Airline Name: Flair Airlines
Active Fleet size: 13
Historic Fleet size: 12
Country: Canada

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RegistrationSerialAircraft TypeLiveryStatus
C-FFBC61805Boeing B737 MAX 8At CYVR (Vancouver)
C-FFEL64942Boeing B737 MAX 8Flying as FLE102
C-FFLA36548Boeing B737-800At CYYC (Calgary)
C-FFLC37758Boeing B737-800At KMCI (Kansas City)
C-FFLJ37760Boeing B737-800Flying as FLE603
C-FLEJ64941Boeing B737 MAX 8Unknown Location
C-FLEN24769Boeing B737-400Unknown Location
C-FLHI61804Boeing B737 MAX 8Flying as FLE121
C-FLKA64943Boeing B737 MAX 8Flying as FLE307
C-FLKC61807Boeing B737 MAX 8Unknown Location
C-FLKD61806Boeing B737 MAX 8At CYKF (Kitchener)
C-FLKI64944Boeing B737 MAX 8At KSFB (Orlando)
C-FLKJ64945Boeing B737 MAX 8At CYOW (Ottawa)

C-FBVS32907Boeing 737 8K5
C-FLDX24804Boeing B737-400
C-FLEJ24751Boeing B737-400
C-FLER24573Boeing B737-400
C-FLHE28889Boeing B737-400
C-FLHJ25104Boeing B737-400
C-FLHR21524Boeing B727-200
C-FLRS28888Boeing B737-400
C-GSCL17000241Embraer EMB-175
N251AU25104Boeing B737-400
N288AU28888Boeing B737-400
N889AU28889Boeing B737-400

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CallsignRegistrationTypeAltitudeSpeedTrack Live
FLE121C-FLHIB737 MAX 827375ft.381kts.
FLE307C-FLKAB737 MAX 839000ft.519kts.
FLE515C-FLKIB737 MAX 82725ft.211kts.
FLE102C-FFELB737 MAX 840000ft.419kts.

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