Airline Name: Cargolux Airlines International
Active Fleet size: 30
Historic Fleet size: 38
Country: Luxembourg

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RegistrationSerialAircraft TypeLiveryStatus
LX-ECV37303Boeing B747-400At OMDW (Dubai World Central)
LX-GCL34150Boeing B747-400At ELLX (Luxembourg)
LX-ICL30805Boeing B747-400Unknown Location
LX-JCV35171Boeing B747-400At ELLX (Luxembourg)
LX-KCL35236Boeing B747-400Unknown Location
LX-LCL35234Boeing B747-400Flying as CLX7983
LX-MCL35232Boeing B747-400Unknown Location
LX-NCL35170Boeing B747-4001970s RetroFlying as CLX7654
LX-OCV29731Boeing B747-40050 Years (sticker)Flying as CLX7345
LX-RCV30400Boeing B747-400Unknown Location
LX-SCV29733Boeing B747-400Unknown Location
LX-TCV30401Boeing B747-400At LIMC (Milan)
LX-UCV33827Boeing B747-400At LIMC (Milan)
LX-VCA35808Boeing B747-8Powered by Bollore (sticker)Flying as CLX49U
LX-VCB35806Boeing B747-850 Years / Powered by DB Schenker (stickers)Flying as CLX69Z
LX-VCC35807Boeing B747-850th AnniversaryFlying as CLX9583
LX-VCD35809Boeing B747-850 Years (sticker)Unknown Location
LX-VCE35810Boeing B747-8Unknown Location
LX-VCF35811Boeing B747-8Expeditors (sticker) / Not Without My MaskUnknown Location
LX-VCG35812Boeing B747-8At ELLX (Luxembourg)
LX-VCH35821Boeing B747-8Unknown Location
LX-VCI35822Boeing B747-8Unknown Location
LX-VCJ38077Boeing B747-8Unknown Location
LX-VCK38078Boeing B747-8At ELLX (Luxembourg)
LX-VCL35823Boeing B747-8Joe Sutter: Father of the 747 / 50 Years (stickers)At ELLX (Luxembourg)
LX-VCM61169Boeing B747-8CutawayFlying as CLX54G
LX-VCN38076Boeing B747-8Unknown Location
LX-VCV34235Boeing B747-400At ELLX (Luxembourg)
LX-WCV35804Boeing B747-400Unknown Location
LX-YCV35805Boeing B747-400At KMIA (Miami)

LX-ACV21964Boeing B747-200
LX-ACV24200Boeing B747-400
LX-BCV22403Boeing B747-200
LX-DCV20887Boeing B747-200
LX-DCV24619Boeing B747-400
LX-DCV21650Boeing B747-200
LX-ECV22390Boeing B747-200
LX-ECV21965Boeing B747-200
LX-FCL27503Boeing B747-400
LX-FCV25866Boeing B747-400
LX-FCV19658Boeing B747-100
LX-GCV19660Boeing B747-100
LX-GCV25867Boeing B747-400
LX-ICV25632Boeing B747-400
LX-KCV20102Boeing B747-100
LX-KCV25868Boeing B747-400
LX-LCV20105Boeing B747-100
LX-LCV29053Boeing B747-400
LX-MCV20106Boeing B747-100
LX-MCV29729Boeing B747-400
LX-NCV20103Boeing B747-100
LX-NCV29730Boeing B747-400
LX-PCV29732Boeing B747-400
LX-TAP22169Boeing B747-200
LX-ZCV21252Boeing B747-200
LX-ZCV24801Boeing B747-400
N104TR21446Boeing B747-200
N357AS19731Boeing B747-200
N359AS20520Boeing B747-200
N537MC22403Boeing B747-200
N538MC21964Boeing B747-200
N539MC21965Boeing B747-200
N741TV21964Boeing B747-200
N743TV22403Boeing B747-200
N747BC21048Boeing B747-200
N809MC20887Boeing B747-200
N875KW27503Boeing B747-400
TF-ARW24071Boeing B747-200

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