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Helvetic Airways Fleet List


Airline Name: Helvetic Airways
Active Fleet size: 18
Historic Fleet size: 19
Country: Switzerland

Active Fleet

RegistrationSerialAircraft TypeLiveryStatus
HB-AZA19020022Embraer EMB-190 E2Active
HB-AZB19020026Embraer EMB-190 E2Active
HB-AZC19020030Embraer EMB-190 E2Active
HB-AZD19020031Embraer EMB-190 E2Active
HB-AZE19020038Embraer EMB-190 E21600th E-JetActive
HB-AZF19020043Embraer EMB-190 E2Active
HB-AZG19020036Embraer EMB-190 E2Active
HB-AZH19020046Embraer EMB-190 E2Active
HB-AZI19020055Embraer EMB-195 E2Active
HB-AZJ19020057Embraer EMB-195 E2Active
HB-AZK19020058Embraer EMB-195 E2Active
HB-AZL19020059Embraer EMB-195 E2Active
HB-JVM19000349Embraer EMB-190Active
HB-JVN19000285Embraer EMB-190Active
HB-JVO19000294Embraer EMB-190Active
HB-JVP19000387Embraer EMB-190Active
HB-JVX19000603Embraer EMB-190Active
HB-JVY19000607Embraer EMB-190Active

Historic Fleet

RegistrationSerialAircraft TypeStatus
HB-AZG19020046Embraer EMB-190 E2Inactive
HB-AZH19020047Embraer EMB-190 E2Inactive
HB-INV49359McDonnell Douglas MD-83Inactive
HB-JVC11501Fokker Aircraft B.v. Fokker 100Inactive
HB-JVE11459Fokker Aircraft B.v. Fokker 100Inactive
HB-JVF11466Fokker Aircraft B.v. Fokker 100Inactive
HB-JVG11478Fokker Aircraft B.v. Fokker 100Inactive
HB-JVH11324Fokker Aircraft B.v. Fokker 100Inactive
HB-JVK1886Airbus A319-100Inactive
HB-JVL19000354Embraer EMB-190Inactive
HB-JVQ19000420Embraer EMB-190Inactive
HB-JVR19000435Embraer EMB-190Inactive
HB-JVS19000265Embraer EMB-190Inactive
HB-JVT19000199Embraer EMB-190Inactive
HB-JVU19000048Embraer EMB-190Inactive
HB-JVV19000071Embraer EMB-190Inactive
HB-LUK42.337Diamond Aircraft Industries Gmbh DA-42Inactive
M-ABOB19000420Embraer EMB-190Inactive
OO-JEB19000607Embraer EMB-190Inactive

Photos of Helvetic Airways Aircraft

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HB-JVY, 20-Feb-2024
© Sharanpal Gill

HB-JVP, 10-Feb-2024
© Richard Lewis Fuller

HB-AZL, 15-Nov-2023

HB-JVX, 07-Nov-2023
© Luc Verkuringen

HB-AZK, 02-Oct-2023
© Simon Fewkes-Ahearne

HB-AZI, 22-Sep-2023
© Graham Rowe

HB-AZI, 30-Jul-2023
© Franz Köppl

HB-AZF, 14-Jul-2023
© Sharanpal Gill

HB-AZI, 13-Jul-2023
© Tomo-Papa

HB-JVO, 05-Jul-2023
© Simon Fewkes-Ahearne

HB-JVM, 20-Jun-2023
© Christopher Huth

HB-AZE, 04-Jun-2023
© Luc Verkuringen