Airline Name: Eastern Airlines
Active Fleet size: 18
Historic Fleet size: 45
Callsign:STAR WING
Country: Germany

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RegistrationSerialAircraft TypeLiveryStatus
N225NE25194Boeing B767-300At KMIA (Miami)
N272JM27652Boeing B777-200Unknown Location
N276JM27636Boeing B777-200Unknown Location
N36NE25193Boeing B767-300At KOQU (North Kingstown)
N503KW28553Boeing B767-300Unknown Location
N509KW27659Boeing B767-300Unknown Location
N602KW23306Boeing B767-200At KMCI (Kansas City)
N603KW23213Boeing B767-200Unknown Location
N604KW24145Boeing B767-200Unknown Location
N605KW23180Boeing B767-200At KMIA (Miami)
N606KW24324Boeing B767-200Unknown Location
N700KW25443Boeing B767-300Unknown Location
N703KW24343Boeing B767-300At KMIA (Miami)
N705KW24342Boeing B767-300Unknown Location
N706KW24339Boeing B767-300At KMIA (Miami)
N771KW28530Boeing B777-200At KMCI (Kansas City)
N783KW33683Boeing B777-200Unknown Location
N821JT28410Boeing B777-200Unknown Location

D-AERM1153Lockheed L 1011
D-AERN1158Lockheed L 1011
D-AERP1152Lockheed L 1011
N110021014Lockheed L 1011
N110061018Lockheed L 1011
N301EA1002Lockheed L 1011
N302EA1003Lockheed L 1011
N303EA1004Lockheed L 1011
N304EA1005Lockheed L 1011
N305EA1006Lockheed L 1011
N306EA1007Lockheed L 1011
N307EA1008Lockheed L 1011
N308EA1009Lockheed L 1011
N310011013Lockheed L 1011
N310EA1011Lockheed L 1011
N311EA1012Lockheed L 1011
N312EA1019Lockheed L 1011
N313EA1020Lockheed L 1011
N314EA1022Lockheed L 1011
N315EA1023Lockheed L 1011
N316EA1037Lockheed L 1011
N317EA1038Lockheed L 1011
N318EA1039Lockheed L 1011
N319EA1040Lockheed L 1011
N320EA1042Lockheed L 1011
N321EA1043Lockheed L 1011
N322EA1044Lockheed L 1011
N323EA1045Lockheed L 1011
N324EA1050Lockheed L 1011
N325EA1051Lockheed L 1011
N326EA1054Lockheed L 1011
N327EA1055Lockheed L 1011
N328EA1056Lockheed L 1011
N329EA1085Lockheed L 1011
N330EA1087Lockheed L 1011
N332EA1123Lockheed L 1011
N333EA1126Lockheed L 1011
N334EA1141Lockheed L 1011
N335EA1142Lockheed L 1011
N337EA1152Lockheed L 1011
N338EA1153Lockheed L 1011
N339EA1158Lockheed L 1011
N371EA1008Lockheed L 1011
N410201072Lockheed L 1011
N616KW27309Boeing B767-300

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