Airline Name: Hawaiian Airlines
Active Fleet size: 62
Historic Fleet size: 106
Country: United States

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RegistrationSerialAircraft TypeLiveryStatus
N202HA7917Airbus A321neoAt KLAX (Los Angeles)
N204HA7959Airbus A321neoAt KSJC (San Jose)
N205HA8092Airbus A321neoAt KPDX (Portland)
N208HA8123Airbus A321neoUnknown Location
N209HA8186Airbus A321neoAt KHWD (Hayward)
N212HA8129Airbus A321neoUnknown Location
N213HA8237Airbus A321neoAt KSLI (Los Alamitos)
N214HA8157Airbus A321neoAt KPDX (Portland)
N215HA8266Airbus A321neoAt KLAX (Los Angeles)
N216HA8471Airbus A321neoAt KSFO (San Francisco)
N217HA8578Airbus A321neoAt KSMF (Sacramento)
N218HA8764Airbus A321neoAt KONT (Ontario)
N220HA8872Airbus A321neoAt KSLI (Los Alamitos)
N223HA9060Airbus A321neoAt KLAS (Las Vegas)
N226HA9127Airbus A321neoAt KOAK (Oakland)
N227HA9223Airbus A321neoAt KSJC (San Jose)
N228HA9274Airbus A321neoAt KSAN (San Diego)
N230HA9547Airbus A321neoAt KLAX (Los Angeles)
N360HA1732Airbus A330-200Unknown Location
N361HA1823Airbus A330-200At KSMF (Sacramento)
N370HA1511Airbus A330-200At KPHX (Phoenix)
N373HA1530Airbus A330-200At KSEA (Seattle)
N374HA1565Airbus A330-200At KOAK (Oakland)
N375HA1606Airbus A330-200Flying as HAL85
N378HA1615Airbus A330-200Unknown Location
N379HA1672Airbus A330-200At WSSS (Singapore)
N380HA1104Airbus A330-200At RKSI (Seoul)
N381HA1114Airbus A330-200Unknown Location
N382HA1171Airbus A330-200At KLAX (Los Angeles)
N383HA1217Airbus A330-200Flying as HAL4
N384HA1259Airbus A330-200At KSEA (Seattle)
N385HA1295Airbus A330-200Unknown Location
N386HA1302Airbus A330-200Unknown Location
N388HA1310Airbus A330-200At KLAX (Los Angeles)
N389HA1316Airbus A330-200Unknown Location
N390HA1389Airbus A330-200At KJFK (New York)
N391HA1399Airbus A330-200Flying as HAL8
N392HA1404Airbus A330-200At KPHX (Phoenix)
N393HA1422Airbus A330-200At KLAX (Los Angeles)
N395HA1469Airbus A330-200At KSAN (San Diego)
N396HA1488Airbus A330-200At KSFO (San Francisco)
N399HA1496Airbus A330-200Unknown Location
N475HA55121Boeing B717-200Unknown Location
N476HA55118Boeing B717-200Unknown Location
N477HA55122Boeing B717-200Unknown Location
N478HA55123Boeing B717-200Unknown Location
N479HA55124Boeing B717-200Unknown Location
N480HA55125Boeing B717-200Unknown Location
N483HA55128Boeing B717-200Unknown Location
N484HA55129Boeing B717-200Unknown Location
N485HA55130Boeing B717-200Unknown Location
N486HA55131Boeing B717-200Unknown Location
N487HA55132Boeing B717-200Unknown Location
N488HA55001Boeing B717-200Unknown Location
N489HA55002Boeing B717-200Unknown Location
N490HA55151Boeing B717-200Unknown Location
N491HA55175Boeing B717-200Unknown Location
N492HA55181Boeing B717-200Unknown Location
N493HA55184Boeing B717-200Unknown Location
N494HA55182Boeing B717-200Unknown Location
N495HA55185Boeing B717-200Unknown Location
N780HA66428Boeing B787-9 DreamlinerUnknown Location

EI-BTN1046Lockheed L 1011
EI-CBG47742Douglas DC-9-50
EI-CBH47796Douglas DC-9-50
EI-CBI48122Douglas DC-9-50
N116AA46516Douglas DC-10
N119AA46519Douglas DC-10
N1206147851Douglas DC-10
N122AA46522Douglas DC-10
N125AA46525Douglas DC-10
N126AA46947Douglas DC-10
N127AA46948Douglas DC-10
N128AA46984Douglas DC-10
N129AA46996Douglas DC-10
N132AA47827Douglas DC-10
N1332U47404Douglas DC-9-30
N133AA47828Douglas DC-10
N135AA47830Douglas DC-10
N1369945711Douglas DC-9 14
N140AA46712Douglas DC-10
N141AA46713Douglas DC-10
N146AA46701Douglas DC-10
N148AA46703Douglas DC-10
N151AA46706Douglas DC-10
N152AA46707Douglas DC-10
N153AA46708Douglas DC-10
N160AA46710Douglas DC-10
N161AA46942Douglas DC-10
N162AA46943Douglas DC-10
N171AA46906Douglas DC-10
N1790U45785Douglas DC-9-10
N1798U47369Douglas DC-9-30
N1799U47370Douglas DC-9-30
N251M154Bellanca CH300 PACEMAKER
N3508446991Douglas DC-10
N410201072Lockheed L 1011
N420EA47689Douglas DC-9-50
N481HA55126Boeing B717-200
N482HA55127Boeing B717-200
N557AS47013Douglas DC-9-10
N558HA47045Douglas DC-9-10
N580HA28140Boeing B767-300
N581HA28141Boeing B767-300
N582HA28139Boeing B767-300
N583HA25531Boeing B767-300
N584HA24258Boeing B767-300
N585HA24257Boeing B767-300
N586HA24259Boeing B767-300
N587HA33421Boeing B767-300
N588HA33466Boeing B767-300
N589HA33422Boeing B767-300
N590HA33467Boeing B767-300
N591HA33423Boeing B767-300
N592HA33468Boeing B767-300
N593HA33424Boeing B767-300
N594HA23275Boeing B767-300
N596HA23276Boeing B767-300
N597HA23277Boeing B767-300
N598HA23278Boeing B767-300
N601AP47658Douglas DC-9-50
N603DC47784Douglas DC-9-50
N609HA47676Douglas DC-9-50
N619HA47677Douglas DC-9-50
N629HA47679Douglas DC-9-50
N639HA47689Douglas DC-9-50
N649HA47715Douglas DC-9-50
N649HA47712Douglas DC-9-50
N650HA47714Douglas DC-9-50
N659HA47713Douglas DC-9-50
N660HA48122Douglas DC-9-50
N661HA47796Douglas DC-9-50
N662HA47742Douglas DC-9-50
N669HA47654Douglas DC-9-50
N669HA47714Douglas DC-9-50
N672MC47661Douglas DC-9-50
N673MC47726Douglas DC-9-50
N674MC47735Douglas DC-9-50
N679HA47662Douglas DC-9-50
N679HA47715Douglas DC-9-50
N6806047850Douglas DC-10
N689HA47663Douglas DC-9-50
N699HA47763Douglas DC-9-50
N709HA47764Douglas DC-9-50
N762BE1070Lockheed L 1011
N763BE1082Lockheed L 1011
N764BE1113Lockheed L 1011
N765BE1105Lockheed L 1011
N766BE1112Lockheed L 1011
N769BE1091Lockheed L 1011
N780HA64982Boeing B787-9 Dreamliner
N809HA48044McDonnell Douglas MD-81
N819HA48045McDonnell Douglas MD-81
N829HA48051McDonnell Douglas MD-81
N839HA48058McDonnell Douglas MD-81
N849HA48073McDonnell Douglas MD-81
N859HA48074McDonnell Douglas MD-81
N901H45717Douglas DC-9-10
N902H45724Douglas DC-9-10
N903H47149Douglas DC-9-30
N905H47150Douglas DC-9-30
N906H47171Douglas DC-9-30
N907H47362Douglas DC-9-30
N908H47517Douglas DC-9-30
N919HA40de Havilland Canada DHC-7 Dash 7
N930EA45730Douglas DC-9 14
N934F47148Douglas DC-9-30
N9445447291Douglas DC-9-30

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