Airline Name: Finnair
Active Fleet size: 71
Historic Fleet size: 120
Country: Finland

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RegistrationSerialAircraft TypeLiveryStatus
OH-ATO977Avions de Transport Regional ATR-72-500At EFHK (Helsinki)
OH-LKE19000059Embraer EMB-190At EBBR (Brussels)
OH-LKF19000066Embraer EMB-190At EFTP (Tampere / Pirkkala)
OH-LKG19000079Embraer EMB-190Unknown Location
OH-LKH19000086Embraer EMB-190At EFHK (Helsinki)
OH-LKI19000117Embraer EMB-190At LFPG (Paris)
OH-LKK19000127Embraer EMB-190At ESSA (Stockholm)
OH-LKL19000153Embraer EMB-190At EFHK (Helsinki)
OH-LKM19000160Embraer EMB-190Unknown Location
OH-LKN19000252Embraer EMB-190OneworldAt EETN (Tallinn)
OH-LKO19000267Embraer EMB-190At EFHK (Helsinki)
OH-LKP19000416Embraer EMB-190At EKCH (Copenhagen)
OH-LKR19000436Embraer EMB-190At EFHK (Helsinki)
OH-LTM994Airbus A330-300Flying as FIN10
OH-LTN1007Airbus A330-300Unknown Location
OH-LTO1013Airbus A330-300Marimekko UnikkoAt KJFK (New York)
OH-LTP1023Airbus A330-300At EFHK (Helsinki)
OH-LTR1067Airbus A330-300Unknown Location
OH-LTS1078Airbus A330-300At LFBT (Tarbes/Lourdes/Pyrenees)
OH-LTT1088Airbus A330-300At EFHK (Helsinki)
OH-LTU1173Airbus A330-300At EFHK (Helsinki)
OH-LVC1309Airbus A319-100At LKPR (Prague)
OH-LVD1352Airbus A319-100OneworldAt EFOU (Oulu / Oulunsalo)
OH-LVH1184Airbus A319-100At EGLL (London)
OH-LVI1364Airbus A319-100At EFHK (Helsinki)
OH-LVK2124Airbus A319-100Flying as FIN1980
OH-LVL2266Airbus A319-100At EFHK (Helsinki)
OH-LWA18Airbus A350-900At EDDF (Frankfurt-am-Main)
OH-LWB19Airbus A350-900OneworldAt KLAS (Las Vegas)
OH-LWC20Airbus A350-900At EFHK (Helsinki)
OH-LWD22Airbus A350-900At EFHK (Helsinki)
OH-LWE23Airbus A350-900Flying as FIN131
OH-LWF28Airbus A350-900At ESSA (Stockholm)
OH-LWG51Airbus A350-900At VHHH (Hong Kong)
OH-LWH97Airbus A350-900Unknown Location
OH-LWI104Airbus A350-900At VIDP (New Delhi)
OH-LWK113Airbus A350-900Flying as FIN143
OH-LWL134Airbus A350-900Marimekko KivetUnknown Location
OH-LWM264Airbus A350-900At EFHK (Helsinki)
OH-LWN273Airbus A350-900Unknown Location
OH-LWO300Airbus A350-900Flying as FIN74
OH-LWP392Airbus A350-900Flying as FIN144
OH-LWR410Airbus A350-900At EFHK (Helsinki)
OH-LWS516Airbus A350-900Flying as FIN132
OH-LXA1405Airbus A320-200At LPPT (Lisbon)
OH-LXB1470Airbus A320-200At LKPR (Prague)
OH-LXC1544Airbus A320-200At EFHK (Helsinki)
OH-LXD1588Airbus A320-200At EFHK (Helsinki)
OH-LXF1712Airbus A320-200At EFHK (Helsinki)
OH-LXH1913Airbus A320-200At LKPR (Prague)
OH-LXI1989Airbus A320-200At EPRJ (Rzeszow)
OH-LXK2065Airbus A320-200At EFHK (Helsinki)
OH-LXL2146Airbus A320-200At EFHK (Helsinki)
OH-LXM2154Airbus A320-200At EFHK (Helsinki)
OH-LZA941Airbus A321-200Unknown Location
OH-LZB961Airbus A321-200Unknown Location
OH-LZC1185Airbus A321-200At LCLK (Larnarca)
OH-LZD1241Airbus A321-200At LCLK (Larnarca)
OH-LZE1978Airbus A321-200At EFHK (Helsinki)
OH-LZF2208Airbus A321-200At LKPR (Prague)
OH-LZG5758Airbus A321-200At EFHK (Helsinki)
OH-LZH5803Airbus A321-200At EFHK (Helsinki)
OH-LZI5922Airbus A321-200At EFHK (Helsinki)
OH-LZK5961Airbus A321-200At EFHK (Helsinki)
OH-LZL6083Airbus A321-200At EFHK (Helsinki)
OH-LZM7552Airbus A321-200At EFHK (Helsinki)
OH-LZN7570Airbus A321-200At EFHK (Helsinki)
OH-LZP7661Airbus A321-200At EFHK (Helsinki)
OH-LZR7981Airbus A321-200At EFHK (Helsinki)
OH-LZS8069Airbus A321-200At EFHK (Helsinki)
OH-LZT8041Airbus A321-200At EGLL (London)

C-FINZ1117Eurocopter EC-135
D-ABCP6629Airbus A321-200
F-GEDZ005Avions de Transport Regional ATR-42-300
F-GGFA006Avions de Transport Regional ATR-42-300
N345HC48265Douglas DC-10
OH-KRA126Avions de Transport Regional ATR-72-200
OH-KRB140Avions de Transport Regional ATR-72-200
OH-KRC145Avions de Transport Regional ATR-72-200
OH-KRD162Avions de Transport Regional ATR-72-200
OH-KRE174Avions de Transport Regional ATR-72-200
OH-KRF324Avions de Transport Regional ATR-72-200
OH-KRH212Avions de Transport Regional ATR-72-200
OH-KRK251Avions de Transport Regional ATR-72-200
OH-KRL332Avions de Transport Regional ATR-72-200
OH-LAA299Airbus A300B4
OH-LAB302Airbus A300B4
OH-LBO28172Boeing B757-200
OH-LBR28167Boeing B757-200
OH-LBS27623Boeing B757-200
OH-LBT28170Boeing B757-200
OH-LBU29377Boeing B757-200
OH-LBV30046Boeing B757-200
OH-LBX29382Boeing B757-200
OH-LEE17000093Embraer EMB-170
OH-LEF17000106Embraer EMB-170
OH-LEG17000107Embraer EMB-170
OH-LEH17000112Embraer EMB-170
OH-LEI17000120Embraer EMB-170
OH-LEK17000127Embraer EMB-170
OH-LEL17000139Embraer EMB-170
OH-LEM17000141Embraer EMB-170
OH-LEN17000146Embraer EMB-170
OH-LEO17000150Embraer EMB-170
OH-LGA48449McDonnell Douglas MD-11
OH-LGB48450McDonnell Douglas MD-11
OH-LGC48512McDonnell Douglas MD-11
OH-LGD48513McDonnell Douglas MD-11
OH-LGE48780McDonnell Douglas MD-11
OH-LGF48766McDonnell Douglas MD-11
OH-LGG48753McDonnell Douglas MD-11
OH-LHA47956Douglas DC-10
OH-LHB47957Douglas DC-10
OH-LHD47865Douglas DC-10
OH-LHE46978Douglas DC-10
OH-LMA49403McDonnell Douglas MD-87
OH-LMB49404McDonnell Douglas MD-87
OH-LMC49405McDonnell Douglas MD-87
OH-LMG49625McDonnell Douglas MD-83
OH-LMH53245McDonnell Douglas MD-82
OH-LMN49150McDonnell Douglas MD-82
OH-LMO49151McDonnell Douglas MD-82
OH-LMP49152McDonnell Douglas MD-82
OH-LMR49284McDonnell Douglas MD-83
OH-LMS49252McDonnell Douglas MD-83
OH-LMT49877McDonnell Douglas MD-82
OH-LMU49741McDonnell Douglas MD-83
OH-LMV49904McDonnell Douglas MD-83
OH-LMW49905McDonnell Douglas MD-82
OH-LMX49906McDonnell Douglas MD-82
OH-LMY53244McDonnell Douglas MD-82
OH-LMZ53246McDonnell Douglas MD-82
OH-LNA47603Douglas DC-9 41
OH-LNB47604Douglas DC-9 41
OH-LNC47613Douglas DC-9 41
OH-LND47606Douglas DC-9 41
OH-LNE47605Douglas DC-9 41
OH-LNF47614Douglas DC-9 41
OH-LPA49900McDonnell Douglas MD-82
OH-LPB49966McDonnell Douglas MD-83
OH-LPC49965McDonnell Douglas MD-83
OH-LPD49710McDonnell Douglas MD-83
OH-LPE49401McDonnell Douglas MD-83
OH-LPF49574McDonnell Douglas MD-83
OH-LPG49708McDonnell Douglas MD-83
OH-LPH49623McDonnell Douglas MD-83
OH-LQA58Airbus A340-300
OH-LQB835Airbus A340-300
OH-LQC844Airbus A340-300
OH-LQD921Airbus A340-300
OH-LQE938Airbus A340-300
OH-LQF168Airbus A340-300
OH-LQG174Airbus A340-300
OH-LTA006Avions de Transport Regional ATR-42-300
OH-LTB022Avions de Transport Regional ATR-42-300
OH-LTC033Avions de Transport Regional ATR-42-300
OH-LTD039Avions de Transport Regional ATR-42-300
OH-LTE044Avions de Transport Regional ATR-42-300
OH-LVA1073Airbus A319-100
OH-LVB1107Airbus A319-100
OH-LVE1791Airbus A319-100
OH-LVF1808Airbus A319-100
OH-LVG1916Airbus A319-100
OH-LXE1678Airbus A320-200
OH-LXG1735Airbus A320-200
OH-LYA45713Douglas DC-9 14
OH-LYB45712Douglas DC-9 14
OH-LYC45711Douglas DC-9 14
OH-LYD45725Douglas DC-9 14
OH-LYE45729Douglas DC-9 14
OH-LYG45730Douglas DC-9 14
OH-LYH47044Douglas DC-9-10
OH-LYI47045Douglas DC-9-10
OH-LYK45841Douglas DC-9-10
OH-LYN47694Douglas DC-9-50
OH-LYO47695Douglas DC-9-50
OH-LYP47696Douglas DC-9-50
OH-LYR47736Douglas DC-9-50
OH-LYS47737Douglas DC-9-50
OH-LYT47738Douglas DC-9-50
OH-LYU47771Douglas DC-9-50
OH-LYV47772Douglas DC-9-50
OH-LYW47773Douglas DC-9-50
OH-LYX48134Douglas DC-9-50
OH-LYY48135Douglas DC-9-50
OH-LYZ48136Douglas DC-9-50
OH-LZO7611Airbus A321-200
OH-LZU8401Airbus A321-200
SE-DHB49396McDonnell Douglas MD-83
TF-ABJ19594Boeing B737-200
TF-ABT20458Boeing B737-200

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