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Caspian Airlines Fleet List


Caspian Airlines Fleet List
Airline Name: Caspian Airlines
Active Fleet size: 11
Historic Fleet size: 21
Country: Iran

Caspian Airlines Active Fleet

RegistrationSerialAircraft TypeLiveryStatus
EP-CAP26466Boeing B737-400Active
EP-CAQ26467Boeing B737-400Active
EP-CAR26451Boeing B737-400Active
EP-CAS53623McDonnell Douglas MD-83Active
EP-CPD53188McDonnell Douglas MD-83Active
EP-CPU53223McDonnell Douglas MD-82Active
EP-CPV49938McDonnell Douglas MD-83Active
EP-CPX53463McDonnell Douglas MD-83Active
EP-KPA28919Boeing B737-500Active
EP-KPB28924Boeing B737-500Active
EW-254PA26294Boeing B737-300World of TanksActive

Caspian Airlines Historic Fleet

RegistrationSerialAircraft TypeStatus
EP-CPN91A898Tupolev Tu-154Inactive
EP-CPO91A899Tupolev Tu-154Inactive
EP-CPS93A957Tupolev Tu-154Inactive
EP-CPT93A964Tupolev Tu-154Inactive
EP-CPZ53464McDonnell Douglas MD-83Inactive
EP-CQA21507Boeing B747-200Inactive
EP-CQB19667Boeing B747-100Inactive
EP-SIH21487Boeing B747-200Inactive
T7-AWA26467Boeing B737-400Inactive
T7-AWB26466Boeing B737-400Inactive
T7-AWE26443Boeing B737-400Inactive
UR-BHJ53184McDonnell Douglas MD-83Inactive
UR-CDI49279McDonnell Douglas MD-82Inactive
UR-CEW49634McDonnell Douglas MD-82Inactive
UR-CHN49938McDonnell Douglas MD-83Inactive
UR-CJX53463McDonnell Douglas MD-83Inactive
UR-CJY53464McDonnell Douglas MD-83Inactive
UR-CLY53188McDonnell Douglas MD-83Inactive
UR-COK29055Boeing B737-300Inactive
UR-COO53623Mcdonnell Douglas MD-83Inactive
UR-CPO28919Boeing B737-500Inactive

Sightings of Caspian Airlines Fleet

RegistrationAircraft TypeDate SeenLocation
EP-CPTTU-15414-08-2018Dubai Intl
UP-T5407TU-15414-08-2018Dubai Intl
EP-CPZMD-8312-10-2013Sabiha Gocken
UR-BHJMMD-8313-11-2011Dubai Intl
EP-CPXDouglas DC-901-01-2000Unst Airport
EC-FXADC-909-09-1996Palma De Mallorca

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Caspian Airlines Fleet Information

The airline Caspian Airlines is based in Iran, currently the airline uses the callsign: CASPIAN and has an active fleet size of 11 aircraft, the airline has a historic fleet size of 21. Caspian Airlines flies with the IATA and ICAO codes of Caspian Airlines / RV. We have been tracking Caspian Airlines since the airline launched.