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DHL Aviation ME Fleet List


DHL Aviation ME Fleet List
Airline Name: DHL Aviation ME
Active Fleet size: 13
Historic Fleet size: 14
Country: Bahrain

DHL Aviation ME Active Fleet

RegistrationSerialAircraft TypeLiveryStatus
A9C-DHAA33083Boeing B767-300Active
A9C-DHAB29606Boeing B767-300No.1 Best Workplace (sticker)Active
A9C-DHAC29603Boeing B767-300As One Against Cancer (sticker)Active
A9C-DHS33087Boeing B767-300Bahrain National Day (sticker)Active
A9C-DHT33086Boeing B767-300Active
A9C-DHU33085Boeing B767-300Active
A9C-DHV33081Boeing B767-300Active
A9C-DHW33089Boeing B767-300Active
A9C-DHY33088Boeing B767-300No.1 Best Workplace / White Cane Day (stickers)Active
A9C-DHZ33082Boeing B767-300No.1 Best Workplace (sticker)Active
N787AX23020Boeing B767-200Active
N793AX23143Boeing B767-200Active
N794AX23144Boeing B767-200Active

DHL Aviation ME Historic Fleet

RegistrationSerialAircraft TypeStatus
A9C-DHF24102Boeing B757-200Inactive
A9C-DHJ23146Boeing B767-200Inactive
A9C-DHL24635Boeing B757-200Inactive
A9C-DHM22787Boeing B767-200Inactive
A9C-DHO23143Boeing B767-200Inactive
A9C-DHP23144Boeing B767-200Inactive
A9C-DHQ22790Boeing B767-200Inactive
A9C-DHR23020Boeing B767-200Inactive
HZ-SNB21084Boeing B727-200Inactive
LZ-CGT24691Boeing B737-400Inactive
N241AL22210Boeing B757-200Inactive
N342AN33081Boeing B767-300Inactive
N346AN33085Boeing B767-300Inactive
VH-BRN24868Boeing B757-200Inactive

Sightings of DHL Aviation ME Fleet

RegistrationAircraft TypeDate SeenLocation
A9C-DHAAB767-30004-06-2024Leipzig Halle
N787AXB767-20025-10-2023Wilmington Airborne Airpark
A9C-DHYB767-30014-06-2023Sabiha Gocken
N241ALB757-20026-10-2022Phoenix Goodyear
A9C-DHWB767-30011-06-2022Dubai Intl
A9C-DHVB767-30011-06-2022Dubai Intl
A9C-DHUB767-30019-03-2022London Heathrow
A9C-DHUB767-30019-03-2022London Heathrow
A9C-DHUB767-30019-03-2022London Heathrow
A9C-DHYB767-30012-03-2022London Heathrow
A9C-DHYB767-30022-01-2022London Heathrow
A9C-DHYB767-30025-12-2021London Heathrow

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DHL Aviation ME Fleet Information

The airline DHL Aviation ME is based in Bahrain, currently the airline uses the callsign: DILMUN and has an active fleet size of 13 aircraft, the airline has a historic fleet size of 14. DHL Aviation ME flies with the IATA and ICAO codes of DHL Aviation ME / ES. We have been tracking DHL Aviation ME since the airline launched.