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GX Airlines Fleet List


GX Airlines Fleet List
Airline Name: GX Airlines
Active Fleet size: 26
Historic Fleet size: 4
Country: China

GX Airlines Active Fleet

RegistrationSerialAircraft TypeLiveryStatus
B-304W8689Airbus A320neoActive
B-304X8684Airbus A320neoActive
B-306Q8801Airbus A320neoActive
B-306R8805Airbus A320neoActive
B-312219000186Embraer EMB-190Active
B-312519000194Embraer EMB-190Active
B-315719000306Embraer EMB-190Active
B-315919000318Embraer EMB-190Active
B-316519000340Embraer EMB-190Active
B-317219000385Embraer EMB-190Active
B-317319000394Embraer EMB-190Active
B-317519000405Embraer EMB-190Active
B-317819000417Embraer EMB-190Active
B-317919000426Embraer EMB-190Active
B-318319000472Embraer EMB-190Active
B-318519000480Embraer EMB-190Active
B-318619000489Embraer EMB-190Active
B-321519000591Embraer EMB-190Active
B-32DD3984Airbus A320-200Active
B-66704276Airbus A320-200Active
B-81696730Airbus A320-200Active
B-83884970Airbus A320-200Active
B-85116096Airbus A320-200Green City NanningActive
B-86556215Airbus A320-200Active
B-87336204Airbus A320-200Active
B-88515266Airbus A320-200Active

GX Airlines Historic Fleet

RegistrationSerialAircraft TypeStatus
B-316619000348Embraer EMB-190Inactive
B-317619000406Embraer EMB-190Inactive
B-318019000442Embraer EMB-190Inactive
B-88505260Airbus A320-200Inactive

Sightings of GX Airlines Fleet

RegistrationAircraft TypeDate SeenLocation
B-8388A32026-12-2019Changi Intl
B-8511A32025-12-2019Changi Intl
B-304WA320-251N31-07-2019Changi Intl
B-304XA320neo24-05-2019Suvarnabhumi Intl
B-8169A320-20021-05-2019Suvarnabhumi Intl
B-8655A320-20020-05-2019Suvarnabhumi Intl
B-306RA320-20017-05-2019Suvarnabhumi Intl
B-304WA320neo15-05-2019Suvarnabhumi Intl
B-8511A320-20023-12-2018Changi Intl

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GX Airlines Fleet Information

The airline GX Airlines is based in China, currently the airline uses the callsign: and has an active fleet size of 26 aircraft, the airline has a historic fleet size of 4. GX Airlines flies with the IATA and ICAO codes of GX Airlines / GX . We have been tracking GX Airlines since the airline launched.