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Cayman Airways Fleet List


Airline Name: Cayman Airways
Active Fleet size: 6
Historic Fleet size: 31
Country: Cayman Islands

Active Fleet

RegistrationSerialAircraft TypeLiveryStatus
VP-CBR340B-451Saab Saab 340Active
VP-CIW63809Boeing B737 MAX 8Active
VP-CIX63561Boeing B737 MAX 8Active
VP-CIY43308Boeing B737 MAX 8Active
VP-CIZ43336Boeing B737 MAX 81st 737-8 In The Caribbean (sticker)Active
VP-CKI340B-421Saab Saab 340Active

Historic Fleet

RegistrationSerialAircraft TypeStatus
G-BKNH21820Boeing B737-200Inactive
N102RA26286Boeing B737-300Inactive
N104RA26322Boeing B737-300Inactive
N105RA27626Boeing B737-300Inactive
N2117X19424Boeing B737-200Inactive
N29AF45826Douglas DC-9-10Inactive
N50AF47010Douglas DC-9-10Inactive
N67AF19554Boeing B737-200Inactive
N705ML22055Boeing B737-200Inactive
VP-CAL22022Boeing B737-200Inactive
VP-CAY26286Boeing B737-300Inactive
VP-CBR451Saab Saab 340Inactive
VP-CKI421Saab Saab 340Inactive
VP-CKW26322Boeing B737-300Inactive
VP-CKX23162Boeing B737-200Inactive
VP-CKY26282Boeing B737-300Inactive
VP-CKZ27626Boeing B737-300Inactive
VP-CNG30289Boeing B737-800Inactive
VP-CXA602de Havilland Canada DHC-6 Twin OtterInactive
VP-CXB563de Havilland Canada DHC-6 Twin OtterInactive
VP-CYB21929Boeing B737-200Inactive
VR-CAA25371Boeing B737-400Inactive
VR-CAB24519Boeing B737-400Inactive
VR-CAL24512Boeing B737-400Inactive
VR-CAL22022Boeing B737-200Inactive
VR-CCW23387Boeing B737-300Inactive
VR-CEF23162Boeing B737-200Inactive
VR-CKX23162Boeing B737-200Inactive
VR-CNN21518Boeing B737-200Inactive
VR-CRC25040Boeing B737-300Inactive
VR-CYB22074Boeing B737-200Inactive

Photos of Cayman Airways Aircraft

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VP-CIZ, 17-Jan-2024
© Tobias Rose

VP-CIY, 12-Aug-2023
© Jim Donten

VP-CIY, 18-Feb-2023
© Jim Donten

VP-CIZ, 24-Jul-2022
© Jim Donten

VP-CIY, 09-Jan-2022
© Jim Donten

VP-CIY, 02-Jan-2022
© Jim Donten

VP-CIX, 23-Dec-2021
© Tom Freeman

VP-CKI, 28-Jun-2021
© Jim Donten

VP-CKZ, 22-Mar-2020
© Jim Donten

VP-CKZ, 15-Jun-2019
© Jim Donten

VP-CKZ, 27-May-2019
© Jim Donten

VP-CAY, 03-Sep-2018
© Jim Donten