Airline Name: Jet Access Aviation
Active Fleet size: 34
Historic Fleet size: 11

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RegistrationSerialAircraft TypeLiveryStatus
N115TL560-5250Cessna Cessna 560XL Citation ExcelUnknown Location
N121GG680-0025Cessna Cessna 680 Citation SovereignUnknown Location
N155NS258549Raytheon Aircraft Company BAe-125-700At KJVY (Jeffersonville)
N165PB165Gulfstream Aerospace G200At EDDB (Berlin)
N176QF176Gulfstream Aerospace G200Unknown Location
N178KR178Gulfstream Aerospace G200At KBWI (Baltimore)
N188HARK-164Raytheon Aircraft Company Beech 400 BeechjetAt KJVY (Jeffersonville)
N18KS750-0111Cessna Cessna 750 Citation XUnknown Location
N264HA31-031Bombardier Learjet 31Unknown Location
N353HA650-0109Cessna Cessna 650 Citation 3At KJVY (Jeffersonville)
N36HA96Dassault Falcon 2000At KJVY (Jeffersonville)
N405DC60-363Bombardier Learjet 60Unknown Location
N412TSRK-409Raytheon Aircraft Company Beech 400 BeechjetAt KPIT (Pittsburgh)
N47HA258280Raytheon Aircraft Company BAe-125-700At KLAS (Las Vegas)
N53HA650-7076Cessna Cessna 650 Citation 3At KJVY (Jeffersonville)
N565SK258604Raytheon Aircraft Company BAe-125-700Unknown Location
N575HA650-7009Cessna Cessna 650 Citation 3At KJVY (Jeffersonville)
N621SB258531Raytheon Aircraft Company BAe-125-700Unknown Location
N699DB056Israel Aircraft Industries 1126 GalaxyAt KBQK (Brunswick)
N70X5073Bombardier Challenger 601 3AAt CYYC (Calgary)
N711SE60-376Bombardier Learjet 60At KSTL (St Louis)
N772EC60-257Bombardier Learjet 60At KMIA (Miami)
N778XJ750-0278Cessna Cessna 750 Citation XUnknown Location
N789HA258354Raytheon Aircraft Company BAe-125-700Flying as N789HA
N80X560-5054Cessna Cessna 560XL Citation ExcelAt KMQJ (Indianapolis)
N811RA60-264Bombardier Learjet 60Flying as N811RA
N812FT019Israel Aircraft Industries 1126 GalaxyAt KMQJ (Indianapolis)
N815RB750-0042Cessna Cessna 750 Citation XAt KAPA (Denver)
N850EC258789Raytheon Aircraft Company BAe-125-700Unknown Location
N87RB258299Raytheon Aircraft Company BAe-125-700Unknown Location
N888WD550-1097Cessna Citation BravoAt KJVY (Jeffersonville)
N88V60-155Bombardier Learjet 60Unknown Location
N944KR258688Raytheon Aircraft Company BAe-125-700Unknown Location
N98HALA-34Beech Beech 90 King AirUnknown Location

N101PV023Dassault Falcon 2000EX
N14PB258317Raytheon Aircraft Company BAe-125-700
N317MP60-151Bombardier Learjet 60
N369MKFL-369Raytheon Aircraft Company Beech Super King Air 350
N41HH258274British Aerospace BAe-125-700
N550AB550-0633Cessna Cessna 550 Citation 2
N560HX560-5139Cessna Cessna 560XL Citation Excel
N645HA31A-129Bombardier Learjet 31
N65HU60-228Bombardier Learjet 60
N736MB258390Raytheon Aircraft Company BAe-125-700
N900PEHA-0057Hawker Beechcraft Corp Hawker 900XP

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CallsignRegistrationTypeAltitudeSpeedTrack Live
N811RAN811RALearjet 6021675ft.409kts.

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