Airline Name: Gama Aviation
Active Fleet size: 33
Historic Fleet size: 36
Country: United Kingdom

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RegistrationSerialAircraft TypeLiveryStatus
G-BIIO2102Britten-Norman BN-2T Defender 4000Unknown Location
G-BJEC2118Britten-Norman BN-2T Defender 4000Unknown Location
G-BJOH2034Britten-Norman BN-2T Defender 4000At EGPG (Cumbernauld)
G-BSAH2235Britten-Norman BN-2T Defender 4000At EGBF (Bedford)
G-DAYA5526Bombardier Challenger 604At LEAL (Alicante)
G-DAYPFM-29Hawker Beechcraft Corp Beech Super King Air 350Unknown Location
G-DAYR5764Bombardier Challenger 605At EGJB (Saint Peter Port)
G-FABO5487Bombardier Challenger 604At EGLF (Farnborough)
G-GCCM6087Bombardier Challenger 650At EGJJ (Saint Helier)
G-GMADFM-54Hawker Beechcraft Corp Beech Super King Air 350At EGHH (Bournemouth)
G-GMAEBB-1957Raytheon Aircraft Company Beech 1300 CommuterAt EGPF (Glasgow)
G-GMAFBB-1692Raytheon Aircraft Company Beech 1300 CommuterAt EGHH (Bournemouth)
G-GMAH20289Airbus Helicopters BK-117C-2At EGPF (Glasgow)
G-GSAS20290Airbus Helicopters BK-117C-2At EGPF (Glasgow)
G-ISAS20299Airbus Helicopters BK-117C-2At EGPE (Inverness)
G-JSNS2216Gulfstream Aerospace G280At EGLF (Farnborough)
G-LSCW5471Gulfstream Aerospace G550At KTEB (Teterboro)
G-OJER560-6148Cessna Cessna 560XL Citation ExcelAt EGLF (Farnborough)
G-PCOPBB-1860Raytheon Aircraft Company Beech 1300 CommuterAt LFTH (Toulon/Hyeres/Le Palyvestre)
G-SALD9781Bombardier Global 6000At EGLF (Farnborough)
G-SASCBL-150Beech Beech 1300 CommuterAt EGPF (Glasgow)
G-SASDBL-151Beech Beech 1300 CommuterAt EGPD (Aberdeen)
G-SCCA510-0106Cessna Cessna 510 Citation MustangAt EGJJ (Saint Helier)
G-VTLY9456Bombardier Global 6000At VABB (Mumbai)
G-XONE5426Bombardier Challenger 604At LFMD (Cannes/Mandelieu)
G-XVIPBB-588Beech Beech 1300 CommuterFlying as GMA346
G-YVIPBB-1306Beech Beech 1300 CommuterAt EGTK (Kidlington)
M-LLMWFL-1080Textron Aviation Beech Super King Air 350At EGHH (Bournemouth)
M-WING215Dassault Falcon 7XAt LIRF (Rome)
VP-BBW30076Boeing B737-700At KADS (Dallas)
VP-BCT6169Gulfstream Aerospace G650At EGGW (London)
VP-CCD55020118Embraer Praetor 600Unknown Location
VQ-BLX36090Boeing B737-700Unknown Location

A6-AAM1599Airbus A318-100
A6-CPC14500960Embraer EMB-135
A6-GCC14500972Embraer EMB-135
G-CERX258810Raytheon Aircraft Company BAe-125-700
G-CGSJ9377Bombardier BD-700 Global Express
G-CXLS560-5613Cessna Cessna 560XL Citation Excel
G-GMAA45-167Learjet Inc Learjet 45
G-GMAB259034British Aerospace BAe-125-1000
G-IMAC3065Canadair Challenger 601
G-JJSI258058British Aerospace BAe-125-700
G-LBSBFM-55Hawker Beechcraft Corporation Beech Super King Air 350
G-LCDH5904Bombardier CL-600 Challenger 600
G-LSMB47Dassault Falcon 2000EX EASy
G-MAZS9549Bombardier Global 6000
G-OCAK9339Bombardier BD-700 Global Express
G-OCFT5067Bombardier Challenger 601 3A
G-PGRP14501102Embraer EMB-135
G-PLVN14501136Embraer EMB-135
G-RBEN9083Bombardier BD-700 Global Express
G-RCAV5526Bombardier Inc CL-600 Challenger 600
G-SENT9094Bombardier BD-700 Global Express
G-SNJS560-6252Textron Aviation Cessna 560XL Citation Excel
G-XAVB510-0283Cessna Cessna 510 Citation Mustang
M-ABGF14500960Embraer EMB-135
M-EDZE9097Bombardier BD-700 Global Express
M-MICS9586Bombardier BD-700 Global 5000
VP-BAH9223Bombardier Global 6000
VP-BBZ39899Boeing B737-800
VP-BER7508Bombardier CRJ-200
VP-CCN9362Bombardier BD-700 Global Express
VP-CPL14501136Embraer EMB-135
VQ-BBS34303Boeing B737-700
VQ-BGN5218Gulfstream Aerospace G-5 Gulfstream 5
VQ-BKI9342Bombardier BD-700 Global Express
VQ-BMT1362Gulfstream Aerospace G-4 Gulfstream 4
ZJ-HLH193Eurocopter EC-135

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CallsignRegistrationTypeAltitudeSpeedTrack Live
GMA346G-XVIPBeech 1300 Commuter25000ft.252kts.

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