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Enter Air Fleet List


Enter Air Fleet List
Airline Name: Enter Air
Active Fleet size: 28
Historic Fleet size: 17
Country: Poland

Enter Air Active Fleet

RegistrationSerialAircraft TypeLiveryStatus
SP-ENG32365Boeing B737-800Active
SP-ENL32366Boeing B737-800Active
SP-ENM32367Boeing B737-800Active
SP-ENN32368Boeing B737-800Active
SP-ENO29921Boeing B737-800Active
SP-ENP29923Boeing B737-800Active
SP-ENQ29036Boeing B737-800Active
SP-ENR30652Boeing B737-800Active
SP-ENT29926Boeing B737-800Active
SP-ENU30675Boeing B737-800Active
SP-ENV33014Boeing B737-800Active
SP-ENW28073Boeing B737-800Active
SP-ENX30627Boeing B737-800Active
SP-ESA30680Boeing B737-800Active
SP-ESB30692Boeing B737-800Active
SP-ESC29933Boeing B737-800Active
SP-ESD29934Boeing B737-800Active
SP-ESE30688Boeing B737-800Active
SP-ESF40287Boeing B737-800Active
SP-ESG30690Boeing B737-800Active
SP-ESH35287Boeing B737-800Active
SP-ESI30684Boeing B737-800Active
SP-ESK30693Boeing B737-800Active
SP-EXA64295Boeing B737 MAX 8Active
SP-EXB64296Boeing B737 MAX 8Active
SP-EXC44624Boeing B737 MAX 8Active
SP-EXE60388Boeing B737 MAX 8Active
SP-EXF61862Boeing B737 MAX 8Active

Enter Air Historic Fleet

RegistrationSerialAircraft TypeStatus
LZ-EAC2322Airbus A320-200Inactive
LZ-EAD2717Airbus A320-200Inactive
LZ-EAI1862Airbus A320-200Inactive
LZ-MDO879Airbus A320-200Inactive
N823AV28823Boeing B737-800Inactive
SP-ENA26320Boeing B737-400Inactive
SP-ENB26299Boeing B737-400Inactive
SP-ENC25376Boeing B737-400Inactive
SP-ENE25374Boeing B737-400Inactive
SP-ENF25429Boeing B737-400Inactive
SP-ENH25795Boeing B737-400Inactive
SP-ENI28489Boeing B737-400Inactive
SP-ENK28038Boeing B737-400Inactive
SP-ENY28592Boeing B737-800Inactive
SP-ENZ28823Boeing B737-800Inactive
SP-EXD44629Boeing B737 MAX 8Inactive
YL-LCM244Airbus A320-200Inactive

Photos of Enter Air Fleet

SP-EXF, 24-May-2024
© Peter Hutt

SP-ENQ, 24-May-2024
© Peter Hutt

OM-MEX, 22-May-2024
© Tony Smith

SP-ENR, 22-May-2024
© Tony Smith

SP-ENW, 22-May-2024
© Tony Smith

OM-HEX, 22-May-2024
© Tony Smith

SP-ESI, 22-May-2024
© Tony Smith

SP-ENG, 17-May-2024
© Peter Hutt

SP-ESF, 12-Apr-2024
© Sharanpal Gill

SP-ENT, 09-Mar-2024
© Shaun Grist

SP-ESI, 09-Mar-2024
© Shaun Grist

SP-ENQ, 09-Mar-2024
© Shaun Grist

Sightings of Enter Air Fleet

RegistrationAircraft TypeDate SeenLocation
SP-EXHB737 MAX 806-07-2024Lanzarote
SP-EXIB737 MAX 804-07-2024Lanzarote
OM-MEXB737-80028-06-2024Rhodes Diagoras
SP-EXCB737 MAX 828-06-2024Rhodes Diagoras
SP-EXIB737 MAX 828-06-2024Rhodes Diagoras
SP-ENXB737-80028-06-2024Rhodes Diagoras
OM-FEXB737-80028-06-2024Rhodes Diagoras
SP-ENVB737-80025-06-2024Rhodes Diagoras
SP-EXHB737 MAX 825-06-2024Rhodes Diagoras
SP-ESCB737-80020-06-2024Palma De Mallorca

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Enter Air Fleet Information

The airline Enter Air is based in Poland, currently the airline uses the callsign: ENTER and has an active fleet size of 28 aircraft, the airline has a historic fleet size of 17. Enter Air flies with the IATA and ICAO codes of Enter Air / OF. We have been tracking Enter Air since the airline launched.