Airline Name: Icelandair
Active Fleet size: 40
Historic Fleet size: 37
Country: Iceland

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RegistrationSerialAircraft TypeLiveryStatus
N1902S26244Boeing B757-200Unknown Location
TF-FIA29310Boeing B757-200Unknown Location
TF-FIC30735Boeing B757-200At EDDB (Berlin)
TF-FIG24456Boeing B757-200At EBLG (Liege)
TF-FIH24739Boeing B757-200Unknown Location
TF-FIJ25085Boeing B757-200Unknown Location
TF-FIK26254Boeing B757-200At KMCO (Orlando)
TF-FIN28989Boeing B757-200At LFPG (Paris)
TF-FIO29436Boeing B757-200At EDDF (Frankfurt-am-Main)
TF-FIP30423Boeing B757-200Unknown Location
TF-FIR26242Boeing B757-200Vatnajokull/80 YearsAt BIKF (Reykjavik)
TF-FIS26245Boeing B757-200National GeographicAt KSFB (Orlando)
TF-FIU26243Boeing B757-200Aurora/Northern LightsAt KSEA (Seattle)
TF-FIV30424Boeing B757-200At KDEN (Denver)
TF-FIW24838Boeing B757-200At KMCI (Kansas City)
TF-FIX29434Boeing B757-300Unknown Location
TF-FXA4022Bombardier DHC-8-400 Dash 8At BIRK (Reykjavik)
TF-ICA44357Boeing B737 MAX 9At LSZH (Zurich)
TF-ICB44568Boeing B737 MAX 9At BIKF (Reykjavik)
TF-ICC44359Boeing B737 MAX 9At EBBR (Brussels)
TF-ICE44353Boeing B737 MAX 8Unknown Location
TF-ICN44356Boeing B737 MAX 8Unknown Location
TF-ICO44358Boeing B737 MAX 8At LFPG (Paris)
TF-ICP44360Boeing B737 MAX 8At BIKF (Reykjavik)
TF-ICU44355Boeing B737 MAX 8Flying as ICE417
TF-ICY44354Boeing B737 MAX 8Unknown Location
TF-ISD24596Boeing B757-200Unknown Location
TF-ISF24595Boeing B757-200Unknown Location
TF-ISJ26249Boeing B757-200At ESSA (Stockholm)
TF-ISK24606Boeing B757-200Unknown Location
TF-ISL25295Boeing B757-200Unknown Location
TF-ISN30586Boeing B767-300At EHAM (Amsterdam)
TF-ISO29388Boeing B767-300At EGLL (London)
TF-ISP26971Boeing B767-300At EKCH (Copenhagen)
TF-ISR26248Boeing B757-200Flying as ICE319
TF-ISS27447Boeing B757-200Unknown Location
TF-ISV26247Boeing B757-200Flying as ICE533
TF-ISW28745Boeing B767-300Unknown Location
TF-ISX30179Boeing B757-300Independence CentenaryUnknown Location
TF-ISY24594Boeing B757-200Unknown Location

2-CCEA25695Boeing B757-200
CS-TKR30854Boeing B767-300
CS-TSV33049Boeing B767-300
G-BYAE26964Boeing B757-200
N356AS19730Boeing B747-100
N818NH29311Boeing B757-200
OO-ILI24528Boeing B757-200
OO-ILK23766Boeing B737-300
OY-MMD24569Boeing B737-300
PH-AHE24135Boeing B757-200
TF-CIB26962Boeing B757-200
TF-FIA24953Boeing B767-300
TF-FIA24352Boeing B737-400
TF-FIB24353Boeing B737-400
TF-FIB25365Boeing B767-300
TF-FIC24846Boeing B767-300
TF-FIC24804Boeing B737-400
TF-FID24567Boeing B757-200
TF-FID25063Boeing B737-400
TF-FIE24566Boeing B757-200
TF-FIE24795Boeing B737-400
TF-FIE23811Boeing B737-300
TF-FII24760Boeing B757-200
TF-FIK26276Boeing B757-200
TF-FIK26151Boeing B757-200
TF-FIK24771Boeing B757-200
TF-FIT24868Boeing B757-200
TF-FIT26244Boeing B757-200
TF-FIY29312Boeing B757-200
TF-FIZ30052Boeing B757-200
TF-IST29307Boeing B757-200
TF-ISZ24600Boeing B757-200
TF-KEX33018Boeing B737-800
TF-LLA24541Boeing B767-300
TF-LLB25000Boeing B767-300
TF-LLX29311Boeing B757-200
TF-LLY22691Boeing B757-200

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CallsignRegistrationTypeAltitudeSpeedTrack Live
ICE417TF-ICUB737 MAX 838000ft.458kts.
ICE9LTF-ICAB737 MAX 90ft.10kts.
ICE67KTF-ICCB737 MAX 90ft.0kts.

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