Airline Name: Corendon Air
Active Fleet size: 0
Historic Fleet size: 33
Country: Turkey

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RegistrationSerialAircraft TypeLiveryStatus

9H-TJA34409 B737-800
ES-SAL566Airbus A320-200
OM-GTE29925Boeing B737-800
OM-GTF28070Boeing B737-800
OM-GTG32604Boeing B737-800
OM-GTH29644Boeing B737-800
SX-SOF2479Airbus A320-200
TC-COE36881Boeing B737-800
TC-COH35850Boeing B737-800
TC-CON39412Boeing B737-800
TC-COR42058Boeing B737-800
TC-MKB60220Boeing 737MAX 8
TC-MKE60202Boeing 737MAX 8
TC-MKS64936Boeing 737MAX 8
TC-MKZ61855Boeing 737MAX 8
TC-TJB27633Boeing B737-300
TC-TJG29120Boeing B737-800
TC-TJH29121Boeing B737-800
TC-TJI29246Boeing B737-800
TC-TJJ29247Boeing B737-800
TC-TJK35794Boeing B737-800
TC-TJL32920Boeing B737-800
TC-TJM28218Boeing B737-800
TC-TJN28535Boeing B737-800
TC-TJO34253Boeing B737-800
TC-TJP33022Boeing B737-800
TC-TJR40723Boeing B737-800
TC-TJS34252Boeing B737-800
TC-TJT36529Boeing B737-800
TC-TJU29681Boeing B737-800
TC-TJV37740Boeing B737-800
TC-TJY34991Boeing B737-800
ZS-GAW54Airbus A320-200

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