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Gain Jet Aviation SA Fleet List


Gain Jet Aviation SA Fleet List
Airline Name: Gain Jet Aviation SA
Active Fleet size: 5
Historic Fleet size: 11
Country: Greece

Gain Jet Aviation SA Active Fleet

RegistrationSerialAircraft TypeLiveryStatus
SX-DHA5904Bombardier Challenger 605Active
SX-GJA6306Gulfstream Aerospace G650 ERActive
SX-KFA5359Bombardier Challenger 604Active
SX-KMA5585Bombardier Challenger 604Active
SX-SHC5722Bombardier Challenger 605Active

Gain Jet Aviation SA Historic Fleet

RegistrationSerialAircraft TypeStatus
SX-ATF25423Boeing B737-400Inactive
SX-BBJ30791Boeing B737-700Inactive
SX-DGM14501023Embraer Legacy 600Inactive
SX-FSA5856Bombardier Challenger 605Inactive
SX-GAB4172Gulfstream Aerospace G450Inactive
SX-GJJ5350Gulfstream Aerospace G-5 Gulfstream 5Inactive
SX-IFA49809McDonnell Douglas MD-83Inactive
SX-MTF23774Boeing B737-300Inactive
SX-RFA30232Boeing B757-200Inactive
SX-VIP24680Boeing B737-300Inactive
VQ-BZM4123Gulfstream Aerospace G450Inactive

Photos of Gain Jet Aviation SA Fleet

SX-KMA, 13-May-2023
© Graham Rowe

SX-GJA, 02-Jun-2022
© Graham Rowe

SX-FSA, 25-Sep-2020
© Graham Rowe

SX-RFA, 07-May-2018
© Peter Caulkin

SX-RFA, 09-Jan-2018
© Danny Jones

SX-GAB, 30-Sep-2011
© Luc Verkuringen

Sightings of Gain Jet Aviation SA Fleet

RegistrationAircraft TypeDate SeenLocation
SX-KMAChallenger 60414-11-2023Manchester
SX-SHCChallenger 60505-10-2023Luton
SX-KMAChallenger 60413-05-2023Stansted
SX-SHCChallenger 60530-10-2022Farnborough
SX-GJAGulfstream G650ER02-06-2022Luton
SX-GJAGulfstream G650ER12-03-2022Luton
SX-GJAGulfstream G650ER03-09-2021Luton
SX-GJAGulfstream G650ER26-08-2021Washington Dulles Intl
SX-KFAChallenger 60402-07-2021Stansted

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Gain Jet Aviation SA Fleet Information

The airline Gain Jet Aviation SA is based in Greece, currently the airline uses the callsign: HERCULES JET and has an active fleet size of 5 aircraft, the airline has a historic fleet size of 11. Gain Jet Aviation SA flies with the IATA and ICAO codes of Gain Jet Aviation SA / . We have been tracking Gain Jet Aviation SA since the airline launched.