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Excellent Air Fleet List


Excellent Air Fleet List
Airline Name: Excellent Air
Active Fleet size: 15
Historic Fleet size: 6
Country: Germany

Excellent Air Active Fleet

RegistrationSerialAircraft TypeLiveryStatus
D-CENT525B0200Cessna Cessna 525B Citation CJ3Active
D-CEUS525C0233Textron Aviation Citation CJ4Active
D-CFRT525C0140Cessna Citation CJ4Active
D-CGER525B0081Cessna Cessna 525B Citation CJ3Active
D-COBH525B0161Cessna Cessna 525B Citation CJ3Active
D-COGA525B0198Cessna Cessna 525B Citation CJ3Active
D-ICMD525A0125Cessna Cessna 525A Citation CJ2Active
D-IFRT525A0447Cessna Cessna 525A Citation CJ2Active
D-IJOA525A0034Cessna Cessna 525A Citation CJ2Active
D-IOHL525A0233Cessna Cessna 525A Citation CJ2Active
D-IQQQ525A0196Cessna Cessna 525A Citation CJ2Active
D-ISJA525A0348Cessna Cessna 525A Citation CJ2Active
D-ISJP525A0030Cessna Cessna 525A Citation CJ2Active
D-ISUN525A0143Cessna Cessna 525A Citation CJ2Active
D-IWIR525A0102Cessna Cessna 525A Citation CJ2Active

Excellent Air Historic Fleet

RegistrationSerialAircraft TypeStatus
D-CHDJ560-5744Cessna Cessna 560XL Citation ExcelInactive
D-CNOC560-5814Cessna Cessna 560XL Citation ExcelInactive
D-ICMS525A0108Cessna Cessna 525A Citation CJ2Inactive
D-IDWC525A0447Cessna Cessna 525A Citation CJ2Inactive
D-IEKU525A0043Cessna Cessna 525A Citation CJ2Inactive
D-ILWP525A0471Cessna Cessna 525A Citation CJ2Inactive

Photos of Excellent Air Fleet

D-ICMD, 02-Jun-2024

D-CHDJ, 07-Nov-2023
© Luc Verkuringen

D-ISJP, 21-Sep-2023
© Matthew Burrell

D-IOHL, 02-Jul-2023
© Graham Rowe

D-IWIR, 02-Jun-2023
© Luc Verkuringen

D-COGA, 23-Nov-2022
© Andrew Brain

D-CHDJ, 11-Nov-2022
© John Molloy

D-IFRT, 16-Oct-2022
© Richard Lewis Fuller

D-IOHL, 23-Sep-2022
© Peter Hutt

D-IQQQ, 27-Aug-2022
© Marcel Peters

D-IFRT, 08-Aug-2022
© Luc Verkuringen

D-IQQQ, 28-Jun-2022

Sightings of Excellent Air Fleet

RegistrationAircraft TypeDate SeenLocation
D-ICMDCessna 525A Citation CJ202-06-2024Biggin Hill
D-ISUNCessna 525A Citation CJ230-05-2024Hamburg
D-ICMDCessna 525A Citation CJ213-05-2024Birmingham
D-CGERCessna 525B Citation CJ302-05-2024Blackpool
D-IFRTCessna 525A Citation CJ201-04-2024Manchester
D-IOHLCessna 525A Citation CJ224-03-2024Belfast Intl
D-CGERCessna 525B Citation CJ305-02-2024Cologne Bonn
D-ICMDCessna 525A Citation CJ218-12-2023Luton
D-ISUNCessna 525A Citation CJ228-11-2023Luton
D-IJOACessna 525A Citation CJ207-11-2023Manchester
D-CHDJCessna 560XL Citation Excel07-11-2023Brussels Zaventem
D-IJOACessna 525A Citation CJ207-11-2023Manchester

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Excellent Air Fleet Information

The airline Excellent Air is based in Germany, currently the airline uses the callsign: EXCELLENT AIR and has an active fleet size of 15 aircraft, the airline has a historic fleet size of 6. Excellent Air flies with the IATA and ICAO codes of Excellent Air / . We have been tracking Excellent Air since the airline launched.