Airline Name: EL AL
Active Fleet size: 51
Historic Fleet size: 64
Country: Israel

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RegistrationSerialAircraft TypeLiveryStatus
4X-EAJ25208Boeing B767-300Unknown Location
4X-ECA30831Boeing B777-200Unknown Location
4X-ECB30832Boeing B777-200Unknown Location
4X-ECC30833Boeing B777-200Unknown Location
4X-ECD33169Boeing B777-200At LLBG (Tel Aviv)
4X-ECE36083Boeing B777-200At LLBG (Tel Aviv)
4X-ECF36084Boeing B777-200Unknown Location
4X-EDA63548Boeing B787-9 DreamlinerFlying as ELY017
4X-EDB42117Boeing B787-9 DreamlinerFlying as ELY005
4X-EDC38086Boeing B787-9 DreamlinerAt LLBG (Tel Aviv)
4X-EDD63392Boeing B787-9 DreamlinerUnknown Location
4X-EDE63393Boeing B787-9 DreamlinerAt KEWR (Newark)
4X-EDF63394Boeing B787-9 DreamlinerRetro (1960s)Flying as ELY004
4X-EDH38085Boeing B787-9 DreamlinerFlying as ELY011
4X-EDI38800Boeing B787-9 DreamlinerAt LLBG (Tel Aviv)
4X-EDJ65086Boeing B787-9 DreamlinerFlying as ELY018
4X-EDK63395Boeing B787-9 DreamlinerUnknown Location
4X-EDL65094Boeing B787-9 DreamlinerFlying as ELY001
4X-EDM38783Boeing B787-9 DreamlinerJerusalem of GoldUnknown Location
4X-EHA41552Boeing B737-900At LLBG (Tel Aviv)
4X-EHB41553Boeing B737-900At LLBG (Tel Aviv)
4X-EHC41554Boeing B737-900At LLBG (Tel Aviv)
4X-EHD41555Boeing B737-900Peace (sticker)At LLBG (Tel Aviv)
4X-EHE41556Boeing B737-900At LLBG (Tel Aviv)
4X-EHF41557Boeing B737-900At LLBG (Tel Aviv)
4X-EHH41558Boeing B737-900Unknown Location
4X-EHI41559Boeing B737-900Unknown Location
4X-EKA29957Boeing B737-800At LLBG (Tel Aviv)
4X-EKB29958Boeing B737-800At LLBG (Tel Aviv)
4X-EKC29959Boeing B737-800Unknown Location
4X-EKF29638Boeing B737-800At LLBG (Tel Aviv)
4X-EKH35485Boeing B737-800At LLBG (Tel Aviv)
4X-EKI28587Boeing B737-800At LLBG (Tel Aviv)
4X-EKJ35486Boeing B737-800At LLBG (Tel Aviv)
4X-EKK39070Boeing B737-800Unknown Location
4X-EKL35487Boeing B737-800At LLBG (Tel Aviv)
4X-EKM30465Boeing B737-800Unknown Location
4X-EKO30287Boeing B737-800Unknown Location
4X-EKP30639Boeing B737-800Unknown Location
4X-EKR30466Boeing B737-800At LLBG (Tel Aviv)
4X-EKS36433Boeing B737-800Unknown Location
4X-EKT33030Boeing B737-800Unknown Location
4X-EKU33834Boeing B737-800At LLBG (Tel Aviv)
4X-ELC27915Boeing B747-400Unknown Location
4X-ELD29328Boeing B747-400Unknown Location
4X-ELH26555Boeing B747-400Unknown Location
4X-ERA63396Boeing B787-8 DreamlinerAt CYYZ (Toronto)
4X-ERB63397Boeing B787-8 DreamlinerAt LLBG (Tel Aviv)
4X-ERC63399Boeing B787-8 DreamlinerFlying as ELY027
4X-ERD63398Boeing B787-8 DreamlinerUnknown Location
N953KW24953Boeing B767-300Unknown Location

4X-ABL21736Boeing B737-200
4X-ABM22090Boeing B737-200
4X-ABN22856Boeing B737-200
4X-ABO22857Boeing B737-200
4X-ATA18070Boeing B707-400
4X-ATE18456Boeing B707-300
4X-AXA20135Boeing B747-200
4X-AXB20274Boeing B747-200
4X-AXC20704Boeing B747-200
4X-AXD21190Boeing B747-200
4X-AXF21594Boeing B747-200
4X-AXG21737Boeing B747-200
4X-AXH22254Boeing B747-200
4X-AXK22151Boeing B747-200
4X-AXL22150Boeing B747-200
4X-AXM22485Boeing B747-200
4X-AXQ20841Boeing B747-200
4X-AXZ19735Boeing B747-100
4X-EAA22972Boeing B767-200
4X-EAB22973Boeing B767-200
4X-EAC22974Boeing B767-200
4X-EAD22975Boeing B767-200
4X-EAE24832Boeing B767-200
4X-EAF24854Boeing B767-200
4X-EAK27600Boeing B767-300
4X-EAL27477Boeing B767-300
4X-EAM28132Boeing B767-300
4X-EAN27993Boeing B767-300
4X-EAP24953Boeing B767-300
4X-EAR26262Boeing B767-300
4X-EBF24136Boeing B757-200
4X-EBI27622Boeing B757-200
4X-EBL23917Boeing B757-200
4X-EBM23918Boeing B757-200
4X-EBR24254Boeing B757-200
4X-EBS24884Boeing B757-200
4X-EBT25036Boeing B757-200
4X-EBU26053Boeing B757-200
4X-EBV26054Boeing B757-200
4X-EKD29960Boeing B737-700
4X-EKE29961Boeing B737-700
4X-ELA26055Boeing B747-400
4X-ELB26056Boeing B747-400
4X-ELE26551Boeing B747-400
4X-ELF26563Boeing B747-400
4X-ELS27132Boeing B747-400
CS-TFX912Airbus A340-500
EC-ISY26241Boeing B757-200
EC-MDS26910Boeing B747-400
ES-SAQ984Airbus A320-200
G-BPEA24370Boeing B757-200
LX-DCV20887Boeing B747-200
N130KR18071Boeing B707-400
N265BR26563Boeing B747-400
N278WA48746McDonnell Douglas MD-11
N5330219004Boeing B707-300
N725SH27993Boeing B767-300
N748WA20652Boeing B747-200
N801FT20101Boeing B747-100
N803FT19897Boeing B747-100
N804FT20246Boeing B747-100
N9311720322Boeing B747-100
TF-ATH24106Boeing B747-300
TF-AYF20097Boeing B707-300

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CallsignRegistrationTypeAltitudeSpeedTrack Live
ELY0174X-EDAB787-9 Dreamliner35975ft.463kts.
ELY0054X-EDBB787-9 Dreamliner36000ft.486.7kts.
ELY0114X-EDHB787-9 Dreamliner38000ft.493.1kts.
ELY0014X-EDLB787-9 Dreamliner35975ft.500kts.
ELY0274X-ERCB787-8 Dreamliner38000ft.495kts.
ELY0044X-EDFB787-9 Dreamliner38975ft.527kts.
ELY0184X-EDJB787-9 Dreamliner39000ft.524kts.

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