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Name: Iberia
Fleet size: 93

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EC-HUH1021Airbus A321 212At LEMD (Madrid)
EC-HUI1027Airbus A321 212Unknown Location
EC-IEF1655Airbus A320 214Unknown Location
EC-IEG1674Airbus A320 214Unknown Location
EC-IGK1572Airbus A321 213Unknown Location
EC-IJN1836Airbus A321 212At LEMD (Madrid)
EC-ILO1681Airbus A321 212Unknown Location
EC-ILP1716Airbus A321 213Unknown Location
EC-ILR1793Airbus A320 214Unknown Location
EC-ILS1809Airbus A320 214Unknown Location
EC-INO431Airbus A340 642Unknown Location
EC-IOB440Airbus A340 642Unknown Location
EC-IQR460Airbus A340 642Unknown Location
EC-IXD2220Airbus A321 212Unknown Location
EC-IZH2225Airbus A320 214Unknown Location
EC-IZR2242Airbus A320 214Unknown Location
EC-IZX601Airbus A340 642Unknown Location
EC-IZY604Airbus A340 642Unknown Location
EC-JAZ2264Airbus A319 111At LEMD (Madrid)
EC-JBA606Airbus A340 642Unknown Location
EC-JCZ619Airbus A340 642Unknown Location
EC-JDL2365Airbus A319 111Unknown Location
EC-JEI2311Airbus A319 111Unknown Location
EC-JFN2391Airbus A320 214At LEMD (Madrid)
EC-JFX672Airbus A340 642Unknown Location
EC-JGS2472Airbus A321 213Unknown Location
EC-JLE702Airbus A340 642Unknown Location
EC-JNQ727Airbus A340 642Unknown Location
EC-JPU744Airbus A340 642Unknown Location
EC-JQZ2736Airbus A321 212At LEMD (Madrid)
EC-JRE2756Airbus A321 212Unknown Location
EC-JVE2843Airbus A319 111Unknown Location
EC-JZM2996Airbus A321 212Unknown Location
EC-KHM3209Airbus A319 111OneworldAt LEBB (Bilbao)
EC-KKS3320Airbus A319 111At LEMD (Madrid)
EC-KOH2248Airbus A320 214Unknown Location
EC-KOY3443Airbus A319 111Unknown Location
EC-KUB3651Airbus A319 111At LEMD (Madrid)
EC-KZI1017Airbus A340 642Unknown Location
EC-LCZ993Airbus A340 642Unknown Location
EC-LEI3744Airbus A319 111Unknown Location
EC-LEU960Airbus A340 642Unknown Location
EC-LEV1079Airbus A340 642Unknown Location
EC-LFS1122Airbus A340 642Unknown Location
EC-LRG1516Airbus A320 214Unknown Location
EC-LUB1377Airbus A330 302Flying as IBE6252
EC-LUK1385Airbus A330 302Unknown Location
EC-LUL5486Airbus A320 216SLAt LEMD (Madrid)
EC-LUX1405Airbus A330 302Unknown Location
EC-LVD5570Airbus A320 216SLUnknown Location
EC-LXK1426Airbus A330 302At LEMD (Madrid)
EC-LXQ5692Airbus A320 216SLUnknown Location
EC-LYF1437Airbus A330 302At KMIA (Miami)
EC-LZJ1490Airbus A330 302At LEMD (Madrid)
EC-LZX1507Airbus A330 302Flying as IBE6824
EC-MAA1515Airbus A330 302Flying as IBE6346
EC-MCS6244Airbus A320 214SLAt LEMD (Madrid)
EC-MDK6328Airbus A320 214SLAt LEMD (Madrid)
EC-MFO938Airbus A319 111Unknown Location
EC-MFP998Airbus A319 111At LEMD (Madrid)
EC-MIL1694Airbus A330 202At LEMD (Madrid)
EC-MJA1700Airbus A330 202At LEMD (Madrid)
EC-MJT1710Airbus A330 202At LEMD (Madrid)
EC-MKI1719Airbus A330 202Unknown Location
EC-MKJ1728Airbus A330 202At LEMD (Madrid)
EC-MLB1736Airbus A330 202At LEMD (Madrid)
EC-MLP1740Airbus A330 202Flying as IBE6650
EC-MMG1747Airbus A330 202Unknown Location
EC-MNK1755Airbus A330 202At MROC (San Jose)
EC-MNL1761Airbus A330 202Unknown Location
EC-MOU1777Airbus A330 202At LEBL (Barcelona)
EC-MOY1784Airbus A330 202Unknown Location
EC-MSY1835Airbus A330 202Flying as IBE6342
EC-MUD1854Airbus A330 202Unknown Location
EC-MXU8221Airbus A320 251NSLAt LEBL (Barcelona)
EC-MXV219Airbus A350 941Unknown Location
EC-MXY8256Airbus A320 251NSLAt LPPT (Lisbon)
EC-MYA1877Airbus A330 202Unknown Location
EC-MYX227Airbus A350 941Unknown Location
EC-NBE271Airbus A350 941At LEMD (Madrid)
EC-NCM8781Airbus A320 251NSLAt LEMD (Madrid)
EC-NCX302Airbus A350 941At LEMD (Madrid)
EC-NDN8939Airbus A320 251NSLAt LEMD (Madrid)
EC-NDR312Airbus A350 941At SKBO (Bogota)
EC-NEN1932Airbus A330 202Unknown Location
EC-NER8996Airbus A320 251NSLAt LEMD (Madrid)
EC-NFZ10002Airbus A320 251NSLOneworldUnknown Location
EC-NGT366Airbus A350 941Flying as IBE6400
EC-NIG397Airbus A350 941Unknown Location
EC-NIS406Airbus A350 941Unknown Location
EC-NJM419Airbus A350 941Flying as IBE6830
EC-NJU10065Airbus A320 251NSLAt LEMD (Madrid)
EC-NJY10135Airbus A320 251NSLAt LEMD (Madrid)


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