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Name: Donghai Airlines
Fleet size: 27

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B-110443910Boeing 737NG 800/WAt ZGSD (Zhuhai)
B-110561280Boeing 737NG 800/WUnknown Location
B-115961281Boeing 737NG 800/WUnknown Location
B-141561276Boeing 737NG 800/WUnknown Location
B-146261277Boeing 737NG 800/WUnknown Location
B-153242156Boeing 737NG 83Z/WUnknown Location
B-153342157Boeing 737NG 83Z/WAt ZGSZ (Shenzhen)
B-157561274Boeing 737NG 800/WUnknown Location
B-159061275Boeing 737NG 800/WUnknown Location
B-170539387Boeing 737NG 86J/WFlying as EPA6302
B-177041802Boeing 737NG 8Q8/WUnknown Location
B-177141803Boeing 737NG 8Q8/WAt ZUCK (Chongqing)
B-204N43899Boeing 737NG 800/WUnknown Location
B-20AM61283Boeing 737MAX 8Unknown Location
B-20C261284Boeing 737MAX 8Unknown Location
B-20CY61286Boeing 737MAX 8Unknown Location
B-251823397Boeing 737 3W0SFUnknown Location
B-531129373Boeing 737NG 8Q8At ZGSZ (Shenzhen)
B-531330716Boeing 737NG 8Q8Unknown Location
B-698061268Boeing 737NG 83Z/WUnknown Location
B-698161271Boeing 737NG 83Z/WUnknown Location
B-698261270Boeing 737NG 83Z/WUnknown Location
B-698361269Boeing 737NG 83Z/WAt ZGSD (Zhuhai)
B-710041810Boeing 737NG 8Q8/WUnknown Location
B-730061278Boeing 737NG 800/WUnknown Location
B-763061272Boeing 737NG 83Z/WAt ZGSZ (Shenzhen)
B-763161273Boeing 737NG 83Z/WAt ZGSD (Zhuhai)


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