboro)
N445BJ1254Gulfstream Aerospace G-4 Gulfstream 4At KOPF (Miami)
N46HA91Dassault Falcon 2000At KEWR (Newark)
N471BK2212Gulfstream Aerospace G280Unknown Location
N481SC1313Gulfstream Aerospace G-4 Gulfstream 4At KVNY (Van Nuys)
N491EC1491Gulfstream Aerospace G-4 Gulfstream 4At KLNK (Lincoln)
N516PL6015Gulfstream Aerospace G650At KLAS (Las Vegas)
N550NM5122Gulfstream Aerospace G550At KTEB (Teterboro)
N55BM560Gulfstream Aerospace G-5 Gulfstream 5At KVNY (Van Nuys)
N55GV515Gulfstream Aerospace G-5 Gulfstream 5Unknown Location
N600TN145505Embraer Legacy 600Unknown Location
N622GK4164Gulfstream Aerospace G450At KHND (Las Vegas)
N626JJ4161Gulfstream Aerospace G450At KALN (Alton/St Louis)
N630TS71Dassault Falcon 2000At KLAX (Los Angeles)
N650TB14501204Embraer Legacy 650Unknown Location
N680059010Bombardier BD-700 Global ExpressAt LFMN (Nice)
N70CR20048Bombardier BD-100 Challenger 300Flying as EDG70
N770KS1093Gulfstream Aerospace G-4 Gulfstream 4Unknown Location
N776RB585Gulfstream Aerospace G-5 Gulfstream 5At KDAL (Dallas)
N780KS5091Gulfstream Aerospace G550At KTEB (Teterboro)
N787GP655Gulfstream Aerospace G-5 Gulfstream 5Unknown Location
N789RR9387Bombardier BD-700 Global ExpressAt EGHH (Bournemouth)
N800HH1440Gulfstream Aerospace G-4 Gulfstream 4Flying as EDG800
N801HH656Gulfstream Aerospace G-5 Gulfstream 5Flying as EDG10
N805FT1374Gulfstream Aerospace G-4 Gulfstream 4At KVNY (Van Nuys)
N834BZ29102Boeing B737-700Unknown Location
N835BZ29866Boeing B737-700At KVNY (Van Nuys)
N857ST1345Gulfstream Aerospace G-4 Gulfstream 4At CYHM (Hamilton)
N86MS1406Gulfstream Aerospace G-4 Gulfstream 4At KOPF (Miami)
N884SG5319Gulfstream Aerospace G550At KABE (Allentown)
N885GM5046Gulfstream Aerospace G550At KAUS (Austin)
N913HH4083Gulfstream Aerospace G450Unknown Location
N945GS1384Gulfstream Aerospace G-4 Gulfstream 4At LFPG (Paris)
N94FT2091Gulfstream Aerospace G280Unknown Location
N960JS1521Gulfstream Aerospace G400At KLAX (Los Angeles)
N96FT2120Gulfstream Aerospace G280At KHND (Las Vegas)
N97FT5498Gulfstream Aerospace G550Unknown Location
N999AH1195Gulfstream Aerospace G-4 Gulfstream 4At KVNY (Van Nuys)

N104AD1406Gulfstream Aerospace G-4 Gulfstream 4
N12269737Bombardier BD-700 Global 5000
N170SW9042Bombardier BD-700 Global Express
N197JS20155Bombardier BD-100 Challenger 300
N198HB60-198Bombardier Learjet 60
N1MK187Gulfstream Aerospace G200
N206FB2031Gulfstream Aerospace G280
N206FS2031Gulfstream Aerospace G280
N209FB2018Gulfstream Aerospace G280
N209FS2018Gulfstream Aerospace G280
N24GU60-018Bombardier Learjet 60
N260AJ60-021Bombardier Learjet 60
N267LG1266Gulfstream Aerospace G-4 Gulfstream 4
N312EA20602Bombardier Challenger 350
N318JS20137Bombardier BD-100 Challenger 300
N325WJ20449Bombardier BD-100 Challenger 300
N327AH116Gulfstream Aerospace G200
N331MT162Gulfstream Aerospace G200
N336EB5525Gulfstream Aerospace G550
N356RR45-2065Bombardier Learjet 40
N401VR1408Gulfstream Aerospace G-4 Gulfstream 4
N403VR1403Gulfstream Aerospace G-4 Gulfstream 4
N41ZA1084Gulfstream Aerospace G-4 Gulfstream 4
N4500X5285Gulfstream Aerospace G550
N457DS1077Gulfstream Aerospace G-4 Gulfstream 4
N471RJ5545Bombardier Challenger 604
N479PF20255Bombardier BD-100 Challenger 300
N4818C1385Gulfstream Aerospace G-4 Gulfstream 4
N487JA20075Bombardier BD-100 Challenger 300
N49SK20515Bombardier Challenger 350
N4HS1382Gulfstream Aerospace G-4 Gulfstream 4
N515KS5853Bombardier Challenger 605
N515VR20530Bombardier Challenger 350
N520RP20032Bombardier BD-100 Challenger 300
N52AJ152Gulfstream Aerospace G200
N57HA20115Bombardier BD-100 Challenger 300
N5956B1469Gulfstream Aerospace G-4 Gulfstream 4
N606PS1477Gulfstream Aerospace G-4 Gulfstream 4
N60CK20512Bombardier Challenger 350
N611TX143Dassault Falcon 900EX EASy
N65HS1382Gulfstream Aerospace G-4 Gulfstream 4
N688AJ242Gulfstream Aerospace G200
N740SS532Gulfstream Aerospace G-5 Gulfstream 5
N845A2098Gulfstream Aerospace G280
N866MS14501209Embraer Legacy 650
N882SG84Gulfstream Aerospace G200
N899BC132Dassault Falcon 2000EX EASy
N900FS177Dassault Falcon 2000LX
N91QK20375Bombardier BD-100 Challenger 300
N92FT2038Gulfstream Aerospace G280
N977CB1217Gulfstream Aerospace G-4 Gulfstream 4
N991DB60-177Bombardier Learjet 60

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CallsignRegistrationTypeAltitudeSpeedTrack Live
EDG70N70CRBD-100 Challenger 30033125ft.433kts.
EDG800N800HHG-4 Gulfstream 441000ft.490kts.
EDG10N801HHG-5 Gulfstream 541000ft.517.9kts.
EDG403N132JEG-4 Gulfstream 441125ft.516kts.

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