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Name: Xiamen Airlines
Fleet size: 188

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B-111642959Boeing 737MAX 8Unknown Location
B-111743829Boeing 737MAX 8Unknown Location
B-111843830Boeing 737MAX 8Unknown Location
B-113643831Boeing 737MAX 82000th Boeing Aircraft For China (sticker)Unknown Location
B-113743857Boeing 737MAX 8Unknown Location
B-113943858Boeing 737MAX 8Unknown Location
B-128763690Boeing 737NG 800/WUnknown Location
B-128842956Boeing 737MAX 8Unknown Location
B-128942957Boeing 737MAX 8Unknown Location
B-129042958Boeing 737MAX 8Unknown Location
B-130042940Boeing 737NG 800/WUnknown Location
B-130142944Boeing 737NG 800/WUnknown Location
B-130263683Boeing 737NG 800/WUnknown Location
B-130342943Boeing 737NG 800/WAt ZYTL (Dalian)
B-130563684Boeing 737NG 800/WUnknown Location
B-135263686Boeing 737NG 800/WAt ZSAM (Xiamen)
B-135342952Boeing 737NG 800/WUnknown Location
B-135542953Boeing 737NG 800/WUnknown Location
B-135663323Boeing 787 9United Nations Sustainability Development GoalsAt ZSAM (Xiamen)
B-135763043Boeing 787 9At CYVR (Vancouver)
B-136942954Boeing 737NG 800/WUnknown Location
B-137042955Boeing 737NG 800/WAt ZSFZ (Fuzhou)
B-137163687Boeing 737NG 800/WUnknown Location
B-145542950Boeing 737NG 800/WAt ZSHC (Hangzhou)
B-145642951Boeing 737NG 800/WUnknown Location
B-145763682Boeing 737NG 800/WUnknown Location
B-155042934Boeing 737NG 85C/WAt ZSAM (Xiamen)
B-156663040Boeing 787 9At ZSAM (Xiamen)
B-156763041Boeing 787 9At ZSFZ (Fuzhou)
B-157942936Boeing 737NG 800/WAt ZUCK (Chongqing)
B-158042937Boeing 737NG 800/WUnknown Location
B-170639905Boeing 737NG 85C/WUnknown Location
B-170739906Boeing 737NG 85C/WUnknown Location
B-170839911Boeing 737NG 85C/WUnknown Location
B-170939912Boeing 737NG 85C/WAt ZSSS (Shanghai)
B-174939909Boeing 737NG 85C/WUnknown Location
B-191139907Boeing 737NG 85C/WUnknown Location
B-191239908Boeing 737NG 85C/WAt ZWWW (Ürümqi)
B-191339900Boeing 737NG 85C/WAt ZSAM (Xiamen)
B-191539901Boeing 737NG 85C/WUnknown Location
B-196439914Boeing 737NG 85C/WAt ZSHC (Hangzhou)
B-196639910Boeing 737NG 85C/WUnknown Location
B-196939902Boeing 737NG 85C/WAt ZSAM (Xiamen)
B-197039903Boeing 737NG 85C/WUnknown Location
B-197139904Boeing 737NG 85C/WAt ZSAM (Xiamen)
B-208L42960Boeing 737MAX 8Unknown Location
B-20AQ42961Boeing 737MAX 8Unknown Location
B-20AS43832Boeing 737MAX 8Unknown Location
B-20AZ43833Boeing 737MAX 8Unknown Location
B-20CL43836Boeing 737MAX 8Unknown Location
B-20CM43834Boeing 737MAX 8Unknown Location
B-20CN43835Boeing 737MAX 8Unknown Location
B-20CP43837Boeing 737MAX 8Unknown Location
B-20CQ64677Boeing 737MAX 8Unknown Location
B-20CR64678Boeing 737MAX 8Unknown Location
B-20DU42963Boeing 737MAX 8Unknown Location
B-20DV42964Boeing 737MAX 8Unknown Location
B-20DW42962Boeing 737MAX 8Unknown Location
B-20E043838Boeing 737MAX 8Unknown Location
B-20E164679Boeing 737MAX 8Unknown Location
B-276041540Boeing 787 8At ZBAD (Beijing)
B-276141541Boeing 787 8Flying as CXA8875
B-276241542Boeing 787 8At ZSFZ (Fuzhou)
B-276341543Boeing 787 8Unknown Location
B-276841538Boeing 787 8At ZSAM (Xiamen)
B-276941539Boeing 787 8At ZBAD (Beijing)
B-286234008Boeing 757 25CUnknown Location
B-286634009Boeing 757 25CUnknown Location
B-286832941Boeing 757 25CUnknown Location
B-286932942Boeing 757 25CUnknown Location
B-515134255Boeing 737NG 86N/WUnknown Location
B-515234256Boeing 737NG 86N/WUnknown Location
B-515935044Boeing 737NG 85C/WSkyTeamAt ZSAM (Xiamen)
B-516035045Boeing 737NG 85C/WAt ZSAM (Xiamen)
B-516135046Boeing 737NG 85C/WAt ZSFZ (Fuzhou)
B-516235047Boeing 737NG 85C/WAt ZBAD (Beijing)
B-521634026Boeing 737NG 75C/WAt ZSAM (Xiamen)
B-521834027Boeing 737NG 75C/WUnknown Location
B-521934028Boeing 737NG 75C/WAt ZYTL (Dalian)
B-527738381Boeing 737NG 75C/WAt ZSAM (Xiamen)
B-527838383Boeing 737NG 75C/WUnknown Location
B-527938384Boeing 737NG 75C/WAt ZSFZ (Fuzhou)
B-528038385Boeing 737NG 75C/WAt ZSAM (Xiamen)
B-530135048Boeing 737NG 85C/WUnknown Location
B-530235049Boeing 737NG 85C/WSkyTeamUnknown Location
B-530335050Boeing 737NG 85C/WUnknown Location
B-530535051Boeing 737NG 85C/WUnknown Location
B-530635052Boeing 737NG 85C/WUnknown Location
B-530735053Boeing 737NG 85C/WUnknown Location
B-530832687Boeing 737NG 86N/WAt ZSAM (Xiamen)
B-530932689Boeing 737NG 86N/WAt ZSAM (Xiamen)
B-531830723Boeing 737NG 85C/WUnknown Location
B-531935102Boeing 737NG 8FH/WAt ZBAD (Beijing)
B-535535104Boeing 737NG 8FH/WAt ZSAM (Xiamen)
B-538236540Boeing 737NG 86N/WAt ZSAM (Xiamen)
B-538335631Boeing 737NG 86N/WUnknown Location
B-538535633Boeing 737NG 86N/WAt ZSSS (Shanghai)
B-538635634Boeing 737NG 86N/WUnknown Location
B-538835635Boeing 737NG 86N/WAt ZSAM (Xiamen)
B-538935636Boeing 737NG 86N/WUnknown Location
B-543535644Boeing 737NG 86N/WUnknown Location
B-545835055Boeing 737NG 85C/WUnknown Location
B-547635056Boeing 737NG 85C/WUnknown Location
B-548735058Boeing 737NG 85C/WUnknown Location
B-548837148Boeing 737NG 85C/WUnknown Location
B-548937149Boeing 737NG 85C/WUnknown Location
B-549837574Boeing 737NG 85C/WUnknown Location
B-549937575Boeing 737NG 85C/WUnknown Location
B-552837578Boeing 737NG 85C/WAt ZSAM (Xiamen)
B-552937150Boeing 737NG 85C/WUnknown Location
B-553237151Boeing 737NG 85C/WAt ZSSS (Shanghai)
B-553337152Boeing 737NG 85C/WUnknown Location
B-553537579Boeing 737NG 85C/WAt ZSAM (Xiamen)
B-555136697Boeing 737NG 84P/WUnknown Location
B-555237425Boeing 737NG 84P/WUnknown Location
B-556538015Boeing 737NG 86N/WAt ZSAM (Xiamen)
B-559538017Boeing 737NG 86N/WUnknown Location
B-560136823Boeing 737NG 86N/WAt ZSAM (Xiamen)
B-560236824Boeing 737NG 86N/WAt ZSAM (Xiamen)
B-560338020Boeing 737NG 86N/WAt ZBAD (Beijing)
B-560538022Boeing 737NG 86N/WUnknown Location
B-563038386Boeing 737NG 85C/WUnknown Location
B-563138387Boeing 737NG 85C/WAt ZSAM (Xiamen)
B-563238388Boeing 737NG 85C/WAt ZSSS (Shanghai)
B-563338389Boeing 737NG 85C/WSkyTeamAt ZUCK (Chongqing)
B-563538390Boeing 737NG 85C/WAt ZUCK (Chongqing)
B-565338391Boeing 737NG 85C/WAt ZBAD (Beijing)
B-565538392Boeing 737NG 85C/WAt ZSAM (Xiamen)
B-565638393Boeing 737NG 85C/WBeijing DaxingAt ZUCK (Chongqing)
B-565738394Boeing 737NG 85C/WUnknown Location
B-565838395Boeing 737NG 85C/WAt ZGSZ (Shenzhen)
B-565938396Boeing 737NG 85C/WAt ZSAM (Xiamen)
B-568841792Boeing 737NG 85C/W100th BoeingAt ZSAM (Xiamen)
B-570638398Boeing 737NG 85C/WUnknown Location
B-570738399Boeing 737NG 85C/WAt ZSAM (Xiamen)
B-570838403Boeing 737NG 85C/WAt ZSAM (Xiamen)
B-575038380Boeing 737NG 85C/WUnknown Location
B-575138400Boeing 737NG 85C/WAt ZSFZ (Fuzhou)
B-575238404Boeing 737NG 85C/WUnknown Location
B-578838382Boeing 737NG 85C/WUnknown Location
B-578938401Boeing 737NG 85C/WUnknown Location
B-579038402Boeing 737NG 85C/WUnknown Location
B-579139930Boeing 737NG 85C/WAt ZBAD (Beijing)
B-579241790Boeing 737NG 85C/WAt ZSAM (Xiamen)
B-584539931Boeing 737NG 85C/WAt ZBAD (Beijing)
B-584641791Boeing 737NG 85C/WUnknown Location
B-584741793Boeing 737NG 85C/WAt ZSAM (Xiamen)
B-648241391Boeing 737NG 85C/WAt ZSAM (Xiamen)
B-648339918Boeing 737NG 85C/WUnknown Location
B-648539913Boeing 737NG 85C/WUnknown Location
B-648641395Boeing 737NG 85C/WUnknown Location
B-648739919Boeing 737NG 85C/WUnknown Location
B-648841396Boeing 737NG 85C/WAt ZSAM (Xiamen)
B-648939915Boeing 737NG 85C/WUnknown Location
B-649041392Boeing 737NG 85C/WUnknown Location
B-681839916Boeing 737NG 85C/WUnknown Location
B-681939917Boeing 737NG 85C/WAt ZSHC (Hangzhou)
B-684240957Boeing 737NG 85C/WUnknown Location
B-684940959Boeing 737NG 85C/WUnknown Location
B-688743884Boeing 737NG 8MB/WUnknown Location
B-688943914Boeing 737NG 8MB/WUnknown Location
B-717641393Boeing 737NG 85C/WUnknown Location
B-717741394Boeing 737NG 85C/WUnknown Location
B-717840958Boeing 737NG 85C/W8888th Boeing 737 (sticker)Unknown Location
B-717940960Boeing 737NG 85C/WUnknown Location
B-719543885Boeing 737NG 85C/WAt ZSAM (Xiamen)
B-719643886Boeing 737NG 85C/WAt ZSAM (Xiamen)
B-719742925Boeing 737NG 85C/WAt ZUCK (Chongqing)
B-755742926Boeing 737NG 85C/WUnknown Location
B-755842927Boeing 737NG 85C/WUnknown Location
B-755942928Boeing 737NG 85C/WAt ZSAM (Xiamen)
B-756043887Boeing 737NG 85C/WUnknown Location
B-781642938Boeing 737NG 800/WUnknown Location
B-781842941Boeing 737NG 800/WUnknown Location
B-781942945Boeing 737NG 800/WUnknown Location
B-782142946Boeing 737NG 800/WAt ZSAM (Xiamen)
B-782342947Boeing 737NG 800/WAt ZSAM (Xiamen)
B-782542948Boeing 737NG 800/WAt ZGSZ (Shenzhen)
B-782642939Boeing 737NG 800/WUnknown Location
B-783142949Boeing 737NG 800/WUnknown Location
B-783663042Boeing 787 9Flying as CXA830
B-783863322Boeing 787 9At ZSAM (Xiamen)
B-784642929Boeing 737NG 85C/WAt ZSAM (Xiamen)
B-784742930Boeing 737NG 85C/WUnknown Location
B-784842931Boeing 737NG 85C/WUnknown Location
B-784942932Boeing 737NG 85C/WUnknown Location
N707LN30513Boeing 737NG 75CUnknown Location
OE-IGN30656Boeing 737NG 7Q8Unknown Location

CallsignRegistrationTypeDeparture AirportArrival AirportDeparture TimeArrival TimeFlight Duration
15:27 24-Sep-202017:28 24-Sep-202002:00View Playback
17:25 24-Sep-2020--:--
15:17 24-Sep-202017:04 24-Sep-202001:46View Playback
16:44 24-Sep-2020--:--
13:13 24-Sep-202016:42 24-Sep-202003:29View Playback
15:13 24-Sep-202016:26 24-Sep-202001:12View Playback
16:20 24-Sep-2020--:--
16:18 24-Sep-2020--:--
16:17 24-Sep-2020--:--
16:16 24-Sep-2020--:--
CXA8875B-2761B787-8 Dreamliner37000ft.561.7kts.
CXA830B-7836B787-9 Dreamliner36075ft.444.9kts.

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