Airline Name: Cargojet Airways
Active Fleet size: 30
Historic Fleet size: 19
Country: Canada

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RegistrationSerialAircraft TypeLiveryStatus
C-FACJ29594Boeing B757-200At CYYC (Calgary)
C-FCAE24083Boeing B767-300Flying as CJT2384
C-FCCJ25197Boeing B767-300Unknown Location
C-FDIJ26257Boeing B767-300Unknown Location
C-FGAJ22319Boeing B767-200At CYYC (Calgary)
C-FGKJ25298Boeing B757-200At KCVG (Cincinnati)
C-FGSJ26256Boeing B767-300Unknown Location
C-FHCJ30431Boeing B767-200Unknown Location
C-FKAJ24566Boeing B757-200At CYHM (Hamilton)
C-FKCJ24792Boeing B757-200At CYHM (Hamilton)
C-FLAJ24567Boeing B757-200At CYXE (Saskatoon)
C-FMAJ24040Boeing B767-300Unknown Location
C-FMIJ27135Boeing B767-300At KMIA (Miami)
C-FOIJ30430Boeing B767-200At CYHM (Hamilton)
C-FPIJ27918Boeing B767-300Flying as 1897
C-GAAJ25449Boeing B767-300At KCVG (Cincinnati)
C-GAJG25446Boeing B767-300Flying as CJT973
C-GCIJ26263Boeing B767-300Unknown Location
C-GCJT24605Boeing B757-200At KCVG (Cincinnati)
C-GIAJ23767Boeing B757-200At KCVG (Cincinnati)
C-GOCJ29227Boeing B767-300At KCVG (Cincinnati)
C-GTCJ25730Boeing B757-200At CYHM (Hamilton)
C-GUAJ26063Boeing B767-300Flying as CJT1382
C-GVAJ24607Boeing B757-200At CYVR (Vancouver)
C-GVIJ27212Boeing B767-300Unknown Location
C-GXAJ25196Boeing B767-300At CYHM (Hamilton)
C-GYAJ26064Boeing B767-300Unknown Location
N226CJ22690Boeing B757-200Unknown Location
N327AR26327Boeing B767-300At LLBG (Tel Aviv)
N379BR29379Boeing B757-200Unknown Location

C-FCJF22011Boeing B727-200
C-FCJI22435Boeing B727-200
C-FCJP22012Boeing B727-200
C-FCJU22759Boeing B727-200
C-FCJV22469Boeing B727-200
C-FMCJ22316Boeing B767-200
C-GCJB21855Boeing B727-200
C-GCJD21988Boeing B727-200
C-GCJI22217Boeing B767-200
C-GCJK22015Boeing B727-200
C-GCJN21451Boeing B727-200
C-GCJO22315Boeing B767-200
C-GCJQ22437Boeing B727-200
C-GCJZ21854Boeing B727-200
C-GKLY22314Boeing B767-200
C-GLSJ20738Boeing B727-200
C-GUJC21979Boeing B727-200
N725US21854Boeing B727-200
N767PR24040Boeing B767-300

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