Airline Name: Garuda Indonesia
Fleet size: 141

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RegistrationSerialAircraft TypeLiveryStatus
PK-GAC1132Avions de Transport Regional ATR 72 600Unknown Location
PK-GAD1140Avions de Transport Regional ATR 72 600Unknown Location
PK-GAE1149Avions de Transport Regional ATR 72 600Unknown Location
PK-GAH1181Avions de Transport Regional ATR 72 600At WARR (Surabaya)
PK-GAI1191Avions de Transport Regional ATR 72 600Unknown Location
PK-GAJ1243Avions de Transport Regional ATR 72 600Unknown Location
PK-GAK1249Avions de Transport Regional ATR 72 600Unknown Location
PK-GAL1254Avions de Transport Regional ATR 72 600Unknown Location
PK-GAM1242Avions de Transport Regional ATR 72 600Unknown Location
PK-GAN1321Avions de Transport Regional ATR 72 600Unknown Location
PK-GAO1329Avions de Transport Regional ATR 72 600Unknown Location
PK-GAQ1398Avions de Transport Regional ATR 72 600At WIII (Jakarta)
PK-GDA62093Boeing 737MAX 8Unknown Location
PK-GEM29928Boeing 737NG 8AS/WUnknown Location
PK-GEN29929Boeing 737NG 8AS/WAt WIII (Jakarta)
PK-GEP29931Boeing 737NG 8AS/WAt WIII (Jakarta)
PK-GFA36549Boeing 737NG 86N/WAt WIII (Jakarta)
PK-GFC39390Boeing 737NG 86N/WAt WIII (Jakarta)
PK-GFD40807Boeing 737NG 8U3/WUnknown Location
PK-GFE36804Boeing 737NG 86N/WAt WIII (Jakarta)
PK-GFF36436Boeing 737NG 8U3/WUnknown Location
PK-GFG37819Boeing 737NG 8BK/WUnknown Location
PK-GFH36850Boeing 737NG 8U3/WAt WIII (Jakarta)
PK-GFI36805Boeing 737NG 86N/WAt WIII (Jakarta)
PK-GFJ37885Boeing 737NG 86N/WAt WIII (Jakarta)
PK-GFK37887Boeing 737NG 86N/WAyo Pakai Masker (Wear Masks)At WIII (Jakarta)
PK-GFL36808Boeing 737NG 86N/WAt WIII (Jakarta)
PK-GFM39920Boeing 737NG 8U3/WGaruda RetroUnknown Location
PK-GFN38033Boeing 737NG 86N/WGaruda RetroUnknown Location
PK-GFO39403Boeing 737NG 86N/WAt WIII (Jakarta)
PK-GFP38821Boeing 737NG 8U3/WUnknown Location
PK-GFQ39416Boeing 737NG 81D/WAyo Pakai Masker (Wear Masks)Unknown Location
PK-GFR39417Boeing 737NG 81D/WAt WIII (Jakarta)
PK-GFS36830Boeing 737NG 86N/WUnknown Location
PK-GFT38032Boeing 737NG 86N/WCOVID19 Vaccines / #SukseskanVaksinasiAt WIII (Jakarta)
PK-GFU38040Boeing 737NG 86N/WAt WARR (Surabaya)
PK-GFV38885Boeing 737NG 8U3/WUnknown Location
PK-GFW39929Boeing 737NG 8U3/WAt WIII (Jakarta)
PK-GFX39928Boeing 737NG 8U3/WAt WIII (Jakarta)
PK-GFY38043Boeing 737NG 86N/WAt WIII (Jakarta)
PK-GFZ38044Boeing 737NG 86N/WAt WIII (Jakarta)
PK-GHA1709Airbus A330 343EAt WIII (Jakarta)
PK-GHC1723Airbus A330 343EAyo Pakai Masker (Wear Masks)At WIII (Jakarta)
PK-GHD1733Airbus A330 343E1969 RetroAt WIII (Jakarta)
PK-GHE1947Airbus A330 941NGreat experience with A330-900neo (sticker)At WIII (Jakarta)
PK-GHF1948Airbus A330 941NRANS / Raffi Ahmad (sticker)At WIII (Jakarta)
PK-GHG1946Airbus A330 941NAyo Pakai Masker (Wear Masks)At WIII (Jakarta)
PK-GIA40074Boeing 777 3U3ERUnknown Location
PK-GIC40075Boeing 777 3U3ERAt WIII (Jakarta)
PK-GID29146Boeing 777 3U3ERAt WIII (Jakarta)
PK-GIE29147Boeing 777 3U3ERUnknown Location
PK-GIF29148Boeing 777 3U3ERAt OTHH (Doha)
PK-GIG29143Boeing 777 3U3ER1969-1985 RetroAt WIII (Jakarta)
PK-GIH29144Boeing 777 3U3ERAt WIII (Jakarta)
PK-GII29145Boeing 777 3U3ERSkyTeamAt WIII (Jakarta)
PK-GIJ40072Boeing 777 3U3ERAyo Pakai Masker (Wear Masks)At WIII (Jakarta)
PK-GIK40073Boeing 777 3U3ER1969 RetroAt WIII (Jakarta)
PK-GMA30151Boeing 737NG 8U3/WAt WIII (Jakarta)
PK-GMC30155Boeing 737NG 8U3/WUnknown Location
PK-GMD30156Boeing 737NG 8U3/WAt WIII (Jakarta)
PK-GME30157Boeing 737NG 8U3/WAt WIII (Jakarta)
PK-GMF30140Boeing 737NG 8U3/WUnknown Location
PK-GMG30141Boeing 737NG 8U3/WAt WIII (Jakarta)
PK-GMH30142Boeing 737NG 8U3/WSkyTeamAt WIDD (Batam Island)
PK-GMI30143Boeing 737NG 8U3/WAt WIII (Jakarta)
PK-GMJ30144Boeing 737NG 8U3/WUnknown Location
PK-GMK29666Boeing 737NG 8U3/WAt WIII (Jakarta)
PK-GML31763Boeing 737NG 8U3/WUnknown Location
PK-GMM30145Boeing 737NG 8U3/WUnknown Location
PK-GMN30146Boeing 737NG 8U3/WWonderful Indonesia (sticker)At WIII (Jakarta)
PK-GMO30147Boeing 737NG 8U3/WUnknown Location
PK-GMP30148Boeing 737NG 8U3/WUnknown Location
PK-GMQ30149Boeing 737NG 8U3/WUnknown Location
PK-GMR30150Boeing 737NG 8U3/WUnknown Location
PK-GMS38071Boeing 737NG 8U3/WAt WIII (Jakarta)
PK-GMU38073Boeing 737NG 8U3/WAt WIII (Jakarta)
PK-GMV38074Boeing 737NG 8U3/WAt WIII (Jakarta)
PK-GMW38069Boeing 737NG 8U3/WUnknown Location
PK-GMX38070Boeing 737NG 8U3/WUnknown Location
PK-GMY38884Boeing 737NG 8U3/WUnknown Location
PK-GMZ38072Boeing 737NG 8U3/WAt WIII (Jakarta)
PK-GNA41310Boeing 737NG 8U3/WAt WIII (Jakarta)
PK-GNC41312Boeing 737NG 8U3/WAt WIII (Jakarta)
PK-GND41794Boeing 737NG 8U3/WAt WIII (Jakarta)
PK-GNE39936Boeing 737NG 8U3/WAt WIII (Jakarta)
PK-GNF39939Boeing 737NG 8U3/WAt WIII (Jakarta)
PK-GNG39891Boeing 737NG 8U3/WAt WIII (Jakarta)
PK-GNH40547Boeing 737NG 8U3/WUnknown Location
PK-GNI41267Boeing 737NG 86N/WUnknown Location
PK-GNJ41796Boeing 737NG 8U3/WAt WIII (Jakarta)
PK-GNK41798Boeing 737NG 8U3/WUnknown Location
PK-GNL41253Boeing 737NG 86N/WUnknown Location
PK-GNM41322Boeing 737NG 8U3/WAt WIII (Jakarta)
PK-GNN41270Boeing 737NG 86N/WAt WIII (Jakarta)
PK-GNO41800Boeing 737NG 8U3/WUnknown Location
PK-GNP41605Boeing 737NG 8U3/WUnknown Location
PK-GNQ39954Boeing 737NG 8U3/WAt WIII (Jakarta)
PK-GNR39955Boeing 737NG 8U3/WAt WIII (Jakarta)
PK-GNS41607Boeing 737NG 8U3/WAt WIII (Jakarta)
PK-GNT41806Boeing 737NG 8U3/WAt WIII (Jakarta)
PK-GNU41812Boeing 737NG 8U3/WAt WIII (Jakarta)
PK-GNV41815Boeing 737NG 8U3/WUnknown Location
PK-GPA138Airbus A330 341At WIII (Jakarta)
PK-GPC140Airbus A330 341At YMML (Melbourne)
PK-GPD144Airbus A330 341At WIII (Jakarta)
PK-GPE148Airbus A330 341At WIII (Jakarta)
PK-GPF153Airbus A330 341At WIII (Jakarta)
PK-GPG165Airbus A330 341Unknown Location
PK-GPL1184Airbus A330 243Unknown Location
PK-GPM1214Airbus A330 243Unknown Location
PK-GPN1261Airbus A330 243Unknown Location
PK-GPO1288Airbus A330 243At WIII (Jakarta)
PK-GPP1364Airbus A330 243Unknown Location
PK-GPQ1410Airbus A330 243At WIII (Jakarta)
PK-GPR1446Airbus A330 343ESkyTeamAt WIII (Jakarta)
PK-GPS1474Airbus A330 243At WIII (Jakarta)
PK-GPT1548Airbus A330 343EUnknown Location
PK-GPU1560Airbus A330 343EUnknown Location
PK-GPV1577Airbus A330 343EUnknown Location
PK-GPW1585Airbus A330 343EUnknown Location
PK-GPX1654Airbus A330 343EAt WIII (Jakarta)
PK-GPY1671Airbus A330 343EAt WIII (Jakarta)
PK-GPZ1698Airbus A330 343EWonderful Indonesia (sticker)At WIII (Jakarta)
PK-GRA19025Bombardier CRJ 1000 NGUnknown Location
PK-GRC19026Bombardier CRJ 1000 NGUnknown Location
PK-GRE19027Bombardier CRJ 1000 NGUnknown Location
PK-GRF19028Bombardier CRJ 1000 NGUnknown Location
PK-GRG19029Bombardier CRJ 1000 NGAt WADD (Denpasar-Bali Island)
PK-GRH19030Bombardier CRJ 1000 NGUnknown Location
PK-GRI19031Bombardier CRJ 1000 NGUnknown Location
PK-GRJ19032Bombardier CRJ 1000 NGAt WIII (Jakarta)
PK-GRK19033Bombardier CRJ 1000 NGUnknown Location
PK-GRL19034Bombardier CRJ 1000 NGUnknown Location
PK-GRM19035Bombardier CRJ 1000 NGAt WIII (Jakarta)
PK-GRN19036Bombardier CRJ 1000 NGAt WIII (Jakarta)
PK-GRO19038Bombardier CRJ 1000 NGUnknown Location
PK-GRP19039Bombardier CRJ 1000 NGUnknown Location
PK-GRQ19040Bombardier CRJ 1000 NGAt WIII (Jakarta)
PK-GRR19042Bombardier CRJ 1000 NGUnknown Location
PK-GRS19043Bombardier CRJ 1000 NGAt WIII (Jakarta)
PK-GRT19044Bombardier CRJ 1000 NGUnknown Location


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