Airline Name: IndiGo Airlines
Fleet size: 290

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RegistrationSerialAircraft TypeLiveryStatus
EI-GTS4008Airbus A320 232Unknown Location
EI-GUH4216Airbus A320 232At KLUF (Glendale)
LZ-AWH2914Airbus A320 232Unknown Location
LZ-MDR5158Airbus A320 232Unknown Location
OE-IRJ3497Airbus A320 232At KTUS (Tucson)
VT-IAL5992Airbus A320 232SLAt VABB (Mumbai)
VT-IAN6010Airbus A320 232SLUnknown Location
VT-IAO6036Airbus A320 232SLAt VABB (Mumbai)
VT-IAP6208Airbus A320 232SLUnknown Location
VT-IAQ6247Airbus A320 232SLAt VIDP (New Delhi)
VT-IAR6275Airbus A320 232SLUnknown Location
VT-IAS6289Airbus A320 232SLAt VIDP (New Delhi)
VT-IAX6287Airbus A320 232SLAt VABB (Mumbai)
VT-IAY6336Airbus A320 232SLAt VECC (Kolkata)
VT-IDL5120Airbus A320 232At VIDP (New Delhi)
VT-IDM2204Airbus A320 233Unknown Location
VT-IDN2334Airbus A320 232At WMKK (Kuala Lumpur)
VT-IDO2275Airbus A320 232Unknown Location
VT-IDP2359Airbus A320 232Unknown Location
VT-IDQ2108Airbus A320 232Unknown Location
VT-IDS1920Airbus A320 214Unknown Location
VT-IDX4399Airbus A320 214At VIDP (New Delhi)
VT-IDY4438Airbus A320 214At VOMM (Chennai)
VT-IDZ3264Airbus A320 232Unknown Location
VT-IEB4609Airbus A320 232Unknown Location
VT-IEC4614Airbus A320 232Unknown Location
VT-IEE4637Airbus A320 232Unknown Location
VT-IEF4752Airbus A320 232Unknown Location
VT-IEG4762Airbus A320 232Unknown Location
VT-IEI4813Airbus A320 232Unknown Location
VT-IEJ4818Airbus A320 232Unknown Location
VT-IEK4868Airbus A320 232Unknown Location
VT-IEL4888Airbus A320 232Flying as IGO286
VT-IEM4947Airbus A320 232At VOBL (Bangalore)
VT-IEN4954Airbus A320 232At VABB (Mumbai)
VT-IEO4965Airbus A320 232Unknown Location
VT-IEP5027Airbus A320 232Unknown Location
VT-IEQ5036Airbus A320 232At VIDP (New Delhi)
VT-IER5076Airbus A320 232At LTBA (Istanbul)
VT-IES5090Airbus A320 232At OMAA (Abu Dhabi)
VT-IET5094Airbus A320 232At LTFJ (Istanbul)
VT-IEU5092Airbus A320 232Unknown Location
VT-IEV5080Airbus A320 232Unknown Location
VT-IEW5155Airbus A320 232Unknown Location
VT-IEX5190Airbus A320 232At OMAA (Abu Dhabi)
VT-IEY5230Airbus A320 232Unknown Location
VT-IEZ5231Airbus A320 232At VOMM (Chennai)
VT-IFA5259Airbus A320 232Unknown Location
VT-IFB5262Airbus A320 232Unknown Location
VT-IFC5291Airbus A320 232Unknown Location
VT-IFD5298Airbus A320 232Unknown Location
VT-IFE5313Airbus A320 232At VECC (Kolkata)
VT-IFF5365Airbus A320 232Unknown Location
VT-IFG5411Airbus A320 232At VOMM (Chennai)
VT-IFH5437Airbus A320 232SLFlying as IGO9922
VT-IFI5460Airbus A320 232SLUnknown Location
VT-IFJ5473Airbus A320 232SLAt VOBL (Bangalore)
VT-IFK5476Airbus A320 232SLAt VOBL (Bangalore)
VT-IFL5507Airbus A320 232SLAt VIDP (New Delhi)
VT-IFM5537Airbus A320 232SLUnknown Location
VT-IFN5577Airbus A320 232SLAt VABB (Mumbai)
VT-IFO5641Airbus A320 232SLAt VECC (Kolkata)
VT-IFP5676Airbus A320 232SLUnknown Location
VT-IFQ5683Airbus A320 232SLAt VECC (Kolkata)
VT-IFR5712Airbus A320 232SLAt VECC (Kolkata)
VT-IFS5727Airbus A320 232SLUnknown Location
VT-IFT5744Airbus A320 232SLUnknown Location
VT-IFU5807Airbus A320 232SLUnknown Location
VT-IFV5829Airbus A320 232SLUnknown Location
VT-IFW5893Airbus A320 232SLFlying as IGO391
VT-IFX5898Airbus A320 232SLUnknown Location
VT-IFY5923Airbus A320 232SLUnknown Location
VT-IFZ5952Airbus A320 232SLAt VIDP (New Delhi)
VT-IGI4113Airbus A320 232Unknown Location
VT-IGJ4156Airbus A320 232Unknown Location
VT-IGS4328Airbus A320 232At LFMT (Montpellier/Mediterranee)
VT-IGT4384Airbus A320 232Unknown Location
VT-IGU4488Airbus A320 232At WIII (Jakarta)
VT-IGV4481Airbus A320 232Unknown Location
VT-IGW4506Airbus A320 232Unknown Location
VT-IGX4518Airbus A320 232At WMKK (Kuala Lumpur)
VT-IGY4535Airbus A320 232Unknown Location
VT-IGZ4552Airbus A320 232Unknown Location
VT-IHA3330Airbus A320 232Unknown Location
VT-IHC2584Airbus A320 214Unknown Location
VT-IHE2405Airbus A320 232Unknown Location
VT-IHF2482Airbus A320 232Unknown Location
VT-IHH3138Airbus A320 214Flying as IGO6113
VT-IHJ2804Airbus A320 232Unknown Location
VT-IHK2609Airbus A320 232At VOBL (Bangalore)
VT-IHL2626Airbus A320 232At VIDP (New Delhi)
VT-IHM2737Airbus A320 232At WSSL (Seletar)
VT-IHN4510Airbus A320 214Unknown Location
VT-IHO4433Airbus A320 214At VABB (Mumbai)
VT-IHP4294Airbus A320 214Unknown Location
VT-IHQ2670Airbus A320 232Unknown Location
VT-IHR5218Airbus A320 232Unknown Location
VT-IHS2443Airbus A320 232At VABB (Mumbai)
VT-IHT2388Airbus A320 214At VOBL (Bangalore)
VT-IHU2121Airbus A320 232At EGFF (Cardiff)
VT-IHV2195Airbus A320 232Unknown Location
VT-IHW2097Airbus A320 232Flying as IGO6957
VT-IHX4491Airbus A320 232Unknown Location
VT-IHY4532Airbus A320 232Unknown Location
VT-IHZ3071Airbus A320 232At VECC (Kolkata)
VT-IJA8905Airbus A320 271NSLUnknown Location
VT-IJB8928Airbus A320 271NSLUnknown Location
VT-IJC8932Airbus A320 271NSLUnknown Location
VT-IJD8961Airbus A320 271NSLAt VOBL (Bangalore)
VT-IJE8967Airbus A320 271NSLAt VIDP (New Delhi)
VT-IJF8978Airbus A320 271NSLUnknown Location
VT-IJG8987Airbus A320 271NSLFlying as IGO8245
VT-IJH9031Airbus A320 271NSLUnknown Location
VT-IJI9045Airbus A320 271NSLUnknown Location
VT-IJJ9072Airbus A320 271NSLFlying as IGO2084
VT-IJK9091Airbus A320 271NSLAt VIDP (New Delhi)
VT-IJL9079Airbus A320 271NSLAt RPLL (Manila)
VT-IJM9085Airbus A320 271NSLFlying as IGO5903
VT-IJN9094Airbus A320 271NSLUnknown Location
VT-IJO9118Airbus A320 271NSLAt VIDP (New Delhi)
VT-IJP9155Airbus A320 271NSLAt VABB (Mumbai)
VT-IJQ9212Airbus A320 271NSLUnknown Location
VT-IJR9213Airbus A320 271NSLAt VIDP (New Delhi)
VT-IJT9283Airbus A320 271NSLAt VECC (Kolkata)
VT-IJU9215Airbus A320 271NSLFlying as IGO2615
VT-IJV9391Airbus A320 271NSLUnknown Location
VT-IJW9385Airbus A320 271NSLFlying as IGO167
VT-IJX9559Airbus A320 271NSLAt VECC (Kolkata)
VT-IJY9562Airbus A320 271NSLUnknown Location
VT-IJZ9569Airbus A320 271NSLUnknown Location
VT-IKA2139Airbus A320 232At VOMM (Chennai)
VT-IKB2908Airbus A320 232Unknown Location
VT-IKC1957Airbus A320 232At VIDP (New Delhi)
VT-IKD2135Airbus A320 232Flying as IGO2487
VT-IKE2138Airbus A320 232At VIDP (New Delhi)
VT-IKI4645Airbus A320 232At VOBL (Bangalore)
VT-ILB10190Airbus A321 251NXSLUnknown Location
VT-ILC10109Airbus A321 251NXSLUnknown Location
VT-ILJ10168Airbus A321 251NXSLAt VOMM (Chennai)
VT-ILM10240Airbus A321 251NXSLUnknown Location
VT-INU3541Airbus A320 232Unknown Location
VT-INX3782Airbus A320 232Unknown Location
VT-INY3863Airbus A320 232Unknown Location
VT-INZ3943Airbus A320 232At LTBA (Istanbul)
VT-ISA10073Airbus A320 271NSLFlying as IGO722
VT-ISB9570Airbus A320 271NSLUnknown Location
VT-ISC10090Airbus A320 271NSLUnknown Location
VT-ISD9596Airbus A320 271NSLAt VIDP (New Delhi)
VT-ISE9437Airbus A320 271NSLFlying as IGO2614
VT-ISF9591Airbus A320 271NSLAt VOBL (Bangalore)
VT-ISI9390Airbus A320 271NSLFlying as IGO7254
VT-ISJ10023Airbus A320 271NSLUnknown Location
VT-ISK9461Airbus A320 271NSLAt VABB (Mumbai)
VT-ISL9471Airbus A320 271NSLFlying as IGO604
VT-ISM10022Airbus A320 271NSLAt VECC (Kolkata)
VT-ISN9489Airbus A320 271NSLUnknown Location
VT-ISO9561Airbus A320 251NSLFlying as IGO571
VT-ISP10080Airbus A320 251NSLUnknown Location
VT-ISQ9382Airbus A320 271NSLAt VIDP (New Delhi)
VT-ISR10170Airbus A320 251NSLUnknown Location
VT-ISS10332Airbus A320 251NSLAt VABB (Mumbai)
VT-ITA6744Airbus A320 271NSLAt VECC (Kolkata)
VT-ITB6720Airbus A320 271NSLAt VOBL (Bangalore)
VT-ITC6799Airbus A320 271NSLUnknown Location
VT-ITD6819Airbus A320 271NSLFlying as IGO6293
VT-ITE6849Airbus A320 271NSLUnknown Location
VT-ITF6860Airbus A320 271NSLAt VIDP (New Delhi)
VT-ITG6868Airbus A320 271NSLUnknown Location
VT-ITH6914Airbus A320 271NSLAt VECC (Kolkata)
VT-ITI6952Airbus A320 271NSLAt VOBL (Bangalore)
VT-ITJ6967Airbus A320 271NSLUnknown Location
VT-ITK7001Airbus A320 271NSLUnknown Location
VT-ITL7033Airbus A320 271NSLAt VIDP (New Delhi)
VT-ITM7053Airbus A320 271NSLUnknown Location
VT-ITN7252Airbus A320 271NSLFlying as IGO535
VT-ITO7329Airbus A320 271NSLUnknown Location
VT-ITP7331Airbus A320 271NSLUnknown Location
VT-ITQ7391Airbus A320 271NSLAt VECC (Kolkata)
VT-ITR7396Airbus A320 271NSLAt VECC (Kolkata)
VT-ITS6772Airbus A320 271NSLUnknown Location
VT-ITT7504Airbus A320 271NSLFlying as IGO481
VT-ITU7510Airbus A320 271NSLFlying as IGO2752
VT-ITV6829Airbus A320 271NSLAt VOBL (Bangalore)
VT-ITW7618Airbus A320 271NSLUnknown Location
VT-ITX6904Airbus A320 271NSLAt VABB (Mumbai)
VT-ITY6946Airbus A320 271NSLFlying as IGO2637
VT-ITZ7892Airbus A320 271NSLUnknown Location
VT-IUA8557Airbus A321 271NXSLFlying as IGO307
VT-IUB8587Airbus A321 271NXSLUnknown Location
VT-IUC8655Airbus A321 271NXSLAt VIDP (New Delhi)
VT-IUD8710Airbus A321 271NXSLUnknown Location
VT-IUE8768Airbus A321 271NXSLAt VECC (Kolkata)
VT-IUF8989Airbus A321 271NXSLUnknown Location
VT-IUG8952Airbus A321 271NXSLUnknown Location
VT-IUH8968Airbus A321 271NXSL1000th NeoUnknown Location
VT-IUI8992Airbus A321 271NXSLUnknown Location
VT-IUJ9042Airbus A321 271NXSLUnknown Location
VT-IUK9063Airbus A321 271NXSLUnknown Location
VT-IUL9106Airbus A321 271NXSLUnknown Location
VT-IUM9112Airbus A321 271NXSLAt VOBL (Bangalore)
VT-IUN9151Airbus A321 271NXSLUnknown Location
VT-IUO9285Airbus A321 271NXSLUnknown Location
VT-IUP9156Airbus A321 271NXSLUnknown Location
VT-IUQ9299Airbus A321 271NXSLUnknown Location
VT-IUR9298Airbus A321 271NXSLUnknown Location
VT-IUS9347Airbus A321 271NXSLFlying as IGO276
VT-IUT9301Airbus A321 271NXSLAt VABB (Mumbai)
VT-IUU9236Airbus A321 271NXSLAt VOBL (Bangalore)
VT-IUV9396Airbus A321 271NXSLAt VABB (Mumbai)
VT-IUW9336Airbus A321 271NXSLUnknown Location
VT-IUX9436Airbus A321 271NXSLAt VABB (Mumbai)
VT-IUY9443Airbus A321 271NXSLFlying as IGO5162
VT-IUZ10155Airbus A321 271NXSLUnknown Location
VT-IVA7912Airbus A320 271NSLUnknown Location
VT-IVB7914Airbus A320 271NSLAt VIDP (New Delhi)
VT-IVC7931Airbus A320 271NSLAt VIDP (New Delhi)
VT-IVD7961Airbus A320 271NSLFlying as IGO594
VT-IVE7083Airbus A320 271NSLUnknown Location
VT-IVF7192Airbus A320 271NSLUnknown Location
VT-IVG8101Airbus A320 271NSLAt VECC (Kolkata)
VT-IVH8158Airbus A320 271NSLFlying as IGO2198
VT-IVI8168Airbus A320 271NSLFlying as IGO923
VT-IVJ8077Airbus A320 271NSLFlying as IGO232
VT-IVK8206Airbus A320 271NSLUnknown Location
VT-IVL8218Airbus A320 271NSLUnknown Location
VT-IVM8255Airbus A320 271NSLUnknown Location
VT-IVN8259Airbus A320 271NSLFlying as IGO2142
VT-IVO8310Airbus A320 271NSLUnknown Location
VT-IVP8345Airbus A320 271NSLFlying as IGO539
VT-IVQ8387Airbus A320 271NSLAt VABB (Mumbai)
VT-IVR8397Airbus A320 271NSLUnknown Location
VT-IVS8416Airbus A320 271NSLFlying as IGO606
VT-IVT8426Airbus A320 271NSLUnknown Location
VT-IVU8414Airbus A320 271NSLAt VOBL (Bangalore)
VT-IVV8440Airbus A320 271NSLUnknown Location
VT-IVW8432Airbus A320 271NSLAt VOBL (Bangalore)
VT-IVX8417Airbus A320 271NSLUnknown Location
VT-IVY8460Airbus A320 271NSLAt VABB (Mumbai)
VT-IVZ8465Airbus A320 271NSLAt VECC (Kolkata)
VT-IYA1457Avions de Transport Regional ATR 72 600At VOBL (Bangalore)
VT-IYB1465Avions de Transport Regional ATR 72 600Flying as IGO7685
VT-IYC1470Avions de Transport Regional ATR 72 600Unknown Location
VT-IYD1480Avions de Transport Regional ATR 72 600Unknown Location
VT-IYE1484Avions de Transport Regional ATR 72 600At VECC (Kolkata)
VT-IYF1486Avions de Transport Regional ATR 72 600At VOMM (Chennai)
VT-IYG1475Avions de Transport Regional ATR 72 600Unknown Location
VT-IYH1476Avions de Transport Regional ATR 72 600Unknown Location
VT-IYI1491Avions de Transport Regional ATR 72 600At VOBL (Bangalore)
VT-IYJ1496Avions de Transport Regional ATR 72 600At VOBL (Bangalore)
VT-IYK1502Avions de Transport Regional ATR 72 600Flying as IGO7942
VT-IYL1509Avions de Transport Regional ATR 72 600Unknown Location
VT-IYM1512Avions de Transport Regional ATR 72 600At VECC (Kolkata)
VT-IYN1514Avions de Transport Regional ATR 72 600Unknown Location
VT-IYO1517Avions de Transport Regional ATR 72 600At VOBL (Bangalore)
VT-IYP1529Avions de Transport Regional ATR 72 600Unknown Location
VT-IYQ1532Avions de Transport Regional ATR 72 600Unknown Location
VT-IYR1538Avions de Transport Regional ATR 72 600Unknown Location
VT-IYT1544Avions de Transport Regional ATR 72 600Flying as IGO7148
VT-IYU1545Avions de Transport Regional ATR 72 600Unknown Location
VT-IYV1547Avions de Transport Regional ATR 72 600Unknown Location
VT-IYW1550Avions de Transport Regional ATR 72 600Unknown Location
VT-IYX1552Avions de Transport Regional ATR 72 600Unknown Location
VT-IYY1557Avions de Transport Regional ATR 72 600Flying as IGO7319
VT-IYZ1559Avions de Transport Regional ATR 72 600At VOMM (Chennai)
VT-IZA8492Airbus A320 271NSLAt VABB (Mumbai)
VT-IZB8455Airbus A320 271NSLUnknown Location
VT-IZC8459Airbus A320 271NSLUnknown Location
VT-IZD8527Airbus A320 271NSLUnknown Location
VT-IZE8540Airbus A320 271NSLAt VIDP (New Delhi)
VT-IZF8541Airbus A320 271NSLUnknown Location
VT-IZG8511Airbus A320 271NSLAt VIDP (New Delhi)
VT-IZH8558Airbus A320 271NSLAt VABB (Mumbai)
VT-IZI8570Airbus A320 271NSLFlying as IGO9144
VT-IZJ8586Airbus A320 271NSLFlying as IGO8746
VT-IZK8627Airbus A320 271NSLUnknown Location
VT-IZL8628Airbus A320 271NSLUnknown Location
VT-IZM8630Airbus A320 271NSLAt VOBL (Bangalore)
VT-IZN8654Airbus A320 271NSLFlying as IGO5042
VT-IZO8688Airbus A320 271NSLFlying as IGO268
VT-IZP8702Airbus A320 271NSLFlying as IGO2029
VT-IZQ8737Airbus A320 271NSLUnknown Location
VT-IZR8771Airbus A320 271NSLFlying as IGO2075
VT-IZS8782Airbus A320 271NSLUnknown Location
VT-IZT8789Airbus A320 271NSLUnknown Location
VT-IZU8832Airbus A320 271NSLUnknown Location
VT-IZV8864Airbus A320 271NSLUnknown Location
VT-IZW8877Airbus A320 271NSLAt VECC (Kolkata)
VT-IZX8922Airbus A320 271NSLAt VIDP (New Delhi)
VT-IZY8901Airbus A320 271NSLAt VECC (Kolkata)
VT-IZZ8896Airbus A320 271NSLAt VIDP (New Delhi)


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